Monday, November 7, 2016

He's Her Lobster

On September 23, 2016 my blonde bestie Kate married her lobster Bill.

Kate and Bill are such a fun couple and it was truly my honor to stand up them on their special day.

The day started early on Friday morning with hair and makeup at Salon G in Hamilton.

When we walked in we were greeted with Mimosas and breakfast.

Kate said yes to Bill and I said yes to champagne!  That's the same thing, right?
Post Glam Shoot

It was a pretty chill atmosphere in the salon.  Everyone was calm and excited.  The country jams were  pumping through the speakers and we all sat around chatting and giggling.  Mimosas+girl talk+being serenaded by Luke Bryan?= My kinda party!

Kate getting glam

A little Maid of Honor/Best Friend Bonding session courtesy of SnapChat

We then went back to Kate's house to get ready for the wedding.

Kate looked incredibly gorgeous!  Kate is one of those people who looks amazing without makeup on, too.  Some of us (me) look like Death's ugly sister when we wake up, but Kate wakes up looking glamtastic.  She looked insanely gorgeous on her wedding day!


All hail the veil!


The photographer took pictures at her parents' house and we all got ready.  Shout out to Kate's dad for being the only one who could lace up our bridesmaids' dresses!

We then piled into the limo and drove off to the church!  When we got there, we were greeted by a bag piper!  He was a surprise from Kate's dad as a nod to Kate's Irish culture.  It was so romantic and added a fun upbeat element to the entrance.  We MAYBE felt like we were being ushered into a real life fairy tale.  #Cinderellagoals

The ceremony was a beautiful service given by Kate and Bill's childhood priest.  I always love when the clergy knows the couple because it makes the service more personal and special.

Getting ready to greet the couple

After the wedding, we piled into the limo and the party started.  There was a ton of dancing, champagne sipping, and laughing.

Our first stop on the Kate and Bill Wedding Photography Tour?

The elementary school where Kate and Bill met.  So sweet!  Bill's class came out and they took a group shot with the newlyweds.


After the elementary school cuteness, we went to Princeton University for the majority of our shoot.  It was the perfect day...80 and NO HUMIDITY!  My hair thanked God for this!

Next, we headed to Point Pleasant for some pictures on the beach.

Finally, we ended our tour at the reception hall.  We went into the Lobster Shanty and we were filled with anticipation about the upcoming night's festivities.  First of all, the food?!  OHHHMYYYLAWWWD!  We munched on calamari, veggies, fruit, cheese, lobster rolls, wontons, pretty much anything and everything!

How cute is this cake?!  He's her lobster <3 
The bridal party then was summoned to make our grand entrance.  To keep up with the school motif, the 3 groomsmen and I came out by leap frogging.

Kate's dad gave a great speech welcoming Bill and his family into their family.

 Bill's dad sang Frank Sinatra's All The Way for Bill and Kate's first dance.  It was beautiful and so touching that his dad was able to perform it.

The band started to play and from their first note to the last note, no one left the dance floor.  The band was so good!  They were awesome because there was not "break"!  Every few hours some band members would go take a break, so the band was never "off".

Kate's sister gave a beautiful speech that was both funny and touching.

Dev killing the MOH speech
Bill's best man, Charlie, gave a funny speech and revealed some secrets!  Everyone was cracking up.

Charlie making the room laugh

Dinner was amazing!  I'm pretty sure I ate more seafood that day than I have in my whole life.  I regret nothing!

Yep...get jealous

There was a cake AND a chocolate fountain.  This is a wedding trend I can get on board with.  I dipped strawberries, pineapples, marshmallows...and all the cookies on the dessert table into the chocolate.  It was perfect!  Some people may have judged me for eating all.the.brownies. but I don't care.  Bridesmaid privilege.

Maria and my adopted Aunt Dee! 

Everyone had a great time and I was truly sad that it was over.

The happy couple
Kate and her dad's father/daughter dance

Pretty much sums up the night
Love those smiles 
Kate's Annie Banks Mackenzie Father of the Bride-esque sneaks 

The next day we all reconvened at breakfast and talked about what a fun night it was.  There was so much love and family sitting around the table that even though it was raining outside, it seemed to be sunshiny and bright.

This was the fruit cup.  I kid you not.  

It was a beautiful weekend and I am so happy for Kate and Bill!  I can't wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful color!  



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