Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Plans/Goals/Dreams/Fears

Happy New Year Blogfriends!

Are you as happy as I am that 2013 has come to an end?

This is me jumping with joy at the end of 2013! (I'm Ron Burgundy if you were wondering)

Ok, 2013 wasn't all bad.  It was reminiscent of 2011 though.  2011 was a shadowy, wallowy chapter in the book of Erin.  I got my heart really broken for the first time.  EVER.  Sure I had had little crushes that didn't work out, but 2011 was THE YEAR of heart break.  Well, anyway I cried, got over it, and moved on.  In 2011, after I got my heart broken, I got a promotion at work, a raise, (does that happen to anyone else?  When your personal life tanks your professional life flourishes?) made new friends, and set a new standard for my self:  Don't be that girl again!  Proudly I can say that I lived by my (and Professor Stromwell's) life motto:  If you're going to let one stupid jerk (edited) ruin your life than you're not the girl I thought you were.  However, I didn't live by this motto and I let that heart break creep into 2012.  No bueno, Erin.  

Flash to 2013, got my little heart broken again.  This time I'm keeping that heart break in 2013.  I'm not letting it worm it's little way into 2014.

Thank you Sex and The City for always voicing what a girl needs to hear.  I'm anchoring that realtionSHIP (get it, ship?  Anchors?  I love puns?  I'm a dork?  Yes?  Absolutely!) firmly in 2013.  I've actually asked that meanie to never contact me again.  Look at me being a big girl.  That brings me to resolutions.  

I usually make New Year's Resolutions.  I have a strong disdain for people who say "I have no resolutions and don't make them because you never keep them."  Welp, thanks Debbie Downers!  I actually do keep my resolutions.  And I think that if you don't set them you are showing the world you are not goal oriented.  

You don't know my life!  Does anyone else love that sentence as much as me?  Probably not.  I actually do keep my NYR's!  This year I'm going to make one big one and lots of little ones.  My big NYR is going to be to rid my life of people that don't make me happy.  This is going to be an easy peasy one to keep.  Only one person in my life is making me angry.  And he's been asked to vacate the premises...

My little NYR's

Health & Fitness:

  • Run a 5k (doing this in September with my biffster so that's a check).
  • Register for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!  I'm beyond pumped for this bad boy!
  • Drink only 1 soda per week
  • Drink homemade juice every day! (for lunch/snack)
  • Learn new juice recipes   
  • Keep my usual gym routine/class schedule in place
  • Drink more Ovaltine (Just kidding!  I miss that movie...)  WATER!

  • Go back to my favorite city-NOLA!  (Hello Creative Writing Family Vacation!)
  • Go on a New England Vacay!
  • Go to Disney for NY 2014-2015
Work/Professional Life:
  • Get a full time teaching job!
  • Graduate with honors from GRAD SCHOOL!
  • Start paying off my student loans!
  • Work my butt off and see my hard work pay off!
  • Write a proposal for a class on Jackie Kennedy for TCNJ
Personal Life:
  • Rid self of anyone who makes you unhappy
  • Keep looking for the one and let my guard down (Isn't that the best part of a permanent ending?  Realizing that you're one frog closer to Prince Charming!)
  • Don't trust anyone with bad eye brows
  • Don't make excuses for jerk behavior
Personal Improvement:
  • Read 1 book a month (maybe I'll vary it up and not exclusively read Kennedy things?  Haha even I laughed when I wrote that)
  • Save money
  • Blog a little more (3x's a week)

Shopping:  (come on, you knew it had to be here)
  • Buy Tory Burch brown leather boots I have been lusting over for 252643623 years
Hello, Lover!
  • A new wallet.  I'm not sure which one I want but my faux coach one is looking a little crusty.  It will probably be pink and girlie like yours truly.  Most likely purchased at a Kate Spade Secret Sale!
  • MORE LILLY!!  God, I can't stress this enough!  Lilly Warehouse Sale 2014 I'm looking at you and salivating!  Plus, I need to be in true New England style for vacation, right?  I'm really looked for printed shorts and obvi more shifts!
  • Jack Rogers (for said trip...a necessity!)  I'm not really sure which color yet but I'm thinking a gold neutral would be pretty.
So these are my New Year's Resolutions 2014!  I'm liking them and thinking that I'll definitely stick to them! 

Here's What 2013 has taught me:

  • I graduated TCNJ (a smart people school) with honors in both majors
  • I can let my guard down and let people in
  • I can pick up the pieces of my broken heart and move on with my fab self
  • I have the world's best/sweetest/prettiest friends in the world
  • Travel cures all
  • Reading before bed is perfect
  • Running solves whatever travel can't (it's cheaper, too)
  • I can reach personal goals:  whether they are to save money, risk being totally awful, try new things
  • Not having a happily ever after at 22 is totally fine
  • I have a fantastic family
  • My relationship with God keeps me thinking that there is a silver lining to everything
  • My life's serindipitous events never cease to amaze me
  • Taylor Swift concerts = Amazeballs!
  • Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers
  • Feminists and advanced degrees scare most boys (Note I said boys, not men.  REAL men aren't afraid of a strong woman)
  • Sometimes tough love from a friend (We let this happen to us-JB) is the impetus for greatness and an even better happiness than you could ever dream up
  • St. Louis' Cathedral in NOLA is not actually Princess Tiana's castle (Mind. Blown.  I'm not really an idiot--this is an inside joke <3) 
  • I'm a hard worker
  • Between a rock and a hard place you find diamonds
  • "Everything may not be conscious, but everything is intentional"Dr. H
  • Phillies are the best team in the MLB

So my loves, shine on and don't let 2013 drag you down.  My one friend said it was especially bad because it has a 13 in it.  I agree!  (13 has actually never done anything to me personally, but I'll roll with it!)

Below is a link to a great list of rules for being a human being in 2014.  Tell me what you think!


Happy 2014!  I'm going to celebrate with the famiglia and relax!

Love Always,


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Friday, December 27, 2013

Love/Hate Relationship With Winter Break

Hey loves,

I hope Santa treated you well!

Jolly ol' Saint Nick did a great job at the Kitley household!  I got lotsa cute stuff!  Thank you brother for the glamtastic Reebok running jacket!  Lerve winter runs!  Something about the cold, picturesque skies, and seeing your breath just warms my little runner's heart! Thank you Mama and Daddy for my new juicer (Dylan says I will now be the "juice girl" like a cat lady but less pathetic healthier!  He says you'll see me standing in random places handing out juice with "baby eyes" to passerby's.  I hate to admit that that might be true.  I love juice and want everyone to drink it!)  I got a lotta Jackie O stuff including a (not creepy at all-she is flawless like my girl Jackie is) Jackie Doll!  She is dressed for the Inauguration!  I swoon!  As you all know I'm a Jackie fanatic and consume all things Jackie!  I live and breathe for her style and life inspiration!  I also got These Precious Few Days, the tome about Jack and Jackie's last year together.  I got a few Kennedy magazines, too!  I think if Jackie was still alive I would be on some sort of Do-Not-Let-Her-Within-50 yards of 1040 Fifth Avenue.  I got a few other books and a Phillies jersey in light blue!  I got a Phillies rubber ducky!  (Win!) an E Alex and Ani bracelet!  I also got a pink sock monkey and a Loub ornament all from Dollywood!  I also got subscriptions to Glamour and USWeekly!  (Side note, I spend so much money on magazines so this was a Godsend!)

Anyway,  time to talk about the issue at hand--Winter Break!  Since October I have been dreaming about Winter Break!  I have been hoping, wishing, dreaming, and living for Winter Break Bliss.  Sleeping til 11, eating cookies all day, shopping with my friends and family, and seeing old high school friends that are home for break.  I daydream all about trading my linguistics book for Kennedy books and cruising the internet for vital and important information Pinterest, blogs, and Glee marathons.  This is the life, people!  This is the part of break I adore!  (That and the fact that I can wear sweats/hoodies/tees/and big fluffy socks and rock a messy bun 90% of the time)

Preach it Kim!

Another great thing about Winter Break is that my mom makes all the best food because Dylan is home!  (Also, Dylan is my partner in crime and it's nice to have someone else get yelled at/split 50% of the suspected household crimes like leaving dishes in the sink, causing the blankets to not be in their perfect, precise spot (shudder), or just not responding to parental questions because you are too enthralled in a TV marathon.)

I also love hanging out with my high school friends and literally reliving our high school hang outs.  Tonight I'm getting Sonic and watching Just Friends and eating half apps just like the good ol' days!  Last week I drove around looking at lights and giggling with another great friend.

However, some parts of Winter Break are not glamtastic.

The part of Winter Break I hate is that 10% of the time I have to leave my house.  I live in a small town.  Like really small.  Like everyone knows you, your mom, your grandma small town.  This is why I run to the city any chance I get.  I don't necessarily hate living in a small town, it's nice to wave to your neighbors (know their names/see them regularly/exchange holiday cookies) but sometimes I need to get out and experience life without the confines of gossip, soccer moms, and minivans.  The definitive worst part about Winter Break is running into everyone you have ever gone to school with since birth.  The rule of life is that when you are looking less than stellar (i.e. the Erin Kitley at home wardrobe of yoga pants, hoodies, and messy bun) is when you will see absolutely everyone you have ever known.  So cue the make up, hairspray, and skinny jeans with boots (thankfully it's so cold here that you don't have to wear a cute top because as long as you have a cute topper and scarf combo you are set from the waist up.  I loathe seeing people from high school.  It's not that I'm a hater of the class of 2009, it's just that...I prefer to call it selective friendliness.  Let's take a stroll back down high school memory lane.  Ok, in high school I was quite the juxtaposition.  I was probably a Rachel Berry-esque human being.  I was so entrenched in being perfect and living perfectly that I probably missed out on actually being 14-18.  I went on exactly 2 dates in all of high school because I was more focused on AP classes and keeping a 4.0.  I was also cheerleading captain and on Science League.  I was VP of French Club, in NHS, and in SADD (and totally judged the people in SADD who drank.  I was terrified of alcohol and really never drank until I was 21.  Complete truth.  I've never even been to a college party because I hate basements, frat boys, and cheap booze.)  I was rarely liked in high school because I took myself and life wayyyy too seriously.  I realize this now because in college I had wayyyy more fun and took myself (not my school work) less seriously and life was 1000000000 times better!  So anyway, when I see people from my graduating class I tend to think they still hate me.  It's probably true.  I was super, painfully, distractingly shy and awkward and never really felt like I fit in.  Typical though.  Also, I've come to realize that those people that think they fit in to the high school mold are usually not going to be successful in real adult life.  They suck as grown ups because let's be 100% honest, binge drinking and being illiterate are not cool after 18.  I always loved culture, reading, and travel.  I know that being the geeky museum girl is not hot in high school.  I know that it makes people uncomfortable.  I learned that in life it is far better to be educated than uneducated.  This is ranty now and I don't think it's even relevant anymore.  I digress.

Okay, the worst part about seeing people from high school is that you never know what to say to them! I usually just smile and keep on walking.  Not out of rudeness, but just out of I don't know what to say to you because we didn't talk during the 13 years we went to school together, EVER.  I sometimes offer a wave.  Sometimes no matter what you do/say/muse you are wrong and inevitably going to run into the high school kids that think they are still running the world.  My feeling, 5 years after graduating is whatevs!  Seriously, this is the feeling I have come to now.  I don't care.  I really don't.  However, my Deb makes me wave and pretend like I'm sofreakin'pumped to see them.

how I really feel wearing pants with zippers and putting make up on and doing my hair etc.

I also hate having to get dressed up and look cute when I just want to run to Target, Shop Rite, Starbucks, or Panera.  (The mall is different, you should always dress cute at the mall.  The mall is where suburban style is born.  RESPECT!)  Some of you (including myself) may be like Oh, Erin shove it and just go bare faced to the stores.  Welp, easier said than done.  You don't want people to be like "Ewww, I saw her and she looked disgusting!"  No one wants to peak in high school--especiallly not this girl.

Another non-fave part of Winter Break is getting ready for the upcoming Spring Semester.  I don't wanna go back.  That's not true.  I want to go back--just to hang out with my friends and finally put this masters degree to bed.  I hate the planning, organizing of supplies, mentally prepping for homework/projects/assignments/lectures and all the craziness that a semester inevitably brings with it.  Michael Scott knows what's up:

So, what are your best and worst things about Winter Break?  Do you have any Winter Break Horror Stories?



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Hey fraaands!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I love Christmas Eve!  It's my favorite part of Christmas!  It is the apex of holiday-ness and merriment and cheer!  It holds so much hope and anticipation and jovial love!  I think we all just want that magical Christmas Eve moment like all the made for TV movies so delightfully portray!  The visions of sugarplums dance in our heads (I have  a huge sweet tooth and I've never dreamed of sugarplums.  Channing Tatum?  Yes!  Sugarplums?  No) and we wait with bated breath for Santa to come!  I'm not going to lie, Christmas is more magical when you are surrounded by little kids.  Which is why I love my family's Christmas Eve tradition!  Does anyone else have great family Christmas traditions that you're so happy NEVER change?  I do!  I hope mine are always the same!

Here's what the K's do:

  • We wake up whenever we freaking want to!  
  • We baked...a lot...of. cookies.  So.  Many.  Cookies!  
  • We ate said cookies.  Almost all of them!
  • I worked out.
  • Got ready for church with the parentals (poor Dyl had to work)
  • Then we went to mass.  We may or may not have gotten the time wrong.  Not totally our fault the Lector and Eucharistic Minister Sign Up Sheet did say 5 pm, but mass started at 5:30.  This year, much to Daddy's chagrin, we all had active roles in mass!  I lectored, Deb ministered, and Dad got to be an usher.  Mass was beautiful.  Our church really goes all out for Christmas and between the poinsettias, multiple nativities, and total Christmas jams!  It's so gorgeous!
  • After mass, Dylan met us for dinner at Red Lobster.  I'm not really sure why we go here every year, but we do.  Every year we eat here and stuff our little faces with as many cheddar biscuits as humanly possible.  
  • Come home and change for our family's Christmas Eve party.  Our family is fantastic!  Everyone is hilarious and so loving!  Everyone accepts everyone and I used to think that this was synonymous with family.  I've learned that this is not true.  I'm just glad that my family is amazing in this and every way!  We eat second dinner, drink some wine, exchange gifts, and then play Christmas Trivia!  My cousin gathers trivia about all kinds of Christmas traditions, music, movies, and there are levels.  Our family has this tradition where if you get two questions wrong you get the What's Your Favorite Color Question.  It's the worst!  A universal sign of shame!  I got mine correct!  This year everyone did!  Yay us!  The prizes range from lottery tickets to chocolate covered cherries. Also, I get to hang out with my little cousins who are too cute!  They make Christmas more fun because they get so excited and they can't wait for Santa.  They're precious!
  • When we come home it's wrapping central and time to watch A Christmas Story on repeat for the next 20 hours.  No complaints from this girl!  That's my favorite Christmas Movie.  Elf is a close second.  
  • Then it's Christmas Jammies time! Every year Dylan and I get new Christmas Jammies to wear and my Dad reads Twas The Night Before Christmas and then we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and put him in the mangers.  
  • Then it's off to bed and wait for Santa!
Christmas Jammies!


When Cody Takes A Picture...

He Will Want To Stand In The Front...

He Will Bark At You...

And Refuse To Face The Camera



Monday, December 23, 2013

Festivus For The Rest Of Us!

Happy Festivus!!

Isn't this the best Seinfeld episode?  I think so!  I completely identify with the Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strengths segments of this episode!  In the spirit of Festivus I have decided to Air my 2013 Grievances and Feats of Strength!

Here goes:


  • Homework-I'm totally over it!  It bugs me that I have to write, read, and create projects for make believe students.  Grievance!
  • The Media Scrutinizing Women's Bodies-Listen, there is nothing wrong with not being a size 0, or 00, or 2, or 4, or 6, or 8, or 10, or 12, or whatever size!  Just be healthy and happy!  Grievance!
  • Boys Who Are Too Immature and Insecure To Be Men-Listen, boys need to grow up.  Being immature and insecure is not hot.  Using those lackluster traits to worm your way out of a relationship is unacceptable.  Be a human and just don't hurt people.  Not cool.  (I've also cooked up the best revenge for all mean boys...wish them a beautiful daughter who is a great person.)
  • The Apparent Time Frame of Deliciousness Consumption of Pumpkin Flavored Things-September 1-November 20 is not enough time for me to enjoy all the pumpkin-ness I need.

Feats of Strength:
  • I graduated from college with honors!
  • I started grad school!
  • I marathoned How I Met Your Mother on Netflix until I caught up to THIS season!
  • I started a new job!
  • I went to Nashville and New Orleans!
  • I managed to make new friends!
  • I started training for my half marathon!
  • I became a good saver of moolah!  (First time ever)
  • I learned some new recipes!
  • Channeled my negative boy problems into a future children's book plot!  Beware of Dragons mean boys...
  • Learned how to give myself a proper blow out (of my hair dirty minds :))
I think that is all I have done, grieved, and achieved and I'm pretty proud of this year!  I can't wait til 2014 because I think I have learned a lottttttta lessons and I'm ready for it!

Be sure to print this and use next time a neighbor shows up with a holiday present for you and you find yourself without a present!  George Costanza problem solver!
So Happy Festivus and Don't Be Afraid To Air Your Grievances and Rock Your Feats of Strength because you need to air the grievances so you can move on in 2014.  You need to celebrate your Feats of Strength because you're awesome and you deserve a little recognition!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve (or as my one hilarious friend calls it Christmas Adam...get it?  Because Adam came before Eve...aaaaannnnnnyyyyyway)



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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas In Hershey


So we can cross one thing off the Kitley Holiday Bucket List:  Christmas in Hershey!  We've always gone to Hershey in the summer (Maybe because of my sweet tooth?  Or maybe because of years of dance expos?  Maybe both?) and loved it!  Chocolate?  Good!  Rides?  Good!  Fam Hang Time?  Good!  So this year we decided to go up to Hershey Park in the winter for Christmas In Hershey and to see the Sweet Lights.  We had a great time!  We lucked out on the weather (hello 60 degrees in December!) and we lucked out because one of my oldest friends happened to be there!  It was really fun!  We decided we don't have to do it again though.  It is mostly geared for little kids and since we're 23 and 20, we couldn't ride the little kid rides (South Pole Elves prevented us.  Apparently, if one approaches a little kid's ride without a little kid people get alarmed.  What if I myself am just a 6 year old trapped in a 23 year old's body?  The lights were beautiful and the drive through was much more intricate than we were thinking it would.  There were sooooooo many different themed light displays!  Including, 12 Days of Christmas, traditional holiday lights, storybooks, fairytales, and an assortment of other cute scenes!  Then they had local children design and compete for a spot on the trail.  They were precious.

Then, we went to Applebees (score) for dinner and I had my second boneless wings basket of the week (score) and life was good.  Sunday we went to the outlets and did some shopping.  Then we traveled back to NJ and finished up shopping at the mall.

Pretty sweet weekend if you ask me!

How Dylan About Taking Selfies With Me

I May or May Not Have Gotten Yelled At For Taking This Picture...

Cait & Me!

Deb and Me By The Manger

Pretty Manger!

Turkey Hat!

Doesn't Everyone Need A Technocolor Dream Hat?

Rockin' The Christmas Hats!

Hanukkah Hat!

Riding The Train

Deb and Me

Daddy and Dyl

View From The Kiss Tower

Daddy Looking At Trains


Dolly Parton's Christmas To Remember Came On Just As We Were Pulling Up

How Jersey Girls Pack For An Overnight Trip



Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Week!

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas Week has been a delight here!  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmastime!  Christmas week started out with a Girls Lunch at Cheesecake Factory...If you have never had their Blue Cheese & Pear Flatbread I suggest you stop what you're doing now and get yourself to the Cheesecake Factory ASAP!  We obviously finished the lunch with a little cheesecake (s'mores for me) and shopping!

Friday was a great day!  One of my besties and I went to The Pennsylvania Ballet's production of The Nutcracker.  It was fabulous!  I love the ballet and I could go every day.  My life role model Jackie O used to make JFK go to the ballet as punishment.  Well, let's just say that there were definitely some JFK's being punished at the ballet.  While the ballet was gorgeous and so Christmassy, the ride into the city was...interesting...awful...terrible?  First of all, there was sooooooo much traffic!  Then, once we parked, (and were running late) we had to hail a cab because we got kinda lost.  The cabbie didn't know where we were going and I just knew Broad St.  I hate being lost.  Especially when I know where I am going but I'm just a little turned around.  Anyway, we hailed a cab and then the cabbie dropped us off a block from the theater?  Why?  I'm not sure.  I'm the worst at being lost!  I hate being lost!  I maybe went a leeeetle bit crazy and stressed out, but lucky for me Kate is awesome and knows my crazy is a passing thing!  So we ran to the theater for the ballet.  Finally, (yay) we got to our seats and watched the dancers!  We both danced as little girls and watching ballerinas is instant childhood fantasy transport!

Kate & Me Before the Show


Love Tree Pix!



Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Definitive Best and Worst Christmas Jams...As Told By Me

Happy Winter Break!!!

     If you're anything like me you are basking in the radiant light of your laptop binge watching important Netflix documentaries about the riveting lives of a competitive Ohio high school show choir's members...that's intellitalk for Glee.  You are also knee deep in peanut butter and chocolate fudge and done all of your Christmas shopping and are eagerly awaiting the beautous holidays that are right around the corner!  (You also may or may not have exhausted your yoga pant alottment and are eagerly trying to find more yoga pants, because let's face it, after the Semester From Hell, you don't need pants with zippers and all of their negativity!  Embrace elastic waist pants!)

So what else have I been up to on my 48 hours of freedom?  Oh you know the usual, scheduling Girls' Breakfast, Lunches, Movies, Nites, shopping (for others I promise!), working, and enjoying the holiday merriment that is when you live in Christmas House!!  Anyway, I was trolling Facebook yesterday and I saw one of my God cousins posted an interesting question:  "What Christmas Song Could You Live Without?"  I immediately answered, "The Little Drummer Boy and Do You Hear What I Hear?  The Little Drummer Boy is just impractical.  No one would let a drummer that close to a newborn!  He would burst the baby's tympanic membrane."  This got me thinking...what are the best and the worst?!  We all have our favorites, our "Oh no not this one!  Quick pop over to CD mode!  CD mode now MADDEN (my car's name!)"

I can't take any more renditions of Do You Hear What I Hear?!  Yes I do hear you and I get it!  Guess who else gets it?  The little lamb, the shepherd boy, and the rest of the world.  We get it.  It's Christmas Doctrine that if you put out a Christmas CD you  must include this little ditty, but I get it.  I hear you, I see you, I feel you, I smell you, I speak you.  I get it.  No mas!

But if forced, I would still choose The Little Drummer Boy as the worst.  I just don't get it!  He's going to deafen poor baby Jesus!  I have a lot of prayers.  I pretty much spend most of my waking hours asking Jesus to help me in my life, pray for my friends and family, help me pass a test, live out Dream Life, let Wegman's have the good cookies, etc!  I need Jesus to have both ears open to hear my pleas!  Also, I just don't like the melody, or the words, or just any of it.  Not a fan.

I also don't like Band Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas.  This song makes me sad.  It makes me want to cry.  It makes me want to return all of my gifts and every gift I ever bought anyone because I am that sad.  I just feel bad about having Christmas and I just want to cry.  That is the most depressing song ever.

Mele Kalikimaka-I don't like this song because Christmas is snowy and white.  Bing Crosby taught me that.  Even though I know Mr. Crosby sings a rendition of this song, too, it just confuses me!  Mr. Crosby why are you sending me mixed messages?!  I'm happy to live in an area of the world where I may get lucky enough to have a White Christmas, but then I'm also sad because now I think I should have a Bright Hawaiian Christmas Day.  And on the years that I don't have either?  Well then what am I supposed to do?

John Lennon's War Is Over.  I know I'm going to be chastised for publically saying this but I loathe The Beatles.  I don't think they are that great and I don't think they are that ground breaking.  Maybe this attitude comes from being tortured forced to ride the middle school bus while our bus driver blared Breakfast With The Beatles for 3 years.  Every.  Single.  Day.  No delightful boppy 80's soft rock for the students trapped on Bus F.  Nope, just the best and worst of The Beatles.  And during Christmas this bad boy was played at least twice during every excruciating moment of that 45 minute bus ride.  This song again is depressing and makes me sad.  I don't need sadness at Christmas.  It makes me sad because some people are separated from their loved ones on Christmas because of war.  It makes me feel like a bad person that I am lucky enough to not be separated from my loved ones on Christmas.  It makes me feel bad that John Lennon was murdered.  It makes me sad that I have to relive my middle school bus rides.  It makes me sad about the Vietnam War.  It makes me sad about wars.  It just makes me sad.

The Beach Boys Little Saint Nick-SO freaking annoying!  Brian and the gang should stick to cheery pop songs about California Girls and Surfin' Safari's.  This song is just grating and should be used in Guantanamo.  I often times find myself willing to give up any secrets I have just for a few minutes of non-Beach Boy Christmas!
And for the Winners:

Best Christmas Jam:

Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  MC is the Christmas Angel of Christmas singers.  Her initials after all are Merry Christmas!!  As soon as every girl hears that rocking bell solo (yes I just said rocking bell solo) we stop what we're doing and we gaze longingly into the glowing light that is MC's angelic cherubim voice and we lower our voices into an octave that mimics not even close to MiMi's and we begin, "Iiiiii-hhhiiii-iiii, don't wahhhn a lot forrr Christmas, theeeyyyeeehhhheerrre izzzz juhust one thing Iiihi need," and we're gone.  Just gone.  It's like a scene from HSM or Glee, everyone everywhere knows the words and we're all rocking out in the middle of Nordstrom without a care in the world.  When I was in dance class, the "big girls" got to do this little number every year for the Tree Lighting and you knew you made it when you were asked to partake in the sashays and time steps, and flap ball changes, and buffalos, and the holy grail of all things tap--A SPOT IN THE COVETED WHEEL AND KICK LINE!  Honestly, this is 90% of the reason why I tap danced growing up.  The opportunity to perform in this illustrious number.  (The other 10% was the costumes...can you say fringe+sequins+mod?)  This song was even great when Michael Buble covered it!  He did a whole sexy slow jam thing and I can't get enough!  When he and MiMi performed this on his special I almost died a 1000 happy deaths because it was like Joy to the World!

Best Nostalgic Christmas CD:

Burl Ives Have A Holly Jolly Christmas- The man can do no wrong.  The whole album is a delicious ode to everyone's favorite red nosed reindeer.  It just sounds like what sugar cookies taste like.

Nouveau Noel (Male)

Michael Buble's Cold December Night- I like to call these Nouveau Noel.  I love self created Christmas Jams by my fave singers.  This song also happens to be an ABCFamily Christmas Movie Gem-12 Dates of Christmas thus doubling its awesomeness.  It's just romantic and delightful!

Nouveau Noel (Female)

Kelly Clarkson's Winter's Dream-I think we're all happy Kel-Kel is married (to Reba's son no less!  Best. Mother. In. Law. EVER!) and her CD is pure sugary heaven!  This one is just what every girl wants!  A snow globe scene?  Come on!  I want that!  You can feel her happiness!  Her whole CD is fantasmic and should be listened to while eating copious amounts of sugar cookies and fudge.


Jose Feliciano's Feliz Navidad--I have no idea what he is saying but it is festive and I like it!  My version of the lyrics goes, "Feliz Navidad (I got that part DOWN), Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad prospero ano leeese aliseee bob.  I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas!  I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas!  I wanna wish you a Merry CHristmas from the bottom of my heeeheart!"  I try but I can't learn the real words.


This one is a tie between Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song.  This is just pure, unfiltered Christmas.  You are instantly transported to a ski chalet in the middle of Colorado, sipping mulled cider or hot cocoa, while sitting by a fire nestled with your ridiculously smoking hot honey who is wearing (coincidentally) a matching red snow suit with white fur trim.  You happen to be wearing white furry ear muffs (that's really more of a judgement call but this is my Christmas fantasy and I can have them if I want) and your hair is reminiscent of Kate Middleton's wedding hair, and you're eating perfectly shaped Pinterest worthy cookies.  And your chalet (Christmas Palace) smells like cinnamon and spices.



I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas-Christmas is a hard word to rhyme people--give credit where credit is due!  I also like how the child is logical enough to concoct a plan to bring the hippo in the house, yet sophisticated enough to render his parents' hippo misgivings illogical and...shallow?  Can I say shallow?  I mean the hippo won't eat him up because teacher says (if for nothing else this is a shameless plug about how awesome teachers are because this teacher single handedly saved this kid's Christmas!) hippo's a vegetarian! You can't argue with that.

The Hat I Got For Christmas Is Too Big-No one plays this.  I'm not taking the hint that it means the song sucks I'm taking it as an ode to my sophisticated and vast knowledge of little known Christmas jams.  I'm gonna hipster this one up and say, "You've probably never heard of it..." Anyway, it's a jaunty tale about a boy who's sombrero is too big.


Jessica Simpson's What Christmas Means To Me.  Pure Joy!  A great cover and an under appreciated cover.  Miss Simpson delivers the pipes with a beautiful Christmas melody bow.

T-Swizzle's Last Christmas-Perfection Confection!  It actually sounds like a song Tay Tay would sing-Guy dumps her, year passes, she's still not over him, she wants him back, she's dating someone new but still loves last year's man.  It just all sounds so right to me?  Like this song was made for Miss Swift!

Best Song B101 Never Plays:

Jim Brickman's The Gift.  iTunes this.  NOW!  It's the perfect holiday love song!

Only Bing Can Sing:

White Christmas--No one try.  Just stop.  Save yourself the embarrassment.  Done.

Best Religious:

Celine Dion Oh Holy Night-Done!  Miss Dion puts all car jammers to shame by hitting notes no one knew existed!  She's flawless on this song!  You know what I'm talking about that last NOELLLLL OH NIGHT DEEEEEEVIIIIIIIINE!  Only Miss Dion can hit that sucker.

Best Country:

Lady A's whole CD but if pressed I'd pick Silent Night.  It reminds me of Christmas Eve mass and just the true holy beauty that surrounds Jesus's Birthday.

Best Duet:

Baby It's Cold Outside-Who doesn't love a Christmas Jam that involves someone trying to coerce you into sleeping with them?  Solid Christmas Jam Gold!  Also, her maiden aunt sounds like ZERO fun (and bitter...)!  Also my fave is Dean Martin/Martina McBride but all are great!

Best Song to Never Listen To When You're Single:

Three Way Tie!

T-Swift's-Christmases When You Were Mine.  I'm crying over my memories of Christmases when you were mine.  Did you (sob sob) get your mom another sweater?  Taylor just wants to know okay?  She misses you!  Get back together!!!

Bon Jovi-Bells Will Be Ringing-My number one question is why did you lose your friends?  Bon Jovi you're supposed to keep your friends and make time for Richie Sambora!  If you lose your friends how will you get through a Christmas break up?  You won't!!

Elvis-Blue Christmas-Just put away any hope of a happy single holiday when you hear this song.  Elvis why did you do this to me?  This song makes you just wanna give up!  It does however let everyone and their mother do a killer Elvis impression therefore negating all negativity in the song.  Happy Uncle Jesse Christmas Everyone!

Song To Listen To If You're Single:

The Waitresses Christmas Wrapping-This song is delightful!  It offers hope, love, faith, and a lotta serendipity!  All wins in my book!  I love how the two star-crossed lovahs (bonus points if you read lovah like Rachel Dratch and Will Ferrell did in the SNL LOVAHS sketch) were fated to get together but it didn't work out until Christmas time?!  Totally realistic and warms my little heart!

Best Dolly Parton Christmas Jam:

Dolly and Kenny put out a little holiday album that everyone should buy but these are my two faves:

I'll Be Home With Bells On:  Cheery.  Upbeat.  Festive.  Just like Miss Parton herself!

Hard Candy Christmas-Depressing yet proposes multiple ways to get over a holiday break up!

Christmas Party Starter:

Brenda Lee Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree-Just like you can't have a wedding without Cool and The Gang's Celebration, you can't have a holiday party with out it. It's a staple, like ugly sweaters, too much crab dip, and egg nog.  You just need it.

To Put You In the Christmas Mood:

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year-When I hear this I immediately want to shop!  I see in red an green and I am visualizing myself wrapping presents (and using my pink wrapping paper cutter) with fury!

Song I Like To Mime To:

Ok, this one needs some explaining!  About 15 years ago my mom brought Dylan and me to a local grand scale Living Nativity.  We're talking flying angels, a live cello and harpist, a full choir of angels singing Gloria, live animals, and a mime.  Yes a mime.  This attraction boasts so many visitors that one must literally travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem.  There is entertainment throughout the cattle lines and it is usually beautiful holiday choirs (yes I said choirs, this place had like five they were so hard core.  And yes they were each differently decked out in different choir garb) but this year...in the last room...right before you were thrust into the beautiful walk down into the story of Jesus' birth was a teen mime.  Yup, with all black on miming Mary Did You Know?  This song is beautiful!  The message is precious and glorious and religious and really focuses in on the true meaning of Christmas.  Well, she focuses a little too much on the actual birth of our Lord (yup a full scale birth scene was mimed in front of my 8 and Dylan's 5 year old eyes) followed by a completely mimed literal interpretation of the song. She even "led the nation" with a full on soldier's march.  Dylan and I couldn't help ourselves and busted out laughing.  We tried to contain ourselves but after 2 hours (yes 120 minutes) of waiting and being on our "best behavior or no cookies at the end" we erupted into laughter.  To our amazement Deb was laughing right along, too!  I think it was the vivid imagination and creative miming that really brought new meaning and life to this Living Nativity.  Now every time this song comes on Deb, Dylan, and I text each other and remarkably the mime left such an impact on our little hearts that we still can perform the routine exactly how she did.  Skillz!!

Song That Reminds You Of Your Elementary School's Christmas Sing Along:

Here Comes Santa Claus, Santa Claus is Coming To Town that leads into Up On The Rooftop-Before everyone got all offended about celebrating Christmas at public school I got to sing this little medley at my elementary school's Christmas Sing Along!   As if we needed another reason why the 90s rocked?!  This song was the Christmas medley to end all Christmas medleys!  You whipped out your Santa hats and jammed!  You even had cutesy little dance moves that infuriated my 3 year dance experienced self.  Eye rolls were given at the mimed hand knocking.  I was a feisty one at five...hard to imagine I know.

PC Song You Can Sing In Schools Now:

Frosty!  Thank God for that snowman.  Without him no one would be able to sing anything holiday.

Hanukkah Song:

Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song!  "OJ Simpson...not a Jew,"  Best line ever!

Classical Song:

David Foster's Carol of the Bells

 All of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker-melts my little ballerina's heart

So there you have it!  I think Christmas Jams are kinda like pizza in the sense where any pizza is better than no pizza and all pizza is pretty good.  (Except the aforementioned Christmas yuckies)  So enjoy your Christmas happiness and holiday break!  I know I've left out a ton of jams but, alas, I have turned my brain off during break.  Feel free to add your jam or yucky to the list!



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

23rd Birthday Fail Whale

Welp I'm officially 23!!  I'm kinda excited!?  I've never been too scared of growing up because I think you're only as old as you think  you are and I'm officially 9 forever!  So at 11:57 on Friday the 13th (mwahhahaha...that was supposed to be scary/creepy but I think it came out...um differently?  I don't know.  I tried :)) I played TSwizzle's 22 for the last time.  As I listened to the lyrics I thought all about my 22nd year of life and all of the lessons I learned.  I would like to bestow some of my green 23 year old knowledge on you all:

  • Take the chance!
    • Just do it!  You'll regret it so much more if you don't.  The chance I took this year was getting bangs.  Just Kidding!  I don't rock bangs because of a cowlick lol.  Now I don't usually post about my personal life, but I think this is something I should write about because I'm nosy love reading about other people's lives on blogs.  So my chance was trying a new confusionship after a few years of bad dates.  Did I end up getting my feelings hurt?  Absolutely!  Was it worth it?  I'm not sure?  I keep thinking that maybe once I'm more removed from it I'll be able to judge it better, but as my blog's namesake says, Serindipity is law.  But I had a blast while it was good and I don't regret it.  
  • Be grateful!
    • I think it's easy to get caught up in your own personal pity party every once in a while and I know I throw myself a pity party sometimes when I'm feeling low but when I get sad I just count my blessings.  I listen to Martina McBride's Blessed and say, "God, family, friends, school, a job, ability to move, books, a house, a computer, clothes, jewelry, candy, chocolate cake, food, water, ambition, freedom, America, faith, hope, and love."  I am so blessed and sometimes it's important to say thank you for all the things we have.  
  • Be awkward!
    • I think I spent 21 years trying to hide my awkwardness but I think at 22 I owned my dorkiness, my randomness, my inappropriateness, and my silliness and I think it makes me a better person.  It surely makes my life more fun!  People respond well to awkward!
  • Cherish your friends!
    • I couldn't exist without my friends!  They give me the best advice (do I always take it?  Nope, I should, but I don't), they pick me up when I'm sad, they make me laugh until my ribs hurt, and they love me.  I am so lucky to have them!  They're just the most fun and amazing group of warm hearted individuals in the world.  
  • Try!
    • Just do it!  You'll be happy that you did!  
  • Listen to your heart!
    • Get out of your head.  I'm serious!  This is coming from a chronic over-thinker.  Just smile and go okay heart whatever you say.  Your head will follow suit if you are happy!
  • Don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about your life!
    • Truth!  
Candles, cake, champs!

Okay so 23 was a fail whale!  This was the first time my birthday fell on a weekend since I was like 12.   I was all set to go out with my amazeballs friends and go walk around South Street and enjoy the cute Mids and Cadets that were invading Philly for the Army/Navy Game.  Well...God and His snow had other plans.  I cancelled my party because I didn't want my friends to endanger their lives from driving from all over the state to come party with me.  So I was super bummed!  Maybe it was a sign from God?  A little Serindipity?  Maybe?  PROBABLY!

Anyway, I went to Panera for a bagel and they were out of my chocolate chip bagels!  Sad.  Then I went to Target/Lowes/Target again for a tree light revival gun!  Every 23 year olds dream way to spend their birthday, right?  Lies!  Then I came home and relaxed.  Then we went Christmas shopping.  We grabbed dinner at a pizza place that is close by and they have the best Florentine Pizza.  They were OUT!  More Fail Whale!  The night turned around though.  Since my party was cancelled I had extra money in my budget to shop!  Hello J. Crew pearl bracelet and Victoria's Secret yoga pants!  I finished up Christmas shopping and then we came home and I had my vocally talented (psych) family sing to me and we ate cake!  Not just regular cake, amazing Wegman's double chocolate cake!  The best food of all time!!!!  Then presents!  I got a cute J. Crew hat, a pet adoption tee, and an Alex and Ani bracelet with my beloved Phils emblem on it!  Dylan gave me a Lilly Pulitzer frame!  I loved it!  So cute!  Now, what picture to put in it?  Does anyone else get this way?   I have a slew of picture-less frames because I never know which pix to put in them.  I digress.  Okay so here are some pix of my prezzies!

This is so delicious!  I just don't even care that I look crazy here.

Hat and bracelet!!  Pretty much obsessed!

So my birthday was kind of a Fail Whale but I came to this conclusion.  Last year I had an amazing 22nd birthday and the year was ehhhh.  This birthday was ehhh so you know what that means?!  The year will be amazing!  And it really will be!  I will graduate with a Master's Degree (eeeek such a grown up!), I'll get a big girl job (so pumped!  I just wanna be a teacher!), and I'll be going on a self-lead Kennedy's tour of Massachusetts and Rhode Island!  I'll also be visiting my beloved New Orleans and training for my first half marathon!  (I'm gonna run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2015!!) So here's to 23 and a year of fabulousity!



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How I Plan To Answer The Age Old Holiday Question...

Ho Ho Ho!

Greetings from the last day of school for this girl!  Merry Christmas Break everyone!  So, my 23rd birthday was a fail whale.  Literally a fail whale.  I will get to that later though.  So as you know the holidays are one week (EEEEK!!!) away!  I'm finished all my shopping and now that classes are done I can fully dive into the Christmas Season and Merriment!  Well, one important aspect of the Christmas season is holiday parties!  I love holiday parties!  Who doesn't?  Crab dip? Good!  Chocolate?  Good!  Holiday flavored beverages?  Goooooooood!  Well apparently there is one holiday party essential that everyone seems to fester on this time of year.  What is it?  World hunger?  No.  Children without Christmas presents?  Nada.  Homelessness?  Uh-uh.  It's singleness.  Yup, singleness.  I personally hate being asked, "Oh, are you single?  Doesn't that suck during the holidays?"  Welp, yes and no.  The holidays can be hard when your newsfeed is flooded with happy couples holding hands and posing at Longwood Gardens.  But they can also be awesome!  I don't have to pick and choose where I will be spending the holidays (can you say jammies all day on Christmas?!), I don't have to spend money on a gift for a boyfriend (Hello new bracelet and top for me!), and I don't have to worry about doing all the "holiday stuff" with a boyfriend.  I do all kindsa fun holiday stuff with my girlfriends, eat lotsa cookies, and watch tons of Christmas movies.  We drive around eating said cookies and look at neighboring towns' light displays.  I don't think being in a relationship defines you and I refuse to live my life with that idea.  Some people get all insulted about this and cause a huge stink.  I mean it is very insulting to assume that I am lonely (or if I am...thanks for the reminder that I'm lonely) but I think most of these people mean well (benefit of the doubt right?)...maybe...probably...kinda?

Anyway, I think we can all say that sometimes we get sad at Christmas time if we're single.  Does it happen?  Yup!  Do I hate myself for saying that?  Absolutely.  However, usually after watching Serendipity or Four Christmases, or Elf and eating my body weight in cookies I will feel all better and be over it.

Back to the idea of singleness and everyone's apparent fascination with asking people about their singleness.  I decided to create a list of ways to address this question.  Some of these are....um...creative? I used to answer with a cute little response of "I'm just waiting for Channing Tatum," or "Chris Evans said he would have loved to be here but something came up," or "Well, Grad School is my new boyfriend.  We've been together for about a year and I think it's getting serious."  These are all just sweet ways to tell people, "Please stop talking to me about this.  Can I get back to my punch now?"  But I figure, 2013, the year of change so here are all the new 2013 ways to address this question.  Also, I'm hoping if I do one of these things I will NEVER have to answer this question again...wishful thinking?  Enjoy!

  • Are you afraid of getting divorced?  (This is wildly inappropriate but so is their question)
  • Have a mental breakdown.  Right there in front of them.  
  • Ugly Cry.  Kim Kardashian Ugly Cry!
  • Will the rest of this test be multiple choice or can I expect an essay?
  • I'm not alone I have Schmeigle--point to air space next to you.  Schmeigle is your invisible friend.
  • Are you worried about getting dumped for someone hotter?
  • Marriage is a patriarchal social construct that represses women.  This sentence alone will cause you to relish in your introverted self.
  • Run away.  
  • Repeat the question.
  • Spout nonsense words.  wtegu sgoutuetg smaooeg.  Think Michael Scott at the business dinner with Tim Meadows and Jan.
  • Say o because I can zigga zigga ah (Spice Girls what what!  Does anyone know what that actually means) anytime I want with anyone I want.
  • Jenna Marbles' face them
  • Spontaneous Raptor (I highly recommend using this whenever in a socially awkward situation.  In my experience it has 100% effectiveness rating)
  • Point to the oldest person you can find and say, "I didn't come alone, I came with him/her."
  • I'm really more of a lone wolf.  Awooooooo (Bonus points if you scratch behind your ear)
  • Start talking about why your last relationships failed.  Also include everyone you've ever had a crush on.  Like that 3 year old boy who hit you in preschool--include him!!  The more details, the longer, the more in depth the better!
  • Start laughing.  Loudly.  Maniacally.  Add snorting sound effects if it makes you happy.  
  • Ask them why they want to know.
  • Sing.  Anything your little heart wants to.
  • Say that Beyonce wrote a biographical tome about your life (aka Single Ladies) and you can't let her down.  Then go into the dance!  Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, ohoh!
  • Grab them and squeeze them and scream "Why doesn't anybody love me?!?!"  10000 Bonus Points if you can muster fake tears!
  • Pretend to be really offended!  Hell be really offended and scoff off loudly!
  • Flick them between the eyes.  Not hard, just like you'd flick a disobedient dog.
  • Squint your eyes, lean in real close to them (nose to nose if you can) and whisper, "We can't discuss this here.  They (point and look up to the ceiling) are listening."  Then lean back and nod.  Periodically through out the night, make eye contact with this person and point to random corners and solemnly nod.  
  • Scream, "NO I WON'T KISS YOU!?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" and smooth your dress and walk away.
  • Tell them you're looking into rewiring a lamp. Is it relevant?  No. Will it confuse them?  Yes.  The look on their face?  Priceless!!
  • Tell them you no longer believe in marriage because Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries got divorced and therefore your faith in love and marriage has forever been shattered.  
  • Tell them there are bigger problems in the world like adults wearing Crocs and Twinkie Banning to worry about.  These are real issues that affect everyone.

In conclusion, being single is not a party question.  No where will you find it in any Party Jenga, Party Apples to Apples, or Party Scattegories.  It is party Taboo.  But, we all know that we have to steel our single selves against this inevitable party question and keep our composure.  I hope these help you navigate your party nonsense and enjoy your night.  

Merry Christmas,


Friday, December 13, 2013

Blogmopolitan Quiz

Hey y'all!!!

Sorry I've been crazy crazy crazy and haven't posted in a while because it's the end of the semester, almost my birthday, holiday-stuff-your-face season, and welp, life's a hot mess right about now.  But not my eyebrows because I just got them done.  Isn't life better when your eyebrows are done?  Mine is!  *Side Note* In my Linguistics class this week we had this exact convo.  Take it from me, when your eyebrows are jacked up, no one cares or can even listen to you.  Why?  BECAUSE THAT IS ALL YOU SEE!  Two dueling caterpillars running rampant across your brows!  Have you ever had your eyebrows hacked off?  I haven't because I only trust Leah!  But I've seen some devastating things like real bad!  Like commas, or caterpillars, or lines, or line segments...I shudder at the thought.  Thick, groomed, and well shaped is the way to go ladies!  Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic but let's play a game:

Who do you trust?

Normal Groomed eyebrows?

Run Away Mad Professor eyebrows?

Game. Set. Match.

This theory has actually been tested in my own personal life and this quote was supplied to me first by my lovely BFF Kate and reinforced by my SPED friend Corinne.  If three people believe it, it's a law.  That's what science tells us.
Anyway, here's another piece of evidentiary support: (We're probably BFFs if you know that line is from Legally Blonde!) 

I got this from Pinterest...so you know it's legit.

When Corinne so lovingly sent this to me I responded with yes that's where they keep their lies, secrets, and crazy.  It's true y'all.  Live it. Learn it. Love it.

Okay, sorry for the rando break.  I'm back.  I saw this on one of my fave blogs and I wanted to share it with you guys.  It's the Cosmo Quiz!  Who doesn't love Cosmo?!  It's raunchy, saucy, funny, and all about real things women talk about...unfiltered that is!  I love it!  Plus Gloria Steinem worked for them and she's one of my top feminist icons.  Snaps for Steinem.  Okay so I completed the Blogmopolitan Quiz!  Hope you like it!

Alrighty friends have a great night!  I'm off to celebrate my birthday weekend!!


Erin...my last post as a 22 year old!

-Download your own Blogmopolitan Quiz here:  


Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Happy December!  Ho Ho Ho!!

Happy December everyone!  I hope your holidays were merry and bright!  Mine was full of food, fun, and family!  Dylan came home from college last weekend (!) so exciting because then I have someone to share the blame with.

I started my week with a killer bootcamp class at my gym.  My gym buddy said, we should try it!  It looks like fun.  Since I was off from school on Wednesday night I went.  This woman killed me.  I mean I almost died.  I seriously felt like I was going to faint four times minimally.  (Ok...lies...six times) That to me, is the true measure of a great class.  If I don't start cursing out and yelling at my trainer in my head then I don't feel like the workout was worth my while.  Well, let's just say that this was a fantastic workout!  I'm going to another one of her classes tonight.

Thursday was fun because I couldn't sit or move without the memory of Wednesday's bootcamp class.  Thursday started out like any other.  I woke up, watched the parade, and watched as my mom put the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in the oven (side note, we only have these delightfully gooey rolls from heaven on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning.  I don't know why this happens but it's true.  Some of my friends' families do the same thing.  Maybe it's a Jersey Girl thing?) Then we ate the most delicious meal ever...Nachos.  For real.  We had nachos for lunch.  I regret nothing!  Then we had dinner a few hours later.  In between lunch and dinner we participated in our traditional Friendsgiving!  Friendsgiving is the annual watching of all the Friends' Thanksgiving episodes.  Fantastic decisions!  Then came dinner!  Deb truly outdid herself.  Loved it!!  I think I had a food baby for two days.  We finished the night with pie and a little Charlie Brown and Glee.  I really realized how thankful I am to be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and in my house just the way I like it.  It's just the four of us and that's the way we like it.  It's very relaxed and that's the best because we can all wear our jammies and yoga pants all day long.  Many people are not this lucky.  I always feel bad for people who do not get to celebrate Thanksgiving with the ones they love.  Then it was a power nap until BLACK FRIDAY!  FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GO SHOPPING ON FRIDAY?  WHICH PRESENT WILL I CHOOSE?

Sideways Dinner.  Yummmm

Well Black Friday was kind of a let down I'm not gonna lie.  I got to the mall around 12 and shopped until 2.  I didn't see anyone diving for mittens, or ninja rolling for boots--nada.  I bought that blue sweater I wanted and a pair of fabulous faux emeralds.  I didn't get that red and white shirt because it was a little tooooo home on the range.  I came home slept, worked out and got ready for the parentals' anniversary dinner.  We couldn't go to the Walnut Street Supper Club because the singing waiter/resses weren't there.  Buzzkill!  If the Kitley's can't do kitschy then we won't do it at all.  We went to Toscana instead.  It's a dalish restaurant in Cherry Hill, but it's not as fancy as were thinking.  However, we still wore our fancy clothes.  Were we over dressed?  Um, yes.  Did we care that we were the best dressed there?  NO WAY JOSE!  We went to the mall after and Deb got me a fab top.  And the best part of Black Friday happened!!  I saw my favorite Loft sales associate there!  We met about 3 years ago now at Victoria's Secret.  I was cruising the yoga pants and we talked about how I was going to a Lady Gaga concert that night and we just hit it off.  So flash forward a few months and I was shopping at the Loft and I saw her again!!  We again instantly bonded and then I left with my purchases.  Then a few months ago I saw her at Loft in the mall by TCNJ and I was like OMG!  This is crazy!  We talked again and life was good.  Then this Friday I went to go shopping and she was there!  We chatted and caught up and are now FB friends!  See shopping is essential to friendships!  I love when she is working at Loft because she makes my shopping experience so much better!  She has always talked me into the purchases I'm iffy on and she's always been right.  I never regretted any of the purchases and have rocked them constantly and always secretly thank her.

Dylan And Me Before Dinner.
Dress-Old Navy
Thank ya Mommy For The New Top.
I'm Thinking I'm Going To Wear It To The Ballet.
Friday night was a little rough.  We came home from delicious dinner and shopping and then it was home for a Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta marathon that I'm not even a little bit sorry happened.  Then utter confusion set in for 3 days.  I'm just gonna call it Confusion for 3 days straight.  Then, Saturday night was Girls' Nite!  We went to a local bar and realized 15 minutes in that we were about 10 years too young to be there.  That's the thing about bars on Thanksgiving weekend, it's like high school reunions for the masses.  I've only been out 4 years so I'm still too young (and honestly don't want to) to reunite with any one I went to high school with.  It's all people trying to impress their high school loves,  show off new loves, reconnect with old friends, and find out what your lasting high school legacy is.  I got sad after about 10 minutes of watching this strange social interaction ensue.  We left and ended up at the Cheesecake Factory and split a S'mores Cheesecake.  Again, I regret nothing.  We giggled and laughed and life was fabulous.  We shared some great one liners "Wouldn't it be great if you could reproduce with your friends?  I mean how beautiful would our children be?"  Best Line!!  My friend said that to me and we were dying.  I think we'd have beautiful children, but alas we both love men.  Anyway, Girls Nites are always therapeutic after dealing with the 3 Days of Confusion.  Isn't that the best part of friend dates?  The eating of junk, exchanging of gossip, and laughing all night long.

Girls Nite!  We Probably Would Have Beautiful Children LOL

So that is a little holiday recap and I hope that all of your holidays were amazing and that you got to spend them with the ones you love!

Happy Shopping, Keep Warm, and Bake On!