Sunday, January 24, 2016

So It's Been A While...

Happy Monday!

Well, I guess I haven't blogged since...September 16th?  Ahh, September.  Warm weather, baseball games, and pool lounging.  I miss you.

January is...nice...too.

After Jonas came in and dropped 2+ feet on us here in NJ, it's officially our first SNOW DAY!

*insert hand clap for Snow Days*

Actually, it went a little more like this:


Cait and I went to Farmicia in Philly for Restaurant Week.
We ordered the most delicious food in the world and 7:30 pm the glorious text message came in!


Does anyone else hear the choir of angels sing when they get the Snow Day Text?

Yup.  I screamed in a restaurant.  Then I did a little dance.  People stared.  People judged.  People were obviously jealous :)

Back to Farmicia!

After being cooped up for 2 days due to Snowpocalypse 2016, Cait and I were itching to get out of the house.

I've been dying to try Farmicia since I read about it on Julie's blog a few years back.  When I saw it on the list for this year's Restaurant Week, I jumped on the reservation train and booked it.

The snow definitely impacted RW because there were 3 other tables of people and this restaurant books up FAST!  Even for a regular weekend it's hard to get a table.

Neither of us could decide what to order.  We've been poring over the menu for weeks now in preparation, but everything looked too delicious to pass up.  We decided to go splitsies to maximize our choices.  Full menu can be found here.

We of course rolled with champagne cocktails to start.

Grace Kelly for me and Cloud 9 for Cait

Next, we went with roasted brussel sprouts.  We totally fangirled over these.  Weird?  Don't knock it til you try it.  They had pomegranate and dijon.  Hoooomygoodness.  FaceRocked!!

Next, a wonderful man brought around bread.  A bread man.  What a great thing to have at a restaurant.  I ordered the multigrain and Cait got the rosemary.  (When he came back we both eagerly jumped for seconds) I like this idea because often times I find myself uncontrollably eating the bread, even though I'm not a huge bread girl, just because it's there.  This way it was an easy way to avoid the extra 4 slices that I usually end up eating.

I rolled with the shrimp, spinach, capers and garlic aioli.  I could have eaten 1,000 of them and not been bored.

For the main course, Cait ordered the Roasted Eggplant Cannelloni.  I ordered the Blackened St. Peter's Fish.  'Twas daaalish.

For dessert we ordered Creme Brûlée and a Flourless Chocolate Torte with Esperesso ice cream.


**Notice the apple centerpiece**  We wanted to eat it, but we figured that would be bad form.

We both got the cardigan memo

We also made friends with a lovely couple who enjoyed dishing about Real Housewives (is anyone else watching RHOP and loving it like me?), The Bachelor, and SNL.  One of them even ended up working at the same place as Cait.  Small World!

We both left dinner saying the same thing, "We'll be back."  When you will pay full price for a meal, you know it must be good.  Now the tough part begins...what will we order??

I would highly recommend this restaurant.  It's a delicious place located in Old City.  It has a fun, casual vibe with plenty of options.  Perfect for a Girls' Nite or a date night.

For more info:



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