Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekend Excitement!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thursday!  Can I get a hand clap for one more day till Friday?

This weekend is going to be chocked full of awesomeness!  Summer activities have me busy busy busy!  

Friday night I have a daddy/daughter date to finally see The Avengers. My students have all seen it and one told me, "Miss Kitley, that movie came out a really long time ago. You should have seen it by now."  Womp Womp I'm not cool enough for my 3rd graders.  I'm going to wear my Captain American shirt because I'm awesome a dork.  I'm also gearing up for my Super Hero 5k next weekend so I think seeing this movie is good motivation :)

Saturday I have a workoutstravaganza and then the XTU Anniversary Show. That show is always a hot mess, but I love the acts this year! 

Sunday I have breakfast with Amy!!  Delayed flights ruined our dinner plans last night, but breakfast will be had on Sunday. I'm thinking we'll have tonbraxe our Jersey Girl roots and diner it up. Diner pancakes sound pretty awesome right about now. Sunday is going to be jam packed because I have to wake up super early to squeeze in an 8 miler training run. Then I'm babysitting.  

Who is watching this season?  Do you like it ornotsomuch?  I have to say I'm kinda meh so far.  I'm loving Ben Z and the welder is my new fave. Thanks Jess!

What are you all up to this weekend?


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lately I've Been...

Hi Loves!  
Happy Tuesday!  I'm back at work and enjoying my last few weeks of work.  Where did this year go?  I found this post on one of my favorite blogs PBFingers and I fell in love with it.  I've been MIA for a few months so I figured I'd catch you up on what I've been up to.  I also love these posts because they kinda give you an intimate look at the blogger.  Here goes!
Making: OATMEAL!  I've been on such an oatmeal kick since the beginning of the fall and I just can't get enough. 

 Here's the recipe:
  • 1 C almond milk
  • 1/2 C old fashioned oats
  • 1 Tbsp wildflower honey
  • 1 heaping spoonful (very heaping if you're me :)) organic natural creamy PB (you need it to be natural creamy to get the texture)
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • splash of vanilla
  • fresh Jersey berries
Heat almond milk and then once the almond milk is hot add the oats.  Once stir with a wooden spoon.  While this is cooking up, place the berries, pb, honey, cinnamon, and vanilla in a bowl.  Then pour the oats over the mixture and stir with the wooden spoon.  DAAAALISH! 

Cooking: Salmon and grilled veggies.  Loving this dinner right now.  It makes me think of summer and all the laid back fun that is life.  
Drinking: Water-why does water taste so much better in the summer?  Also, sangria with fruit <3
Reading: Health, Self, and a mixture of books.  I can't wait for summer poolside reading.  My current book fave is Save The Date by Jenn Doll.  It's a hilarious account of all of her wedding shenanigans.  Perfect light summer read.
Wanting: Summer!  Summer =Concerts, baseball games, lazy pool days, and dining al fresco with the girls. Dinners outside, in AC, or in Philly are my favorite things to do in the summer.  All the cool places in Philly have outdoor dining options and there's just something that makes dinner taste better when it's served outside. Also, my half marathon.  I'm beyond excited for my Disney Half.  Can't wait!  I'm sure I'll be hating the half when training picks up to double digit runs, but for now we're in the honeymoon phase.
Looking: Forward to Amanda's wedding and all that goes with it!  AND summer <3
Playing: Kelsea Ballerini's songs!  So loving her album.  My fave is First Time.  Pretty much the story of my life.  Give it a listen, I'm sure you'll be hooked.  Also, loving Eric Church's Wrecking Ball.  (I'm confused by the sentiment though, who wants to be loved like a Wrecking Ball?  Not me!)  Also, Sam Hunt's CD is beyond fabulous!  My friends and I are obsessed.  PRetty much playing this on repeat right now.
Wasting: Time dreaming of summer.  I'm also wasting sunshine!  I love being outside and laying by the pool in the summer.  
Wishing: My 3rd graders the best in their next venture.  It makes me so sad to think that in one month my students will be off to a new school.  I will miss them so much, but I'm excited to see where their futures take them.  
For this jumpsuit!  

I wanted this so bad so I invited a Girls Weekend in AC for the occasion.  Plus I have a bunch of LOFT cash…

Enjoying: My life!  Is that weird to say?  I'm 24 and I think I'm in the best place I've ever been.  I absolutely love my job.  It's everything I could have ever wanted and more than I could ever dream of.  After a messy spring with a weird boy situation, I think I'm finally happy and over all the crazy.  I have a summer full of concerts, baseball games, dinners, pool lounging, working, and vacations.  I really couldn't be happier.  I have amazing friends who always cheer me up when I need it, give me tough love when I really don't want to hear it, and make me a better person.  Life is pretty great right now!
Waiting: For this poison ivy to go away.  I don't know what kind of karma I'm getting right now, but poison ivy has to go!  It's been over a month and I hate it!
Liking: This weather!  It's warm, but not too hot, sunny, cool at night, just the perfect day!  Also, it's not too humid which makes for great hair days!
Wondering: What this summer has in store.  I feel like summers are always so exciting because of the unknown.  That X Factor of what will happen, what will it be like, who will I meet, what will I do?  All of these questions make me so excited for the summer!
Loving: My friends!  I love them.  They're the best and we can't wait to celebrate in the summer :)
Hoping: The washer comes tomorrow!  Our washer broke over Memorial Day Weekend and therefore we have to wait until tomorrow for the washer to arrive.  I had to order a sports bra from Reebok because I'm running out of clothes!  I used to do this in college when I taught dance--if I ran out of dance pants I would stop at Target and buy a new pair of dance pants instead of washing them. 
Needing: A new juicer!  My skin responds so well to daily green juices.  I'm going to have to visit Whole Foods for more Greens With Envy Juice!  At $7 a juice, I could just save my money for 10 days and buy a new one…but alas logic kinda goes out the window when you go to Whole Paycheck…
My little elixir of greens!

Wearing: BIKINI and a cover up!  I'm so excited to finally be in a bathing suit!  This winter was a cold one and I can't express to you how happy I am to be in a bikini!  It feels so good to have the warm sun on my skin!  
Following: The Bachelorette, Southern Charm, Real Housewives of NYC, all the guilty pleasures!  Who do you all like on The Bachelorette?  I'm a Ben Z kinda gal!  Also, I'm loving Southern Charm!  How do you guys feel about the season finale?
Noticing: How happy I am.  I'm usually a happy little lady, but recently I've been so happy!  I can't really pinpoint what is making me this happy, but I can't!  I think it's just everything.  I think it's finally being able to let go of crazy boy drama and living my life for me--not worrying about if he's going to call, if I'm going to be what he wants.  Screw him, I'm what I want and that's more than enough for me.  
Knowing: I'm a really lucky person.  I'm employed at my dream job, I have great friends and an awesome family, and I can't wait to see how summer will go down.
Thinking: I need to get back to eating like me.  This weekend was amazing, but I need to detox the sugar :)
Feeling: Content.  I'm really happy with everything right now.  I'm trying to keep this high on life feeling last.  
Bookmarking: running blogs!  My new (or renewed) love is Peanut Butter Runner!  So good!  Love Jen and her workouts.  I like all of her running posts and blogs about running.  It always gives me the added boost of energy to start running!
Opening: emails!  So many emails!  I'm not popular or anything, I just shop a lot…
I wish you all a very happy Tuesday!  What have you all been up to?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Hey People!

I'm baaaaack


I've been MIA because life as a new first year teacher is CAAARAAAAAZY!  I'll try to fill you in, but it's probably going to be a little too much.

I'll just start from this past weekend.

Memorial Day Weekend is one of my favorite holidays.  I love how patriotic it is.  I love how everyone stops for a minute to thank our armed forces men and women and to remember those who lost everything so we could have our freedom that we hold so dear to us.  

This past weekend I went down to Maryland to visit my friend Amanda.  It was fabulous!  Thank God I didn't hit too much traffic.  

2 Bags for 24 hours…only Jersey Girls

As soon as I arrived we did what we did best….SHOP!!

And sampled BBQ sauces at Williams and Sonoma...
Cracker Samples

Anything can be a sample if you try hard enough ;)
Ice cream toppings without ice cream?  Don't mind if we do :)
And BIG NEWS!  I'm going to be a bridesmaid in Amanda's wedding!  So excited!  I am so excited for her!
I can't wait to be a part of your Big Day!

Then, we did what we're second best at…

When in MD, you need to have a crab cake

…and Girls' Nites need strawberry margaritas

P.S. mayyyjahh kudos to Chad's for lining the rim with both salt and sugar.  Never would have thought of it but it was a great touch!  

Next we trained it home because we made...
Cookies  Cookie Dough Salad!
We bought chocolate chip cookie dough and white chocolate macadamia nut…then we cooked 1/4 and ended up eating 1/4 of the dough.  We then baked the rest on Sunday morning…and ate the rest of the dough…

We ended up staying up watching chick flicks (P.S. Safe Haven is fabulous!)  We both joked that in our 15 years of friendship sleep overs haven't changed at all.  We still participate in the biggies:

1.) Boys
2.) Food
3.) Chick Flicks

 It was so fun hanging out and just catching up and gossiping and being girls.  Much needed Girls' Weekend.

Sunday was pretty much the same…shopping…eating…talking

But this time…We found SAMPLES MECCA!  aka Whole Paycheck!!

Since my juicer BELLA has died, I've resorted to stopping at Whole Foods to pick up Greens With Envy…
P.S. I need my juicer because this habit is getting pricey...
Cheese smaples

More cheese samples :)

Salad samples

Pineapple samples

More cheese samps...

Fresh salsa and chips samps

More cheese samps

Strawberry cream cake samps
Lindt samps!!

 After free brunch aka Whole Foods Sample Fest 2015 we went shopping :)

We came across this little gem…Bath and Body Works
American Boardwalk candle.
What does the American Boardwalk smell like?  This candle was too kind.  This candle was summer n a jar.  The real boardwalk smells like cheap liquor, fries, ice cream, teenagers, sunscreen, and a little bit of vomit.

We then saw this group of dapper groomsmen standing by the train.

I love watching a good wedding.  The couple ended up doing their First Glance Photo here.  Such a cute moment.  Not sure if I like this new tradition.  I think I'd like a big church reveal.

Lunch was at Nando's.  It's a cute little African/Portuguese fusion chain place.  So delish!
Also, this is set right on the waterfront.  Gorgeous scenery and a perfect day to eat outside

I had mago lime Peri-Peri Chicken and Macho Peas!

End of the weekend picture :)

My Memorial Day Weekend 2015 was super good!  I hope you all have a great MDW and remember what this day is all about:  remembering our troops who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  

Thank you to everyone who has served, is serving, and will serve.  WE love you and are so grateful for your sacrifices.

Happy Monday!


Also, who is watching The Bachelorette?  I like Ben Z. and that's pretty much it.  I'm not really feeling it this season.  Hopefully I will find some more that I like tonight.