Thursday, July 25, 2013

What I Think About When I Run

So here is a real life list of everything I thought about while running last night (in the nice weather!!)

  • I'm gonna be so skinny!  I'm gonna be so toned!  I'm gonna be so healthy!  Because I am running!  (this was sing songy while I was running down my street)
  • OMG Luke Bryan is on!  Ughhhhh what do I do?!  I can't stop here and dance on the street to "Country Girl Shake it For Me" because I'm running...but I want to...ugh internal struggle?!!  I will just play this at home and shake it there!  Acceptable!
  • Am I running right?  Is this how you're supposed to run?  
  • I'm gonna beat that car!  I'm gonna beat that car!  Look at me!  I'm running fast!  Bet that Camry can't beat me to the Stop Sign!  Haha I'm gonna win!  
  • Okay, Camry you beat got lucky...
  • I wonder how far I have run?
  • Ewww gross, creepy guys stop telling me to "Werk that"
  • What does "werk that" mean?
  • How does one "werk that"?
  • Why do people fence in their front yards in suburbia?  Who do they think wants to stand in their front yard?  
  • You have weeds in your front don't need a fence to keep people out.
  • What am I gonna wear tomorrow?  
  • UHHJJJHGGHHH I hate running! If I never eat chocolate/candy/soda/cookies again do I have to run?
  • If a murderer started chasing me could I outrun them?
  • OOOOHHH I like this song!
  • Stop singing, you are in public!
  • Whoa!  Oh, that's the dead tree stump that scares me every freakin' time!
  • That's a pretty car!
  • What time do I have to be at work tomorrow?
  • What am I gonna be for Halloween?
  • Why did they name that baby George?
  • Seriously STOP SINGING!
  • Do I know that lady?  I don't know...just wave to her in case you do.  Manners Matter Erin!
  • AHHHHH CATTTTT!  Gonna run faster now because I am so scared!
  • If I was on tour as a country singer what song would I cover?  DUH, easy!  Garth Brooks "I Got Friends In Low Places"and "Fancy" and "9-5".
  • I wonder what Josh Hartnett is doing now...
  • Running makes me want to eat chocolate...a lot of chocolate...Ugh this is counterproductive!
  • Oh there's my street!
  • Allllllll done...until tomorrow...

Running is not my favorite thing to do but it does provide a certain amount of clarity for me.



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