Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekend Excitement!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thursday!  Can I get a hand clap for one more day till Friday?

This weekend is going to be chocked full of awesomeness!  Summer activities have me busy busy busy!  

Friday night I have a daddy/daughter date to finally see The Avengers. My students have all seen it and one told me, "Miss Kitley, that movie came out a really long time ago. You should have seen it by now."  Womp Womp I'm not cool enough for my 3rd graders.  I'm going to wear my Captain American shirt because I'm awesome a dork.  I'm also gearing up for my Super Hero 5k next weekend so I think seeing this movie is good motivation :)

Saturday I have a workoutstravaganza and then the XTU Anniversary Show. That show is always a hot mess, but I love the acts this year! 

Sunday I have breakfast with Amy!!  Delayed flights ruined our dinner plans last night, but breakfast will be had on Sunday. I'm thinking we'll have tonbraxe our Jersey Girl roots and diner it up. Diner pancakes sound pretty awesome right about now. Sunday is going to be jam packed because I have to wake up super early to squeeze in an 8 miler training run. Then I'm babysitting.  

Who is watching this season?  Do you like it ornotsomuch?  I have to say I'm kinda meh so far.  I'm loving Ben Z and the welder is my new fave. Thanks Jess!

What are you all up to this weekend?


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