Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Travel Confessions

Happy Hump Day!

     I hope you're all having a great day!  I went to get a physical today (at 9 am because apparently I think I'm a morning person and I most certainly am not) and all was bueno.  My last physical was in October and they did the usual and I was 142 pounds.  No biggie I'm 5'8", but today, I was 136 pounds.  It's funny what giving up soda and candy will do for you.  Also my BMI was down from 23 to 20.  Whole, healthy foods surely do the trick.

    Today's link up is all about confessing our dirty laundry.  Well since I'm all things travel this week I figured I would give you all a sneak peek at my travel confessions.  Leggggo!

1.) Before I go on a trip I check to see if the hotel has a gym.  I find that even though I'm walking much more than I usually would be on a non-trip day, I still need my cardio and weights time to fully relax and breathe.  Sometimes I can't find this information on the website so I call.  I actually call the hotel.  I can't wait 3 days until I'm physically in the vicinity to find out?  Nope!  Welcome to the mind of a Type A human.

2.) I buy unnecessary things.  Like this water bottle below.

Sure it's adorable (PINK!) and totally functional and a great idea.  (Mostly because I'm cheap and am under no circumstances paying $15 a day to feed drink my water consuming habit.)   Did I need a new water bottle?  No.  Do I have a few water bottles in the cabinet that I could have used?  Sure.  Are they as cute?  Noooooooo!  I also spent $10 on Larabars this week for vacation breakfasts.  Which brings us to....

3.) I shkeeve over vacation breakfasts.  I'm sorry but what could be grosser than a continental breakfast at  a hotel?  I mean everyone has touched those pastries.  The fruit?  It's clearly frozen and treated.  Since I'm allergic to yogurt and milk products I can't have any of that nonsense.  I suppose I could eat the Cheerios (the only healthy cereal option...beware of the sneaky granola...SO.MUCH.SUGAR) but they're usually all out of Cheerios.  So I BYOB-bring my own breakfast.  Chocolate chip cookie dough Larabars.

4.) I'm the worst packer.  The.ABSOLUTE.WORST.PACKER.  I over pack.  I will post a video of myself packing tomorrow just so you can see how terrible I am at it.  My suitcase even has an endearing name Big Pink, because she is the biggest TSA allowed suitcase.  The irony of the situation is that even though I over pack and my family yells at me for using such a big suitcase, I actually end up wearing/using all the things I pack.  hehehehe

5.) I like to plan out every aspect of the trip.  I like to know what I'm doing every day, where we're eating, and when we're doing all of these exciting adventures.  I love looking at restaurants and their menus.  I like to see what museums, places, and parks are nearby.

6.) On the drive to and from vacation I binge watch old Real Housewives DVDs.  I'm bringing Season 2 of RHONJ this time.  I find that these work better than movies because they are longer.

7.) I buy all the magazines!  I already get US Weekly, Glamour, and Cosmo, sent to the casa so I have those on lock, but I buy a whole bunch of other ones.  I'll probably grab a Self, Shape, Allure, InStyle anything glossy and fabulous.  I usually don't even read all of said magazines because I'm watching RHONJ or reading a book on the beach.  I can't read the mags on the beach because the sunscreen and ink mix and well...let's just say I'm no stranger to the cover-of-a-magazine-transferred-onto-my-leg sexiness hot mess.

8.) I take wayyyyy too many touristy pictures.  Pic in front of the Liberty Bell?  Independence Hall?  Washington Monument?  Check, check, and check.  I'm such a goober and I don't even care.  I'm all about the selfies in front of a landmark.

Deb and me at the Washington Monument 

Zach obliging my love of touristy pics and taking a pic of me
"driving the streetcar"

Zach and me in front of Saint Louis' Cathedral 

Does anyone else have any weird vacay things?  Or does the non-dairy cheese stand alone?



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