Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tailgate for Two

Happy Thursday!!

How has everyone's week been going?? Mine has been crazy busy!  There's no tired quite like first week of school teacher tired!  

I love my kiddos and I'm so happy to have my job. Don't get me wrong, it's crazy busy and a ton of work, but I love every minute of it. 

Well, friends today was the end of one of my favorite summer traditions-Phillies games. 

I love going to watch my boys play and even though this was a rebuilding year (aren't they all?) I saw solid effort from a young team and that makes my baseball heart happy. 

For our last game my dad and I decided to have our own tailgate for two. We packed up the Vera lunchbox (we're kewl and we know it) with one Redd's Green Apple Ale (I don't care if you think they're basically apple juice-I think they're delicious) and Paleo banana chocolate chip bread. 

After the snack, we headed out for some catch in the parking lot. 

We played for a solid half hour and it was such a good time!! We used to have catches all the time when I was younger and played softball (I was horrible but I wanted to be good so badly).  They are some of my fondest memories becaus we would chat, talk baseball, and just hang out. 

Solid form (passé is the pitchers real stance right?)

Also, the Phils have 2 pitchers named Aaron--why not make it a nice round 3?

After our Golden Glove worthy catch game, we headed in to watch our boys take on the Nationals.  Boooooooo Jayson Werth and Pap!

In honor of the Papal Visit next weekend, the Phils made Pope Rookie cards and handed them out as the giveaway. 

Pretty legit. 

The Phils ended up losing 12-2, but it was great to see them one more time before the official end of the season. 
Sad to see the season end...and on a loss. 

Until next year Citizens Bank Park!  Thanks for another great summer full of memories and phun!



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