Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was bueno.

Friday was a crazyhecticlooneytoon kinda day.  Does anyone else really enjoy those days?  I love when the day is crazy and I have so many things to check off on my To-Do list.

Friday started with an early morning run, then work--setting up a classroom is HARD WORK people!  Next, was a doctor's appointment followed by a return to work to finish setting up my room.  Then it was tutoring and a weights session.

Friday night was spent at Lakeshore laminating my anchor charts.


Do I know how to do it up on a Friday or what??

Fun story-- A married couple (probably in their late 40s early 50s) were there.  The husband had been designated (by his teacher wife) to laminate her phonics cards.  He ended up misjudging the lamination and the cards all the way to the left never made it through the laminator.  They were only half laminated!  Her face?


Seasons 52 BBQ Chicken salad was my reward for surviving Lakeshore 4 days before school starts.  Twas delightful!

Saturday was the usual gymstravaganza in the morning.  I love Saturday mornings at the gym.  No one is there and I can run around the gym without any interruptions.  Plus Saturday AM classes are soul healing.  Nothing screams WAKE UP quite like 8 am Zumba :)

Saturday night was super fun!  It was Jess' birthday and we did it up!  We went to Harvest Seasonal Grill.  It's like a knock off Seasons 52.  I'm a Seasons Snob.

small Quinoa Salad with chicken

After dinner, we met up with Deb and went to the Tim McGraw concert.

Train Selfies have become a standard country concert tradition

I've seen Tim about a half dozen times and every time I see him his concert gets better and better.  He's such a dynamic performer and it blows me away that every time I see him he continues to put on a better show.  I never think it can get better, but then it does.


I love that Tim plays old songs, new songs, and all the favorites.

Hard won jersey!

**Fun Story** For the past 5 years I've been searching for a McGraw throwback t-shirt jersey everywhere!  Literally everywhere!  The internet, every Phillies' store, every sporting goods store.  Everywhere!  No one had a small McGraw shirt.  Finally, the night before I went to New Orleans, I found one!!!  It was a lone size small that caught my eye and I ran to it!    Also, August 30th is Tug's birthday so it was kind of serindipity, no?


I wish my run looked this graceful :)

Deb and me

Deb, me, and the birthday girl

It's safe to say it was a great way to spend the final weekend of summer.

My cousins were also there and we got to hang out and dance together.

Cousin Muggin

I love my family :)

Sunday Runday came way toooooooo early this week!  We didn't get back from Tim McGraw until midnight and by the time I got to sleep it was 1 am.  Waking up at 4:45 was not fun.  It was my last 11 mile run and it was my slowest run to date--apparently only getting 4 hours of sleep does not a quick run make.

After the run, was a solo beach day.  I spent my day reading, napping, and eating grilled shrimpies!!  I got a bonus shrimp which I think was Ike's way of saying, have a great school year and we'll see you next summer :)  I also got a nice long stroll in the surf.  Twas relaxing and therapeutic.

Good read

I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to satisfy the hot bar monster.  When I came home, I gobbled endless amounts of brownies that were left over from a party my parents had.

I hope everyone had a great day!


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