Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tailgate for Two

Happy Thursday!!

How has everyone's week been going?? Mine has been crazy busy!  There's no tired quite like first week of school teacher tired!  

I love my kiddos and I'm so happy to have my job. Don't get me wrong, it's crazy busy and a ton of work, but I love every minute of it. 

Well, friends today was the end of one of my favorite summer traditions-Phillies games. 

I love going to watch my boys play and even though this was a rebuilding year (aren't they all?) I saw solid effort from a young team and that makes my baseball heart happy. 

For our last game my dad and I decided to have our own tailgate for two. We packed up the Vera lunchbox (we're kewl and we know it) with one Redd's Green Apple Ale (I don't care if you think they're basically apple juice-I think they're delicious) and Paleo banana chocolate chip bread. 

After the snack, we headed out for some catch in the parking lot. 

We played for a solid half hour and it was such a good time!! We used to have catches all the time when I was younger and played softball (I was horrible but I wanted to be good so badly).  They are some of my fondest memories becaus we would chat, talk baseball, and just hang out. 

Solid form (passé is the pitchers real stance right?)

Also, the Phils have 2 pitchers named Aaron--why not make it a nice round 3?

After our Golden Glove worthy catch game, we headed in to watch our boys take on the Nationals.  Boooooooo Jayson Werth and Pap!

In honor of the Papal Visit next weekend, the Phils made Pope Rookie cards and handed them out as the giveaway. 

Pretty legit. 

The Phils ended up losing 12-2, but it was great to see them one more time before the official end of the season. 
Sad to see the season end...and on a loss. 

Until next year Citizens Bank Park!  Thanks for another great summer full of memories and phun!



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Brunch Bunch

Hey hey hey!

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

I hope my Jewish friends had a happy New Year! 

My TCNJ friends and I met up for a brunch at our lovely friend Sam's house. Sam is our grownup friend aka she's married, a teacher, and lives in her own apartment. I'm a half grown up 😀. She's super crafty and a DIY pro so her house is beautiful and unique and basically a Pinterest Board. I'm convinced she's part Martha Stewart because everything is perfect and decorated down to the most minute detail. She's #flawless. 

We haven't seen each other as a group on so long so when Sam proposed a brunch we all jumped on the opportunity. 

Corrine drove us to the brunch and driving to North Jersey is ALWAYS an adventure. 

We chose this for our soundtrack 

Solid!  We jammed to BSB greatest hits on the way home.  we all remarked that it's funny how when the old school jams come on we can still remember all the words and all the moves to the music video, but we can't remember why we went into a room. 

We passed this guy...

A mobile grilled cheese truck!!

We each brought something to sample and Sam made quiches. I brought my Paleo chocolate banana bread--'twas a hit. 

Our spread!  So much fresh fruit and veggies. I also tried tzsiki for the first time. I think I fell in love a little. 

I also had one pumpkin Munchkin. Pretty good, but I'm not a big doughnut girl. 

We hung around and chatted for a few hours and caught up on life. It's funny how many good stories you get to tell and listen to when all of your friends are passionate teachers. We end up talking about our kids and our jobs and swapping ideas/resources/techniques. It's great to be surrounded by such a positive group of ladies. 

We shared vacation and summer stories and just soaked up the quality time. Twas perfection. 

Of course there was a photo session. 

TCNJ knew what they were doing when they put us all together. 

Clearly we're mature 
How we acted during class...until the teacher turned around. 

Monday is kind of dull without the girls coming over for Bachelor Monday. BUT Eagles football is back!! I watched the game after Zumba and a weights session. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather! 



Monday, September 14, 2015

I Don't Want These Nights To End

Happy Monday!!

How was everyone's weekend?!  It is starting to feel and look like fall around here.  On my 12 miler (which I PR'd at 1:40:02) this weekend I began to notice that the leaves were changing to a beautiful harvest gold!  Also, it's getting darker around 7 now.  I'm kinda super extremely pumped for fall.  SOO many good fall activities are on my docket and I can't wait to live them out loud.

I'm on my way to Sam's for a SPED reunion brunch right now.  I'm PUMPED about seeing most of the girls today.  I haven't seen Sam since last Halloween-----far toooooo long to see my favorite Mrs.

I made this recipe for the brunch.  I may or may not have scraped the sides of the bowl because the uncooked goodness is amazing.

I think they will love it.  If they don't…more for me <3  Sam and her hubs are healthy lifers like me and we have a few dietary restrictions in our group so I wanted to make something everyone could enjoy.  This bread is def a crowd pleaser.

This past weekend was one for the books.  I love being super busy on my weekends…maybe because I can't sit still…and this weekend definitely fit the bill.  After my first week back at school with nuggets, I was ready to relax and decompress with some girlfriends.

First Day of Year 2!!
There was cake this week at work…ALWAYS A WIN!
Usually I try to steer clear of the teacher's lounge until lunchtime because there's always sweets or treats, but I can't resist chocolate cake.  

Also, Friday our AHHHMAYYYZING Home and School brought us a Have A Good Year Breakfast
You know I ate about 3 times this amount of grapes <3

Thursday night, Daddio and I were supposed to go to the Phillies vs. Cubs game.  A leeeeetle history on the relationship between my dad, me, and the Cubs.  When the Phils' schedule comes out, my dad and I pick teams that we absolutely MUST see such as the Cards, the Nats (just because we usually ironically always end up seeing them) and the Orioles.  Then, we pick the teams that the Phils usually don't play.  The Cubs don't play the Phils too often and therefore we scooped up those tickets.  We tried to see them last year, but ended up going to Boston during that series.  So Thursday night we had Phils/Cubs tickets.  We headed into Philly for the game and IT RAINED!!  NOT A LITTLE RAIN!  COLOSSAL RAIN!  I felt like the Forrest Gump scene where he's talking about it raining sideways and raining up.

Doesn't this look like the best version of a slip and slide OF ALL TIME!?

Sad about the rain delay and eventual cancellation

Before the game was officially cancelled, we traded in our tickets for Sunday's game (perks of being a stinky team lol).  


Friday night was NOT a fail whale…quite opposite of a fail whale!  IT WAS LUKE BRYAN CONCERT #1!!!  Yes I said #1!  This year with XTU's MegaTicket, we got tickets for BOTH Luke concerts.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

Kate, Jess, and I went to see our boy and shake it for him.  

We forgot to snap a pic unitl it was dark
Kate and I also snuck a pic in
The concert was awesome and we definitely shook it all night long.  Dustin Lynch and Randy Hauser opened for him and we were both fantastic.  Dustin Lynch is SO PRETTY!  Like so pretty it hurts to stare at him. His teeth are SO WHITE!  Like ROSS GELLAR WHITE!  You could see them from the stage.

Saturday was a gymstravaganza!  We had a sub for spinning and it was ok.  It's always nice to take class from someone else and hear their music and see what they like to do routine-wise.  The teacher was a little monotone, but it was a solid spin sesh. 

I ran home to get ready for LUKE PART 2!  First, I went to Wegman's for a yummy sample stroll.  

The forecast was foreboding to be kind.  It was supposed to downpour and of course we had lawn seats.  We were kinda prepared for the rain.  And by kinda prepared I meant wearing white shorts, a braid, and bringing a plastic reinforced blanket.  Can you tell we didn't make it far in Girl Scouts?

Cait and me pre-concert!  Don't we look all countrified?
Who says Jersey isn't country?
As soon as we sat down the rain came.  We quickly realized our leggins and white shorts were PROBABLY not our best decision.

We promise we're smarter than this

Luke was great!  He's so talented and plays so many instruments well…plus he's not bad to look at ;)  My cousin Jen actually ended up giving us her tickets so we were instantly upgraded to the house.  

Look how close!!

Doesn't this guy look like Tony Romo?

Nathan Scott was apparently at the concert, too!
 The concert was amazing!  I always look forward to Luke's concerts because he sounds just as amazing live as he does on CD.

We only have one concert left in our pack.  Lady A and Sam Hunt we can't wait to see you!

Sunday was a long run--12 miles in 1:40!!  New PR!

Followed by a super excited trip to the stadium!

Soooo pumped that we might actually get to see the Cubs after 4 failed attempts

After church we jetted over to Geno's for a pre-game lunch.  I figured I could eat the cheese fries because I ran so fast and far.

I love you deliciously gross fat molecules 

Get in my belly
 At the game I snagged some pickle chips to avenge all the times they didn't have pickle chips at the beginning of the season.

Happy People!

The cutest Starting 9 Little Kiddos
I'm convinced that most people have children so that they can go to all the fun events at the stadium.

 Fun Fact!  If I was a pitcher I would want my entrance song to be a full on marching band that would come up from the shrubs by the bull pen like characters in Super Mario Brothers.

Life Goal!

Oh hey Greg Luzinski!  Daddy and I met him today
 Great game!  We won 7-4 and we got to watch the team work together.  We like our new team and I think they will do great things…next season ;)

This little sign was on 95
Wawa welcomes the Pope!

This weekend was great and I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!



Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Inside The Actor's Studio

Happy Hump Day!

Day 2 of teaching is well under way by the time you're reading this.  Since School is starting and my blogging gets spotty.

I found this cute little Inside the Actor's Studio questionnaire while reading a vintage blog post by Julie.  Does anyone else love reading old blog posts?

She did an Inside the Actor's Studio questionnaire and I thought that this is a great idea for a blog post!

Here are my answers to James Lipton's famous end of the show questions.

What is your favorite word?


What is your least favorite word?

What turns you on?
Good shoulders, good back, good listener, laughing

What turns you off?
smoking, bad breath, pushing a limit that I've set

What sound or noise do you love?
laughter and the pouring of chocolate chips into a mixing bowl

What sound or noise do you hate?
Silence when you send a text and don't get an answer
When the Phillies lose and there's silence in the stadium

What is your favorite curse word?
The Big F

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Sportscaster, nutritionist, dietitian, host of The Bachelor 

What profession would you not like to do?
 Anything with customer service…When I worked at the dance studio, I hated being yelled at for things that "were my fault" but really weren't.  I give people so much credit if they can be polite to people when people are literally yelling their brains out at you.

If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you walk through the pearly gates?
Your crazy family is sitting over there…

What are some of your answers?  I'd love to hear in the comments section below.



Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Happy Labor Day!!

Take a minute to hug your favorite union worker and thank them for their fight to give us worker rights!

Today is my last official day of summer before year two of teaching begins. I'm very excited about starting the school year. I think you're destined to be a teacher when your favorite holiday is the first day of school. I love all parts of this day-the new backpacks, the packed lunches, the super white sneakers, and the smell of finely sharpened pencils.  Love love love. 

Fall is definitely a coming here in NJ. The leaves on my running route are already turning a bright fall gold and orange. The nights are getting chilly and pumpkin spice has officially arrived. 

This weekend was a blast!  

Friday started with some back to school shopping with my mama. 

We did well. Thank you Loft for cash cards!! 

Friday night the KCaites and I went out to Seasons 52 for dinner. 

'Twas delish!!

Amanda invited some of the girls from the wedding party down to hang at a Labor Day BBQ. We naturally jumped at the chance to escape Jersey shore traffic and headed to Maryland. 

When we arrived we were greeted with the smell of pumpkin spice candles wafting through the condo. It was gravely. Amanda shares my affinity for fallness so it was great to be in the midst of fall soaps, candles, and cookies!! 

We munched on pumpkin cookies-Delish!  We also ate a boatload of hommus. 

Apparently if it's organic it becomes hommus?? Jk I don't really know the difference. 

We hung out and caught up before her fiance's friends came over. 

We naturally sported our bridesmaids tanks. 

Around 7 his friends came over and we began to barbecue. And by we, I mean Tony barbecued and we "helped" by looking for the grill light. 

We found a mini flashlight, but seriously considered just standing near him holding the candle lighters. 

I brought my famous greens, watermelon, and goat cheese salad with aittle basalmic on it. 'Twas a hit!

I had about 4 bowls of it. 

After dinner a dance party ensued. That's what grown ups do right?  

Sunday was off to Founding Farmers. It's a farm to table restaurant full of organic and healthy fare mixed in with some usual southern eats. 

Cutest decor 

How fab is the flatware??

The food was delicious, but it took forever to come to our table. We were kinda hangry.  Jersey Girls and hangry don't mix. 

Grits anyone?  Chicken and waffles anyone?
I got the Cauliflower steaks with risotto and brocollini. A great meal. 

I was super excited because after lunch we went to Whole Foods and they had juice!!  Snaps for a day when I don't have to clean the juicer!! 

I brought a watermelon. 

We capped off the day with a little shopping and sample tasting at Lindt and Whole Foods. 

We tried on these bad boys!! Hopefully the Britney Spears ...Baby One More Time shoe fad is going to be a one season only kinda thang. 

A little Home Alone 2 for the win. 

After lunch we said goodbye and headed back to NJ.

When I arrived home I was greeted by this!!!

My laminating paper had arrived!  I'm a dork but this made me super happy!

Ain't no party like a lamenting party cuz a laminating party don't stop! Hey!

I went on my first 12 mile run. It felt great to run at night and have the air feel just like the right amount of fall. 

I hope everyone had a great LDW2015 and thank you to our union workers who have fought, are fighting, and will fight for our rights to fair, safe, and healthy work places.