Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I Think About When I Run

So here is a real life list of everything I thought about while running last night (in the nice weather!!)

  • I'm gonna be so skinny!  I'm gonna be so toned!  I'm gonna be so healthy!  Because I am running!  (this was sing songy while I was running down my street)
  • OMG Luke Bryan is on!  Ughhhhh what do I do?!  I can't stop here and dance on the street to "Country Girl Shake it For Me" because I'm running...but I want to...ugh internal struggle?!!  I will just play this at home and shake it there!  Acceptable!
  • Am I running right?  Is this how you're supposed to run?  
  • I'm gonna beat that car!  I'm gonna beat that car!  Look at me!  I'm running fast!  Bet that Camry can't beat me to the Stop Sign!  Haha I'm gonna win!  
  • Okay, Camry you beat got lucky...
  • I wonder how far I have run?
  • Ewww gross, creepy guys stop telling me to "Werk that"
  • What does "werk that" mean?
  • How does one "werk that"?
  • Why do people fence in their front yards in suburbia?  Who do they think wants to stand in their front yard?  
  • You have weeds in your front don't need a fence to keep people out.
  • What am I gonna wear tomorrow?  
  • UHHJJJHGGHHH I hate running! If I never eat chocolate/candy/soda/cookies again do I have to run?
  • If a murderer started chasing me could I outrun them?
  • OOOOHHH I like this song!
  • Stop singing, you are in public!
  • Whoa!  Oh, that's the dead tree stump that scares me every freakin' time!
  • That's a pretty car!
  • What time do I have to be at work tomorrow?
  • What am I gonna be for Halloween?
  • Why did they name that baby George?
  • Seriously STOP SINGING!
  • Do I know that lady?  I don't know...just wave to her in case you do.  Manners Matter Erin!
  • AHHHHH CATTTTT!  Gonna run faster now because I am so scared!
  • If I was on tour as a country singer what song would I cover?  DUH, easy!  Garth Brooks "I Got Friends In Low Places"and "Fancy" and "9-5".
  • I wonder what Josh Hartnett is doing now...
  • Running makes me want to eat chocolate...a lot of chocolate...Ugh this is counterproductive!
  • Oh there's my street!
  • Allllllll done...until tomorrow...

Running is not my favorite thing to do but it does provide a certain amount of clarity for me.



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday Useday!

Tuesday is one of my all time favorite days!  I have always been  a fan of Tuesdays.  When I was in middle and high school Tuesday was Pointe Day with my besties.  Tuesday night was advanced ballet and pointe class!  Shenanigans ran wild!  Now, Tuesdays are a leeetle different.  Tuesdays now are work until 6, Farmer's Market with Mamma, grilling, then Covert Affairs!

The Farmer's Market here in town is brand new!  I love fresh veggies and fruit and most of all I love freshly squeezed juice from Juice Girl!  Every Tuesday I get a Green Detox Juice!  And after working with 18 month better BAAALEEEEVE I need all the extra energy I can squeeze (juice pun intended) into my day!  This year I really began to dive head first into organic and all natural clean eating.  I have to say, don't knock it 'til you try it!  I'll be honest and say that somethings I can't taste the difference between organic and non-organic.  But sometimes you actually can.  Organic tomatoes taste 10000000000000 times better than regular tomatoes.  As a Mexican food lover I crave salsas and organic salsa is waaaayyyy better than regular salsa.  But this organic juice is the best thing I have ever tasted.  I drink it down in 1 minute.  It's fabulous!  I know it's only July, but I'm putting a juicer on my Christmas list so I can make this every day at home!  Next Tuesday I will try to slow down and take a picture of my juice...I'm not making any promises though because this thing is fab!

At the Farmer's Market we bought eggplant and blueberries.  We usually grill most nights in the summer and last night was no different.  We had burgers (chicken for me) and grilled eggplant with olive oil and Italian Seasonings.  Fabulouso!

My mom and I have a Covert Affairs Viewing Party every Tuesday Nite in the summer.  When I would return to school we would text through the whole thing with bated breath.  It's just our show and I think hanging with my Mamma is always a good time.

Tuesday was capped off with a 6 mile walk.  I'm loving the Summer of Healthy!



Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Soooooo, it's no secret that I've been kinda down for about a month.  Nothing really bad, but just a hiccup of sadness.  If you've read my other posts you probably have realized that something I wanted to work out didn't.  But, guess what?  It's time to live by a motto said in my favorite movie Legally Blonde, "If you're going to let one stupid jerk (edited) ruin your life, you're not the girl I thought you were,".  So I'm doing what I do best...compartmentalize.  I don't know if it's a good quality or a bad quality but I'm very good at compartmentalizing my feelings.  So I'm gonna lock that away and enjoy my upcoming Summer of Erin!  (To all of the people that got that Seinfeld reference...I applaud you :))

My summer from here on out is going to be fabulous!  I am gonna be suuuuper busy, because Type A ladies can't do it any other way!

Things I'm Looking Forward To:

7/15...Bachelorette Viewing Party With Cait!
-Chardonay? Check!
-Brownies? Check!
-Bachelorette? Check!

7/16...Momma and Erin's Day of Fun (again any FRIENDS reference getters I applaud you!)
-Farmer's Market for fresh veggies and fruit and my favorite...Green Detox Juice? Check!
-Friendly's Sundaes with coupons? Check!
-Honey Boo Boo Premiere? Check!
-Covert Affairs Premiere? Check!

7/18...Cara and Erin's Roomie Reunion!
-Applebee's Wings? Check!
-Dessert Shooters? Check!

7/19...Taylor concert with Kate & Dev!
-Xfinity for dinner? Check!
-Jamming out to our girl Tay Tay at the Linc? Check!

7/20...Deb's bday!
-Happy Birthday to my favorite Momma!
-Babysitting my favorite current babysittees!

7/21...Iron Pigs Game with Daddy!
-Watching future Phillies players for $8? Check!

7/22...Latest Possible Day My New Lilly Planner Will Arrive!
-I heart Lilly!

7/26...Miranda Lambert Concert with Jess!
-Dierks and Miranda, could life be better?  Check!

7/27...1968 exhibit with my Momma Deb!
-Philly? Check!
-60's history? Check!

8/10...Blake Concert with Jess!
-Jamming to Blake? Check!

8/12...Leaving for NOLA!
-Visiting Zach for the second year in a row? Check!

8/14...Leaving NOLA :(
-Sad sad day :( but at least I get to go to the Atlanta airport where the BEST food in the world is!  Love me some Domino's Pizza!

8/16...Leave for Nashville!
-Country Music Mecca? Check!

8/23...Come home from Nashville :(
-Sad sad sad day :(

8/24...Get hair cut and Jason Aldean concert with Kate!
-Fully blonde again!
-Jason Aldean concert? Check!
-Jam time!

8/27...Start Last Year of College :)
-Grad school baby!

So all in all I can't wait for these upcoming weeks!



Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Things I've Learned At 22 1/2

Since I recently turned 22 1/2 I have realized that now I do things that I last year I wouldn't have even dreamed of doing.  Even though 22 has been an interesting year thus far (graduation, my business succeeding, moving out of my own apartment, reliving my 2011 love life--unintentionally of course-- eating mostly natural healthy foods, watching friends getting BIG GIRL JOBS--congrats!) I think I have learned/changed  a lot since turning 22.

1) I no longer wear make up most days.  Since I was in 6th grade I suffered from intense acne and was deeply embarrassed by my bad skin.  Now, because of my improved diet and water drinking plan, age, and skin regimen, my skin is pretty good!  I now go to work, out to Target (Target is in my uuber small town and therefore you are almost certain to run into people you went to high school with.  Looking bad is not an option!)  I think I'm finally comfortable enough with myself to go bare faced.

2) You do control your own happiness.  Sometimes we get dumped.  Sometimes we get hurt by people we thought would never do that and as much as we want/hope/pray that doesn't happen, it will.  You have to learn to activate your internal happiness switch.  You just need to learn that you can do it.  You can make the choice to be happy.  This is something I've discovered after mucho nights wondering what happened/what went wrong/what did I do?  Now I just turn on the happiness switch and BOOM. Sadness all gone.

3) Embrace your inner dork.  Being smart is AWESOME!  I will always love going to museums, concerts, reading, and traveling.

4) Apologies are not always necessary.  There are certain times when you do not have to apologize.  When people are rude to you, don't apologize.  When someone is jealous of you, do not apologize.  When you do something really well, don't apologize.

5) Running can be fun.  Seriously, I LOATHED running for 22 years.  Then, in May I started running and guess what?  I love to run.  I like running late at night, jamming to my iPod, and wearing pink work out clothes.

6) Saving money is better then mindless spending.  I lerve to shop, but I know that saving my money is more important than spending it on very fun things.

So these are my life lessons that I've learned thus far.