Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend ReCap

Happy Monday!

To my Jewish friends out there, Happy New Year's!!  I'm off today and I slept in until...drum roll please...10!  It was delicious!

Is it bad that now I kinda feel guilty about sleeping in?  I'm sure I'll get over it as soon as I fire up the laminator and begin looking around for work for the week.

My weekend was super busy!  The best kind if you ask me :)

Friday night I started working out with my trainer.  I decided to hire a trainer because I kinda feel like I'm in a fitness rut.  I feel like my routine is becoming, well, routine.  After a month of not running, I decided that I needed to switch up some things to spice up my workout.  I LOVED all of the new things my trainer showed me.  My trainer and I happen to be gym friends and when he asked me what I wanted, I told him anything that wasn't usual/typical/something I already do.  Basically I gave him free reign to go crazy!  He did and it was so so so fun!  I can't wait to see what he's going to torture me with next.

Friday night I met up with Kate for dinner guessed it...Seasons 52!  I am loving that they still have the Grapefruit Negroni (160 calories to boot)!  It's still as spicy/tangy/and subtly sweet as can be.  They also have pumpkin pie dessert shooters!  SWOON!  Pumpkin anything+Girl Talk=Best. Nights. Ever!

Saturday started as it usually does, gym marathon!  Zumba+TBB+Pilates!  It was super fun!  I'm not subbing TBB anymore, and it's fun to be in someone else's class.

After gymstravaganza, I hit up Wegman's for Sample Saturday!  It's dorky how much I love this place...and my samples!  Also-I only ran into one parent when I was sweaty and double fisting it with juice samples!


Saturday night, Cait and I went to Cape May to watch her boss' band play at Carney's.  It was so so so much fun!  We met up with her friend Jackee and Jackee's boyfriend, Andrew.

We've never met a dance floor we didn't love!

The two second dance break we took to get our pic on

Carney's also has delicious sweet potato fries...if you're wondering :)

We also made friends with a party granny.  Why do you become friends with Party Granny? Because she might have a cute grandson.  

Sunday started unGodly early with a 5k for Jake's Place.  Jake's Place is a foundation to build accessible playgrounds for kids.  This was my first race since my Achilles Tendinitis.  I ran it in 21:12 and came in second in my age group.
It was so fun to be running again!
Almost across the finish line

After the 5k, I went on a six mile run to keep up with my trainer schedule.  After 9 miles painfree I was so excited!  I'm back baby!

**Fun note** My dad kept saying, Erin you are doing a great job!  Especially since you just got done with rehab.  Yup, we're going with rehab instead of physical therapy.  People stared.  I live in a very small town...let the gossip begin!

After my run I went to get my nails done.  When I saw the OPI color called, Maralga Wine, I knew I had to have it.

Sunday night was...epic/delicious/amazing/sweet.  Any adjective will work here!  Cait and I went to Heaven aka The Melting Pot.  They were having a Back the Blue fundraiser.  It's $34 for 4 courses (cheese fondue/salad/dinner/dessert) and they donate proceeds to a town of your choosing's first responders.  Eat chocolate and drink martinis for charity?  We can do that!

Back the Blue Martini?  Yes please!
While you don't get to pick your dinner, you do get to pick the broth (we went with Croq au Vin)!

You do get 3 shrimp, 3 pieces of steak, 3 pieces of chicken, and 2 raviolis.  Veggies are also served!  

Dessert was Cookies and Cream Fondue!  We thought that meant white chocolate wit Oreo's mixed in.  We were surprised to find out that it was actually dark chocolate with marshmallow and Oreo's mixed in.  After this game changer, we needed a time out to think over our decision.  We opted to *customize* our order.  We take our chocolate very seriously!  We ordered Ying/Yang with milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate with the cookies and marshmallow mixed in.  

We always knew we were smarties!

I came home and went right to sleep!  In bed by 10 and asleep until 10 the next day?!  What a great day! 

Today is filled with catching up on the DVR, gymming, and getting things ready for work this week.  

Happy Monday!