Friday, June 27, 2014

A Little Summer Reading

Happy Friday!

I hope you had a bueno week!  I did.  The weekend is upon us my friends!  Last Saturday night was spent in Philly with Ra.  We had a fabulous Girls' Nite in the city.  The saddest part about graduation is that my friends are no longer right down the hall or right around the block. Sad Panda :(

Thank you Melting Pot for the 0 calorie fare ;

For all my teacher friends, Happy Summer!


I'm a happy snowwoman this week.  I've spent my days soaking up the sun and reading.  God how I have forgotten how much fun reading for pleasure can be.  This summer I have made a pesonal goal of reading one book a week.  Here are a few of my lay-by-the-pool-soon-to-be-reads.

This is my current read and it's fantastic!  It's about a man with Asperger Syndrome who sets out to find a wife using scientific methods.  It's also hilarious!  It's a quick read (32 pages in an hour what what!)

Emily Giffin and summer go together like peas and carrots.  You can't go wrong with Ms. Giffin's delightfully flawed characters.  I can't wait to sink my teeth into this one.  Can you say next week?  

This book is about the woman who coined the term A Diamond is Forever and four subsequent love stories.  Since I love all things wedding I think I will love this!

Because you have to and I like to read the book before I see the movie :)  Call me old fashioned <3

I loved The Devil Wears Prada (both the book and movie!  I went to Paris a week after I saw the movie and it was so exciting!)  and I was hoping there would be a sequel!  I've read some other LAuren Weisberger books and she's just a great author!  Her books are juicy and perfect for summer :)

See The Fault in Our Stars...I need to read the book before I see the movie.  Since I lerve Ben Affleck (I think he will be a great BATMAN!  Haters gonna hate--did you all forget that he played Rafe in Pearl Harbor?), I can't wait to read this and then see the movie!

Okay, you know I love the Kennedy family (I die for Jackie) and this tome (700+ pages) is the ultimate Kennedy book!  It tells you everything you need to know about everything and anything Kennedy.  I've been reading this book for a year and I've only gotten about 125 pages in.  It's not an easy read but it's good.  I don't think I'll be able to read this straight through.  I'll probably space it out between some fun stuff.

Good Lord I can't wait to read this!  Being of the romantically challenged breed, I think I'll be able to connect with Katie!  I just think this will be the funniest, best, most real book.  Plus, I love memoirs (because I'm nosy...probably the same reason I love blogs) so I think this will be a sure fire hit.

Ok, I'm a literature snob and only read the classics.  Didn't believe that did you?

I have a love/hate relationship with The Great Gatsby and I wanted to read more by F. Scott Fitzgerald.    On one hand I think Jay should have manned up and told Daisy how he felt when he had the chance.  Also, if a guy buys the house across the bay from you and throws lavish parties just in hopes of you catching his glowing green light...MOVE!  This man is a creeper.  It's not romantic, it's a felony.  

In all honesty this book does sound good and F. Scott Fitzgerald is a fabulous writer.  Plus it's rumored he wrote this at Princeton and we all know how I feel about Princeton!     

So these are going to be my summer reads!  What are you reading this summer?  Have you read anything that I should read?  I love recommendations!



P.S. If anyone is wondering, this blog is supporting Marquel Martin for Bachelor 2015.  The Bachelorette has gotten significantly less classy and hot since his untimely departure.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's A Good Day In Erinland When...

Hey Y'all!  Happy Thursday!

So today's post is one of those Little Engine That Could posts.  If I think it I can do it kinda thing.  Yesterday I received my third rejection in a week from the ole job hunt.  Not fun.  So after having myself a good ugly cry and wallowing in self pity and doubt I watched 2 episodes of Scandal (newest and best addiction!) and put myself to bed.  So today while I was trolling the blogworld I noticed a link up called It's A Good Day When... and I thought, okay Erin time to pick yourself up and start being positive.  So here are a list of all the things that make a good day in Erinland <3

1.) I wake up after 10 am.  I'm a night owl, give me 2:30 am over a 6 am wake up call any and every day.  I think I do my best work after 10 am.  I'm well rested and feeling good.  We should be more like the French in this way--start our day after 10.

2.) I get to eat Breakfast Cookies!  I found this recipe on The Fitnessista and ever since I made them the first time I can't get enough.  I make mine with chocolate chips! I also find that eating them curbs my sugar cravings.

3.) I wake up with a good hair day.  This happens about 2 times a year.  Coincidentally on these 2 days of the year that I happen to wake up with fab hair I have absolutely nothing to do!  Not one single thing.  Usually I'll go to Target or the mall to show off the hair :)

4.) I have a good face day.  Face Day is when you wake up sans pimples (this has happened maybe twice in my whole adult life...grrrr pimples) and you have great even skin tone and you don't even need make up to fake a good face.

5.) I get to lay out in the sun and read magazines.  I love summer!  Christmas is my favorite season but that is only from 11-1-1-1.  After that I want none of winter's nonsense.

I'm just a summer girl <3
6.) I get to eat Chinese food from Oriental Pearl.  Hooooomygoodness this is the best food of all time <3  I get either a Diamond Roll or General's Chicken!!!!  Yummmmmm

7.)  I get to eat copious amounts of chocolate...preferably at The Melting Pot

This is what I like to call double fisting it <3
8.) I get to have a Girls' Nite!  You know I love my girlfriends more than anything and the fact that I don't get to see them all the time now (the only downside of graduating college merp) makes the time we do get to spend together extra special.  We're planning a visit to Jaclyn's lake house in 2 weeks and I couldn't be more excited about that <3

9.) I get to eat BBQ!  I'm a huge BBQ fan!  I love anything and everything grilled and summery.  

10.) I get to Zumba and/or Pilat.  I love working out but my all time favorite workouts are dance inspired.  Zumba and Pilates are my faves.  I like to shake it when I work out :)

11.) I get to go shopping and buy things on clearance.  I'm a shopper girl but I refuse to spend a lot of money on cute clothes.  I head straight to the clearance section or use my student discount to buy buy buy!

12.)  It's a good day when I get to watch Scandal for hours on end with Deb and drink wine.  I want Olivia Pope's wardrobe.  I heard it's coming to The Limited so I will be visiting The Limited!  Barefoot's summer wines are out and this girl is excited!

13.) I go to Citizen's Bank Park and watch my Phils is preferable but you know...

14.) I get to hang out with my whole fam.  I love family get togethers and BBQs and parties!  Summer is usually prime time for hang outs and shenanigans :)

These are the things that qualify a day as a good one in my book.  What makes a good day for you?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

World Cup Confessional

Happy Hump Day!

To all my working friends...2 more days until the weekend!  Ironically, I work on the weekends so 2 more days of break for me!

Do you have World Cup Fever?  I don't.  Not at all.  Frankly, soccer is my absolute least favorite sport. My favorite ranking of professional sports are as follows:

1. Dance
2. Baseball
3. Football
4. Basketball

I don't include hockey or soccer, not because their athletic endeavors are not highly meritorious, but simply that I do not like them.  I've already disclosed why I do not like hockey, but today we will focus on my soccer confessions.  Soccer to me is like butterscotch.  I'm sure it's great on a sundae but I want no part of it on mine.

Soccer in America is kinda like fetch.  It's never going to happen.  Kinda like the metric system.  America says, "That's great that the whole rest of the world uses a much simpler form of measurement, but here in America, we want none of your crap.  We'll stick to multiplying by 12."  Soccer=fetch=metric system=NEVER GONNA HAPPEN IN AMERICA!

Also, I feel like the World Cup happens every year?  Does anyone else feel this way?  Didn't we just have a World Championship of Boredom Soccer last year?

1.) I played soccer for 3 years (kindergarten, 4th grade, and 6th grade) and I hated it.  My body is not designed for soccer.  My attention span is not designed for soccer.  My personality is not designed for soccer.  I'm a tall girl with long limbs.  I have a genetic predisposition for dance and cheerleading.  I'm too far off the ground to be a great sprinter.  My attention span is much to long for soccer.  In dance,  you are never "off" and no one else is responsible for making plays besides you.  In dance, you concentrate the entire time you perform.  In my experience (and probably due to my lack of soccer skills) I did not participate in the majority of play.  Not only because of substitutions (see #3) but even when on the field.  If the ball is in play on the other side of the field, I am not responsible for it?  So you're telling me that I have to wait for the ball to enter my sphere of play before I can actually play?  Interesting.  And if I go attack the ball (and I use the word attack very lightly because any and all phsyical contact is seen as reason for the ref to give me a "yellow card") I'm wrong or off sides?  Life has no off sides!  In dance you are busy and working for the entire time you are dancing.  You have to be on.  You can't wait to dance because someone else has the proverbial ball?  Soccer, why?  Just why?  Also, I'm way to competitive for soccer.  I don't tie, I don't like being told I have to stay in one general area, and I don't like your rules.

2.) I don't understand the rules.  I played for 3 years (my brother played for 12 and my dad coached for 6...I should understand the rules of soccer!  But I don't!  I think it's mostly because I don't care to learn them :))  Why do you get a penalty kick verse a corner kick?

2.) Why can't I use my hands?  Evolution has programed me to act accordingly when an unwanted stimuli has entered my facial sphere!  Every other sport allows you to use your hands or a hand equivalent (stick) except soccer!  What gives?  If a ball is flying at my face, you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm going to put my hands up and swat that black and white flying meteorite away from my nose!  Deviated my septum once and that was enough for this girl :)  On the upside, my deviated septum is one step closer to proving that Jennifer Aniston and I are actually kindred spirits :)

3.) Substitutions- There are no substitutions in life!  You can't voluntarily elect to leave a game.  If I voluntarily elected to leave a dance performance or cheerleading competition, my teacher/coach would tell me to turn in my pointe shoes/pom poms and have a nice life!

4.) Counting up???  So the clock counts up, you tell me?  Again, is this a metric thing?

Why?  Every other sport counts down.  It's what we do!  It helps you feel as sense of accomplishment.  And my Pilates instructor tells me that it also makes the client feel like they have less work to do.  

5.) I don't understand the uniform.  No spandex?  No tight baseball pants?  Count me out!  Also, you're telling me, as a fan, that I am limited to show my support with just a jersey?  Simply just a jersey?  Why no head gear?  I need to show my support for a team with a hat, jersey, bracelets, color coordinating shoes, and probably a foam finger.  I need options!  Plus, I need mulitple hcoices of jersey.  I need an away jersey, a home jersey, an alternate jersey, a throwback jersey, a jersey in a non-sensical color.  These are the things I need to fully show my support for a team!  How will you know that I heart my team if I can't color coordinate my uniform to your uniform every game?  

6.) I don't understand why there are no cool mascots.  Do you have a lovable unidentified species running around your stadium slapping people with his belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly?  No?  Then I want NO PART OF YOUR SHENANIGANS!  

This is sports people!  This is America!  Hotdogs being knocked down by a green thing!

7.)  I'm confused as to what to eat at a soccer game.  Baseball game?  Hotdog and beer.  Got it.  Football? Just beer. No food needed.  Basketball?  Nachos!  I understand this.  Dance Competitions?  Water.  Cheerleading competitions?  Apples and water.  Soccer???  More question marks!!!  I don't know what to eat here!  

8.)  I don't understand why the soccer players are so beautiful.  Why do you have sexier legs than me?  Why do you use more gel than me?  Why do all of you look like Gucci and D&G models?  Why do you all have such a low BMI?  Have you seen American athletes?  HUGE!  Larger than life human beings.  Very high BMIs, scruffy, pale, these are the types of athletes I'm used to looking at.  I don't want your beautiful faces clouding my vision of athlete.  Good Lord!  How do any of you get anything done?  I would just be standing there awkwardly in awe of your beauty.  

This would be me the WHOLE time!

9.)  Why is the World Cup on during the day?  I know, I know, time zones and this is a world championship not like the World Series where America basically plays against other Americans...yet we call ourselves World Champions?  But if the game is on at 6 am?  You can bet that I am most definitely NOT going to watch the game.  I will only rise before sunrise for 3 reasons:
  • Shopping
  • Travel
  • Royal Weddings
Soccer?  Not one of the three.  Athletic events should be played after dark or on the weekend (presumably because of American culture of linking alcohol with professional sporting events) because more people can watch the game and cheer along.  

10.) Ties.  I know this has been fully exhausted but I'm gonna jump on it anyway.  There are no ties in life.  Maybe this is a metric thing?  But in America?  WE DO NOT TIE!  We have rules in sports to prevent ties.  We use words like overtime, extra innings, shoot out, and my personal favorite...sudden death!  Sheesh!  We hate ties so much we have linked beating a tie with violence!  We literally have competitions to prevent ties in all aspects of our life.  Fast food restaurants have loyalty cards which are competitions to see how many burritos (lerve Panchero's!) and/or cups of coffee you have demolished!  There's a famous scene in the all important sitcom Full House where Uncle Jesse (hot) and Joey (creepy thanks to Alanis Morissette's anthem You Outta Know) competed in chair spinning.  Long story longer--America doesn't tie!  

To sum up, this is a confession about all of the things I don't understand about soccer.  

Are you a soccer fan?  If so can I ask why? Not in a snarky way, but in a legit way.  



Friday, June 20, 2014

What It's Like to Get Rejected From a Job

Happy Friday!


Does anyone else still sing this lyrical gem whenever it's Friday?  No?  Just me?  Okaymovingonthen.

First, let me send a huge shout out/hug out to my family, friends, and everyone who sent/is currently sending me love on my job hunt!  I love y'all!  You are so sweet with your FB comments, texts, calls, etc!

Let me preface this with, I was kind of led on.  This leading on led me to turn down a different position.   A position that I would have been good at.  A position that I would have enjoyed.  However, my dream positoin was dangled in front of me and like a Lilly Pulitzer dress on clearance.  And like any preppy girlie girl, I jumped for it.  Needless to say, I didn't get the dream position.  However, recent events have proven that this was a serindipitous occasion.  I'm now interviewing at some really great districts and feeling more confident in my choice.

NOT as confident as Wills there, but what are you gonna do?  No one can rock a hula skirt and Grandpa at a wedding dancing quite like GB's heir

So as you know I was rejected from a job I desperately wanted.  It was really rough and it left me reeling for a few days.  As per usual, when I'm sad I went on a really hard run.  (And ate Panera :)  Thanks Deb)  

Getting rejected from anything is really hard.  Getting rejected from your dream job is extra hard.  It's what you've worked for for 5 years.  It makes you second guess yourself, your talent, and all the time you spent working on bettering yourself.  I felt completely worthless.  Completely defeated and dejected. Sure I've been rejected by other things/people before, but this time was different.  In middle school I was rejected from the basketball team.  That was just a portion of my identity--basketball was not my whole identity.  My job is.  Being a teacher is all encompassing.  That's who you are.  I've always been a career minded lady--that's my thing.  I'm a teacher.  Being rejected from a job is kind of like someone denying you your identity.  It shakes you and shatters you to your core.  I think it also hurts because you worked hard for this.  I gave up a lot of things to make sure I did well in college.  I worked my booty off and now I want to see that hard work turn into a job. 

I was devastated when I got the news.  It hit me like a ton of bricks and it hurt.  I cried (ugly Kim Kardashian style crying) for days week and a half.  I felt like the biggest loser who ever walked the planet.  And not the cool Biggest Loser who has Jillian Michaels screaming at them to "work harder!"


  No, like a worthless human being.  I didn't even feel like myself.  I listened to the "Sad Day Playlist" on my iTunes.  Don't judge, you know you have one, too :)  But after a day I started to feel better.  I started listening to my "So Much Better" playlist.  (Yes, So Much Better from Legally Blonde the musical is the opening song :))  I started feeling like my normal self again.  It's been about 2 weeks and I'm feeling better now.  Everything happens for a reason :)  Not my district, not my kids.


With every rejection I would just flash back to the decision I made.  I rejected a job.  Who does that?  It was a guaranteed position and it was something that I would have been good doing.  I would have been happy there.  I would have done well there.  When I turned that job down I felt like I was letting everyone down.  I felt like I let the district down.  I felt like I let the people I interviewed with down and I felt like I left my future/would be students down.  It was risky to turn this position down.  NJ is not in the best place education wise and educators are losing their jobs right and left.  I know this and considered these factors in my decision.  I went with my gut and decided that I wanted to see what else was out there.  I didn't think this district was my home.  I went with my gut and it was/is risky.  For the first time since I was 12, I am unemployed.  I am still tutoring and babysitting but no definite 9-5 job.  It's a weird feeling.  However, just between us...I'm loving sleeping til 10 and then laying by the pool for hours :)
And duh, of course my pool lounging looks just like Jen's pool lounging ;) in my dreams

But, being rejected taught me a thing or two.  You can't give up.  You have to brush off the dirt on your heels and dry clean that I'm-gonna-kill-it-interview-dress and keep going.  I read something (on Pinterest lol) that said, self doubt is literally betting against yourself and (like all things on Pinterest) I really thought about that.  Then, I remembered what my good friend Elle Woods said at Harvard's Commencement...

I have faith in myself.  I'm confident with and in my abilities and I'm gonna keep on trucking.  Keep moving forward and I'll use all the rejections to better myself.  One of my friends wrote on my FB wall that the rejections make you a better and more grateful teacher and I think she's right.  When I do earn my job, I will be so grateful and excited.  

Sometimes it's hard to be so open about failure, especially job failure.  If you're like me, your self worth is tied to your job.  Losing out on something like a job makes you feel completely lost.  But, it's that bonding with other people over a joint loss (job, friends, family member, SO) that keeps us human, humble, and helps us heal.  That was a lotta H words.

While I was crushed by that rejection, I believe whole heartedly that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan for all of us.  So I'm going to let serindipity be my guide and keep applying for jobs and improving myself.

I'll keep you all updated!  To my fellow job hunting SPEDS--good luck and kick butt on those interviews :)



Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Things Come in Threes (or Multiples of Three)

Happy Thursday!!

Yesterday was my last day of work for the school year.  Yay for summer vacation!

I have some exciting news to share on the old bloggy today!  One of the reasons I haven't blogged that much in the past few weeks is that I have been pretty bummed out.  I try to be pretty honest here on the blog but sometimes I need a few days weeks to process some stuff.  About two weeks ago I received a rejection letter from a dream job.  After a few days of crying my eyes out and eating copious amounts of chocolate, I perked up a little bit.  I'm going to write a whole what getting rejected from a job feels like later :)  Then, a week later, I received another rejection letter.  Another thing I wanted to tell y'all was that I did get offered a position, but I turned it down.  It was a huge risk and I'm still dealing with did I do the right thing or did I just make a huge mistake.  Well, as my blog's title suggests, I believe 100% in serindipity and therefore I'm believing I made the right decision.

Good News #1

Tuesday I received 3...yes 3...job interviews!!  I was so excited!  I needed this.  After the week of rejection, I needed yesterday.  I'm so pumped about all of these interviews!

Good News #2

I received my NJ elementary education and special education cert today!  After 5 years of college I'm ready for it!  I am now certified K-6 general education and K-12 special education!  It's getting real people!

Good News #3

I bought this little cutie today for the Bruno Mars concert!  It's next month and I'm super pumped!  I'm going with my Deb and her friends!

I'm thinking I'll wear it with a fedora, cut offs, and these...


I'm loving the glitter...obvi :)

Good News #4

I've started actually training for my half marathon!  It's on September 21 in Philly!  I've been following my training plan for a few days now and it's super exciting.  It's hard because now I actually have to think, "ok, when can I plan for a run?"  I'm doing three 5 mile runs a week and one long run.  I have other cardio bits and weight sessions throughout the week, but the runs are my main focus.  I also have to think more about what I'm eating.  I had my last burrito and coke with no ice for my training period.  Womp womp.  But I need to eat whole, fresh veggies and fruits, and clean healthy fats if I want to meet my goal half marathon time of 2 hours flat.  

Good News #5

I got my graduation gift from my parentals:

New running shoes!  


How cute are these?  Pink ASICS!  

Love love love 'em!  Thanks Mama and Daddy!

Good News #6

I'm going to Disney World!  Kate and I are going to visit her sister in Disney!  We're so excited to go on our first friends trip!  Girls Trips are always a blasty blast and I can't wait!!  We're going over Teacher Convention weekend in November (it's actually called Jersey Week in Disney!  NJ ALL DAY!).  I've gone this time of year a few times before and it's perfect because it's not too hot and while it is crowded, we've been there before and we're grown ups.  It's also apparently the Food and Wine Festival!  So that's going to be awesome!  I completed my Disney Profile and even though it kinda creeps me out I ordered my ID pink with Cinderella on if there would even BE a different choice ;)  I'm going to be honest and say those ID bands kinda creep me out.  I mean Disney has so much information on me and it's in a little computer on my wrist?  Kinda freaky deaky!  

Anyway, I hope you're week is going well!



Monday, June 16, 2014

Graduation...You may now call me Master Erin

Happy Monday!  To all my teacher friends, remember one more week, one more week!

To all my SPED friends who have recently become employed:  CONGRATS!!!! Your students are so lucky to have you!  I'm beyond excited for y'all!

To all my SPED friends who are still job hunting:  Chase the dream!  Don't give up on yourself and don't get down about rejection!  I was rejected twice last week and I'm still alive...eating more chocolate, but still alive <3  Remember, everything happens for a reason and God has a plan for us all.  *This is the mantra I repeat to myself after every mini break down:)*

This girl is allllllll done!

Graduation was about a month ago and let me tell you it feels so weird to be a graduate!  When I graduated last year with my history degree, it wasn't really graduation.  Yes, I was done with history, but I still had one year left of grad school.  Also, my summer research class started 4 days after graduation.  Total buzzkill :)

Graduation Day was beautiful!  It was amazing and emotional to be sitting among 37 ladies who have gone through your same journey and have been with you for 5 years.  We've built a pretty beautiful sisterhood and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

One of the beautiful things about going to a small school like TCNJ is that everything is personal.  Your professors know your name, your abilities, and your strengths.  It was awesome to see them all cheering for us and clapping for us because they know us.

One of our advisors created a PowerPoint movie featuring us teaching throughout our practicums.  It was so moving to watch all of your besties glowing in their pictures.  I've heard it said that if you want to find a time when someone looks their most beautiful, just watch them do what they love.  That is so true!  My fellow SPEDS were just incredible to watch in the video!  I can truly say that all of the students we get to teach will be lucky to have any of us.

I loved my time at TCNJ and will forever hold the friendships I have made close to my heart.  There's a beautiful quote from Wicked that says, "I don't know if I've been changed for the better, but I have been changed for good."  This is one of my favorite quotes because it is applicable across so many scenarios.  I use this as a break up mantra, too--I don't know if I'm better, but I know that I am good.  I think it is also a great friendship quote.  I've become a better person because of my time at TCNJ.  I have really become and embraced myself because of TCNJ.  I have met friends who have pulled out the very best in me and have showed me that it's okay to be a little weird ;)

TCNJ is a great school!  I've loved my time there and I have learned way more than I ever could have imagined.  There has not been a question on an interview that I have not been able to answer.

More TCNJ pride here than in any other place!  

Graduation started early, around 8:30 am.  While we were all waiting in the hallway, I took a minute to look around and really soak in everything we have all accomplished.  We earned a Masters degree at 23, we've student taught around the world, we've overcome obstacles both personally and professionally, and we all did it because of each other.  I credit my personal and professional success to Wednesday Girls Nites.  Thank you Applebees!  It's nice to know that you are not alone and that you have such wonderful people who are going through exactly what you're going through.

Pre graduation pics at the house!  TCNJ Balloons for the win<3

During the ceremony, we performed an ASL version of Whitney Houston's The Greatest Love of All and it was very moving.  It was even more moving because our beloved advisor, Dr. Cohen, was retiring.  We are his last group of SPEDS...God knows he won't forget US :)

After the ceremony came 100s of pictures and lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  YUM!

Later that night, we had our main ceremony.  I was surprised at how many people did not come back for the ceremony.  In their defense it is very impersonal because each school has their own graduation ceremony similar to our SPED ceremony.  It rained for exactly 3 minutes...and I mean down poured for 3 minutes.  Then, it was sunny again as we all processed in, listened to Dr. Fisher speak (TCNJ's speakers are all in house speakers...I had Dr. Fisher and he is one of the only professors who gave me a B and I felt like I earned that B more than I earned any A.  He's a toughie--but he's brilliant!!)

After graduation we went home and just relaxed.  The next day I went to work and then went to see Brad Paisley kill it in concert.

Me, Beth, Jaclyn, and Julie before graduation!

Molly, the nicest human on the planet<3

The best part of school are the friendships I have made

The bride-to-be!! So many pictures with this girl because we couldn't get any together last year  :(

Look at dem sleeves!

Dr. Cohen and his favorite blonde troublemakers 

Blonde friends best friends

Dr. Rotter and her girls

Dr. Rotter and more SPEDS

Most of the crew

Dr. Cohen, me, and Mrs. Cohen my advisor

Celebrating life in Lilly<3

My fellow Bachelorette buff

My better half<3

Da Brudder

Sans caps and gowns

"Yourself" with Dr. Cohen

Mia Familia

Huge Thanks to these two for all that they have done for me!!


JESSS!!  The adopted SPED and one of my favorite humans

Brad Paisley the next night (in the rain) with Corinne<3
Also, shout out to my new TCNJ hat!  Happy Graduation Erin!

To the class of 2014, in the words of Elle Woods, "We did it!"  Congrats to all of us!  We worked hard and great things will come!