Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baseball is BACK!


       While I do love winter for many reasons (Christmas, my birthday, Winter Break, New Year's Resolutions, Valentine's Day, new semester) I do miss one thing:  BASEBALL!!  My Phillies!  I miss them!  Sports Center is never the same without some mention of baseball.  It just feels, well, blase.  I miss baseball season.  Baseball season is a huge deal in my house!  Some of my fondest childhood memories are watching the games fully decked out in my Phillies shirt, hat, and scrunchie...yes scrunchie...the 90s were rough on all of us.  The Philies have always been a huge deal for us.  We always went to games, watched them on tv, and talked about sports while listening to 610 WIP.  (Listened is really just a euphemism for was forced to listen to Al and Angelo while driving to preschool.  But they served the purpose of teaching a little girl to love whatever works right?)  Well, guess what?!  

*********************DRUM ROLL PUUHHLEEAAAZE!*****************************

WE GOT OUR SEASON TICKETS TODAY!!  We usually get a 6 pack of tickets (last year we got shut out...consequences of having an AWESOME team right?)  Well this year we got our tickets and I'm so excited!  My dad usually gets them for Father's Day/his birthday and he takes me to 3 games and my brother Dylan to 3 games.  This year I get to go to the game where adults can run the bases.  I should probably say that I absolutely love running the bases.  For grown ups though, this opportunity is few and far between.  I mean most minor league baseball teams let you walk the bases but you just look weird running the bases and obviously lapping all the preschoolers.  This makes no one feel good lol.  So this game is something that I'm very much looking forward to!  As of now, pitchers and catchers report in 6 days!  EEK!  So I am very excited to be supporting my boys!  I can't wait to be there for those three games and then watching them destroy until October baby!!  I'm sure I'll go to more games than the three with my dad.  A lot of my girlfriends love baseball too so we're always there.  I can't wait for baseball season to start!  Less than 2 months til Opening Day!!

Meg, Kate, and I at XFinity Live before the Phils game!

Best View!!

I love the Bell lit up <3  History+Sports...what could be better?!

Daddy and me after a Phils win!

I can't wait!  May 15th (my first game this season) needs to get here suuuuuper fast!  *But not too fast because I graduate the next day!  Ahhhh old lady status!*