Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hey All,

How is your FriYAY going so far?  Mine has been crazy busy already.  I started my morning at 4:30 with a 5 mile run, then hit the gym for a schweaty lifting sesh.  I'm getting ready to run to tutoring and then it's shopping for the Florida Georgia Line concert!  I'm going to channel my inner Jessie James tomorrow aka boots, cut offs, and a bandana.

Ra and I have dinner plans in Princeton tonight!  I can't wait to join forces with my partner in crime and college roomie.  I'm introducing Ra to the wonderful world of Indian food tonight!  Ra introduced me to Ed Sheeran (Ra was the first person to hear about him.  I know this for a fact because she used to force me to jam to him in 2010) and Matt Nathanson.  She also introduced me to the actual lyrics of Ozzy's Crazy Train.  #Friendshipgoals

Today for FriYAY Favorites I figured I'd share some things I'm loving as of late!

1.)  Cameron Rupp's Instagram account.  Cam is our catcher and he's hilarious!  He puts up solid numbers a catcher and fill the big cleats of Carlos Ruiz or Philadelphia's beloved CHOOOOOOOOOCH!  Cameron puts up hilarious pictures and captions.  This week he put up a pic of the team wearing American flag onesies.  Hilarious!

2.)  Watermelon.  OMG I think we've eaten a watermelon a week over here this summer.  My favorite morning snack.  Watermelon is a healthy snack because it's 92% water, has loads of vitamins including A, B6, and C.  It also has lycopene and antioxidants!  Healthy and delicious?!  Sign me up! You can read about more of watermelon's benefits here.

3.)  THIS TOP!  I think it's perfect for the FGL concert with the girls tomorrow!  Is anyone else obsessed with denim and white eyelet like me?


4.) Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.  After seeing the previews for this movie last week I decided I HAD to read the book before I saw the movie.  Well....I'm hooked!  I read it in about 4 days and was obsessed with it!  So good!  You all need to read it.  

5.)  Finding Dory!  Deb, and our two other mother/daughter co-worker friends went to see this movie on Tuesday.  It was everything I hoped it would be!  It gave you all the feels.  It was sweet, hilarious, and heartwarming.  It brought tears of happiness, sadness, and hilarity.  Great movie!  Worth the 13 year wait.

I hope you enjoy the day!  I'm thinking a pool day after the mall is in store.  


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Health Nuts

Happy FriYAY!!

I'm baaaaack and so excited to be with you all again :)  The end of the school year really took total control of my life, but after a week off I'm ready to play again.

So what have you all been up to?  I've been super busy with all of the upcoming vacations/weddings/tutoring/training/subbing Total Body Blast as of late...but that's for another post!

THIS ONE is about being a health nut!  I came across and was challenged to give some tips to go along with the 5 tips for leading a healthier life campaign.  As you all know, I'm a HUGE peanut butter lover, so I jumped on this chance.

A healthy lifestyle is something that I continually strive for.  Healthy is different for everyone and therefore a healthy lifestyle is not the same for everyone.  I try to live by 5 rules:

1.)  MOVE!  Every day I try to hit my 12,000 Fitbit steps.  I'll cop to wandering the house or putting on Zumba Youtube videos on before bed if I'm short some steps.  Our bodies were made to MOVE!  I know I always feel better after a day full of activity.  Running, dancing, biking, walking, spinning, Pilates-ing (is that a word?  Did we just invent this a la Shakespeare?) and lifting weights all keep me sane and healthy.  I always like to invite my friends to join me on workout adventures because it adds to the fun and keeps me accountable.  Would I miss this chance to Zumba with my girls every Monday night?  HECK NO!  

My friend and I a year apart...matching!
This happens once a year for some unknown reason...and only once a year

2.)  Sleep!  Ahhh, my biggest health fail.  I try and fight the good fight and every week I tell myself tonight I will sleep 8 hours, tonight I will sleep 8 hours, but then I end up getting about 6...maybe 7 if I'm lucky.  I always feel rejuvenated after a solid 8 hours of sleep.  

3.)  Hydrate!  I just bought a 48 oz Nalgene water bottle (in pink of course) and I LOVE it!  I try to fill it up twice a day.  I also start my day with 32 oz of hot hot hot water.  I find that it helps to keep me full and then even if I start slacking on my hydration throughout the day I know that I have atlas had 32 oz of water.

4.)  Me time!  Everyone always says to be present.  I think we need to be recluses every day.  I am a healthier person when I take 5-15 minutes to do nothing but hide out in my room with a book or a blog post.  We need to hide out and get some alone time to recoup and be the best person we can be.  I think being selfish is A-OK in this situation.  

5.)  Fuel!  We all need to eat good, healthy, nutritious food to keep our bodies moving to their best abilities.  Last night I had a cheat day and enjoyed The Melting Pot's 4 course meal...did I love it?  YES!  Did I feel it today when I was working out?  ABSOLUTELY!  Healthy foods fuel our lives and let us perform to our best abilities.  As a runner it is super important for me to pay attention to what I put into my body.  One of my favorite things?  Nuts!  I start the day with a dollop of peanut butter in my oatmeal.  (And I mean the REAL thang...the only ingredients in your peanut butter should be drum roll please...PEANUTS!)  I also love adding nuts like almonds or pecans to my salads.  Pine nuts add an amazing crunch to my favorite salad (pear+greens+goat cheese if you're wondering).  And I love adding walnuts to chocolate chip cookies.  I also love melting some dark chocolate (70% Cacao) and mixing it with pistachios.  Next, I fridge them for a few hours and voila!  My sweet tooth craving has been met along with getting some healthy fats, antioxidants, and protein.  

Sometimes I find it hard to find a healthy snack to meet my nutritional needs and that's when I always turn to nuts.  I can't remember a road trip in which I did not have a baggie of almonds or a self-made trail mix.  They are filling, healthy, and so versatile!  They give me that crunch that I love, plus whatever else I'm craving that day.  

If you're looking for some yummy treats head over to this site for some ideas!  The RD at has some great ideas for you! and

Looking forward to seeing you all soon with a little recap of what I've been up to lately!