Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow Day Fitness

Hi Everyone,

Raise your cookie crumb covered fingers in the air if you want to get out of the house, but are too cold/snowed in to leave your home?

This girl is raising all 10 fingers.

I'm a really active person by nature, but snow days make you feel so snuggly.  What is it about the white stuff that makes me go hard with the sweet stuff?  I made fudge (tooooooo sweet) and almond meal cookies (perfect).

I love a good snow day, full of hot cocoa, Netflix, and soup, but after a few days...


Saturday night I realized that I had only taken 958 steps TOTAL!  Ummmmm, I usually take that many steps by 5:30 am.  I realized I needed some movement ASAP.

I have a few DVDs that are usually my bad weather go-tos, but today I was feeling something new.  My attention span diminishes once I'm cooped up inside 10 fold.

I decided to go through my Pinterest Fitness Board for some fitspo.  YouTube.  Always YouTube.  YouTube doesn't only house the best time suck videos, but they also house some pretty baller workout vids.  Blogilates, Fitnessista (obvi), Tone It Up, and Popsugar always pull through.

I decided to do this AHHHMAYZING Tabata leg workout.  Super schweaty and requires only dumbbells and a bench (or a desk chair if you're creative :))

Next, I decided to watch the Tone It Up Girls HIIT video.  These two are just adorable and I never feel like I'm dying or sweating to death because I just get caught up looking at the beautiful beach background.  Does anyone remember when they had a Bravo show called Toned Up?  Ugh, I miss that show.

I then was feeling a little off center and in need of some Pilates in my life.  I turned to my 2nd fave Pilates guru, Cassey Ho.  Did anyone else see her on the cover of Self this month?  She looked flawless.  It was kind of like seeing your super sweet, kick butt trainer best friend on the cover.  Love Cassey.  For those of you that don't know Blogilates, it is a YouTube based fitness channel that incorporates, pop songs with Pilates moves for quick, effective workouts.  She also has song challenges (think squatting for an entire song...legs quivering with love/hate the entire time), and longer classes that focus on a few exercises for a specific body region (think Muffin Top Massacre, Popstar Abs, long lean arms, etc.) and full length classes that target the whole body.  I did 30 minutes of abs.

I still hadn't fully shaken my snowy day sugar coma off, so I went work with the old standby, Fitnessista Zumba.  I did a few of her Fitnessista Zumba videos and then put on her Soli Beat DVD.

I didn't intend to spend all of this time working out, but I am glad that I did.  I needed to M-O-V-E.

What are some fitnessy things you enjoy when the white stuff comes to town?  I've heard shoveling is an amazing workout, but it's toooooooo cold for me.  Are you a winter sports enthusiast?  I'm not...again...toooooo cold.

Tell me what fitness YouTubers you like!  I always love switching it up :)



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