Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Happy Labor Day!!

Take a minute to hug your favorite union worker and thank them for their fight to give us worker rights!

Today is my last official day of summer before year two of teaching begins. I'm very excited about starting the school year. I think you're destined to be a teacher when your favorite holiday is the first day of school. I love all parts of this day-the new backpacks, the packed lunches, the super white sneakers, and the smell of finely sharpened pencils.  Love love love. 

Fall is definitely a coming here in NJ. The leaves on my running route are already turning a bright fall gold and orange. The nights are getting chilly and pumpkin spice has officially arrived. 

This weekend was a blast!  

Friday started with some back to school shopping with my mama. 

We did well. Thank you Loft for cash cards!! 

Friday night the KCaites and I went out to Seasons 52 for dinner. 

'Twas delish!!

Amanda invited some of the girls from the wedding party down to hang at a Labor Day BBQ. We naturally jumped at the chance to escape Jersey shore traffic and headed to Maryland. 

When we arrived we were greeted with the smell of pumpkin spice candles wafting through the condo. It was gravely. Amanda shares my affinity for fallness so it was great to be in the midst of fall soaps, candles, and cookies!! 

We munched on pumpkin cookies-Delish!  We also ate a boatload of hommus. 

Apparently if it's organic it becomes hommus?? Jk I don't really know the difference. 

We hung out and caught up before her fiance's friends came over. 

We naturally sported our bridesmaids tanks. 

Around 7 his friends came over and we began to barbecue. And by we, I mean Tony barbecued and we "helped" by looking for the grill light. 

We found a mini flashlight, but seriously considered just standing near him holding the candle lighters. 

I brought my famous greens, watermelon, and goat cheese salad with aittle basalmic on it. 'Twas a hit!

I had about 4 bowls of it. 

After dinner a dance party ensued. That's what grown ups do right?  

Sunday was off to Founding Farmers. It's a farm to table restaurant full of organic and healthy fare mixed in with some usual southern eats. 

Cutest decor 

How fab is the flatware??

The food was delicious, but it took forever to come to our table. We were kinda hangry.  Jersey Girls and hangry don't mix. 

Grits anyone?  Chicken and waffles anyone?
I got the Cauliflower steaks with risotto and brocollini. A great meal. 

I was super excited because after lunch we went to Whole Foods and they had juice!!  Snaps for a day when I don't have to clean the juicer!! 

I brought a watermelon. 

We capped off the day with a little shopping and sample tasting at Lindt and Whole Foods. 

We tried on these bad boys!! Hopefully the Britney Spears ...Baby One More Time shoe fad is going to be a one season only kinda thang. 

A little Home Alone 2 for the win. 

After lunch we said goodbye and headed back to NJ.

When I arrived home I was greeted by this!!!

My laminating paper had arrived!  I'm a dork but this made me super happy!

Ain't no party like a lamenting party cuz a laminating party don't stop! Hey!

I went on my first 12 mile run. It felt great to run at night and have the air feel just like the right amount of fall. 

I hope everyone had a great LDW2015 and thank you to our union workers who have fought, are fighting, and will fight for our rights to fair, safe, and healthy work places. 



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