Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Daze

Happy Tuesday!

Raise a glass for it already being 1 day into the work week!

Does anyone else go stir crazy during snowstorms?  I can't sit still and therefore I start to get a little cabin fever after being cooped up for a day.  I know some people can binge watch Netflix for a weekend and be fine with it, but not me.  I need to move around.  P.S. SOOO happy they added Parks and Rec Season 7!  I came late to the P&R party, but I'm pumped to watch Season 7!

Snowpocalypse 2016 started on Friday around 9 and went until Saturday afternoon.  I was bored by Saturday at 7 am.

Friday night, Deb and I attended Grand Conversations.  Grand Conversations is a 2 Day PD workshop that our district offers in which educators are invited to screen a movie on Friday night and engage in a book discussion on Saturday mornings.  There are about 4-5 choices for both the movie and book.  This year I read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  I would highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone.  It's a non-fiction text which links success to its many factors and links all of these successful outliers to events/people/times that are seemingly out of their control.  These factors all contributed to their successes and can't be overlooked.  It was a fascinating work and definitely made me think.

The theme this year was Honoring Educators.  I was on the panel that planned the event and I suggested watching Boy Meets World.  If you've never seen the show...I don't know if we can be friends anymore.  Anyway, one of the main characters is Mr. Feeny, a beloved teacher and next door neighbor to our hero Cory Matthews. Mr. Feeny ends up teaching Cory and Co. for the entire 7 seasons the show aired on ABC in the mid 90s to early 2000s.  Anyway, it passed through multiple rounds of debate and thus I was appointed "leader" of the BMW movie chat.  I picked 6 episodes from the seasons that highlight Mr. Feeny's impact on the lives of his students.  Pretty shweet gig considering BMW constantly floods my DVR.  See, Deb...I was working this summer when I spent copious hours glued to the TV rewatching a show I've seen 90,000,000 times.


Registration began at 4 and I grabbed a bucket of popcorn, some candy, and water bottles for my viewers and headed to the designated classroom.  Luckily I had zero technical difficulties.  Then I sat and waited.  Waited/hoped people would show up.  It never crossed my mind that no one would pick my movie to view.  Finally at 4:30 I went to check to see if anyone had signed up replenish my candy stock and ran into Deb and a few other people who just so happened to be coming to BMW!  SCORE!  Not going to lie, I was getting nervous that it would be me and Deb (who would pity watch with me) viewing BMW.

We had 7 people!  The same as 3 of the other movies.  McFarland drew the biggest crowd.  Success!

We all watched the show, laughed, cried, and relived our 90s nostalgia.

After the movie we headed to the library for a yummy dinner from one of my favorite local restaurants.  If you're in the South Jersey area and have not had Vincenzo's you need to stop reading this and GO!  The best Italian food!  I rolled with a Greek salad and chicken and mushrooms.  I'm still dreaming about it :)

Since Jonas the Blizzard was on his way, we ended up nixing the movie discussions and someone from each group gave a 2 minute synopsis of the movie.  I was nominated from my group to give the synopsis.  I hate summarizing (can you tell I'm not a brevity does not befall me?) and ended up saying um and like wayyyyy more than I should have.  I also am proud of myself for not coming across as a total fangirl.

Friday night was spent cuddling up with my super hot boyfriend Chris Evans.  Just kidding, my dog.  Just kidding, these cookies!

recipe here

Giant almond meal cookies the size of my face...couldn't be happier.  Okay, maybe if Chris Evans was actually cuddled up with me whilst eating the cookies, I'd be happier :)

*Side note, I usually use 1.5 cups almond meal and 4 TBSP coconut oil because they tend to be too dry if I don't*

Cookies+Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta=perfect snowy night

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing.  I'm not going to lie, I was super salty about this Saturday snow storm.  Saturdays I like to spend all morning at the gym Zumbaing, Pilatesing, and Pouding.  Then, I go to Wegman's for some samples and grocery shopping.  Saturday I made fudge.  It was good, but wayyyyy too sweet.

To counter the sweetness I had some green salad.
1 Granny Smith apple
1 Cup Super Greens
sprinkle of pine nuts
goat cheese
dip of pear infused vinegar

At 10 pm I realized I had 958 Fitbit Steps so I did some half-assed Zumba.

I was in a sugar coma most of the day. Does anyone else feel like death by sugar after eating too much of the sweet stuff?  At 25 I should know when to say stop to the cookie binger.  Maybe at 26...

I don't like shoveling snow.  It's not the physical aspect of it, it's the coldness aspect of it.

I often times go back and forth with the idea of getting married. Having a house full of pink things, girlie decor, a DVR full of Real Housewives, Say Yes To The Dress, The Bachelor, and appropriately closed toilet seat covers really speak to me in a positive way. HOWEVER, when we get over 2 feet of snow and the idea of shoveling becomes a reality, I decide that yes, marriage is in the cards for me. Having someone shovel your snow is worth having one less pink picture frame. It's called compromise. I've heard that's essential to a marriage.

I am all for equality between the sexes, but I don't want to shovel.  I'll make him dinner/drinks/dessert if my future hubs promises to shovel us out.  I'm gonna put it in my vows.  You think I'm kidding?

Do you want to know what else is fun about snow daze?  When it's midnight and you're taking a shower and realize that you have NO HOT WATER!  Thanks Jonas!  I froze my little butt off in that shower.

After my Sunday gym session, I ended up having to shower at the gym.  Thank you RH&FC for not only being an amazing gym, but for having hot water :)

Does anyone else feel totally awkward and out of sorts showering somewhere besides your own shower?  I never know how to work the shower head (consequently feeling like an idiot and giving myself a pep talk a la The Help:

Come on, Erin.  You are smart, you are kind, you are important.  You also have a freaking masters degree and should be able to work a stinking shower head!  Get it together girlfriend!  Also, all of the hooks were full of other people's shower supplies (seriously who leaves their shower supplies at the gym...on the shower caddy?) so I had to move a little bench over.  So.  Awkward.  Then there's the packing of shower supplies.  Oy vey.  I looked like a crazy bag lady walking into the gym today.  Also, I didn't want to pack my full sized shower supplies so I had to revert to the good ole fashioned travel extras leftover from my vacays this summer.  Apparently I only buy Bath and Body Works scents that make me smell exactly like an over-perfumed tween.  #lovely.  That stuff doesn't just dissipate over time, if anything it gets stronger.  Like Kelly Clarkson.  Or the plague.  I was a multi-scented perfume nightmare.

After my shower experience, I ventured to Target and Wegman's for the essentials.

Cait and I went to Farmicia for dinner.
Sunday I also spent making some Sunday sauce (in za Vitamix) with ground turkey.  I plan on pairing it with some sweet potato veghetti for din din Monday night.  I curled up with Real Housewives of Potomac and stared at all of the work I will have to do on Monday.  I also missed my 12,000 Fitbit steps by 2!  2!  I think it actually stopped working because I was at 11,998 for like 10 minutes.  I spent 3 minutes jumping just to try and win those 2 coveted steps, but alas, they didn't register.  Now I feel like a loser.  Is anyone else super competitive with their Fitbit?  I can't tell you how many times I spend wandering my house or watching Fitnessista Zumba videos on Youtube to try and hit my step goal.  If there are any other Fitbit freaks out there, I feel your (competitively neurotic) pain.

Monday.  Ahhhh, Monday.  The day to play catch up on all the laundry and schoolwork I put off.  Monday is also BACHELOR MONDAY!  Who do you all like?  I like Becca, both Ashelys, and JoJo.  My school is doing a Bachelor Pool and I can't wait to see who wins!

It's been a fun few snow daze, but I'm ready to get back to normal.  All of this sugar is killing me.  I know, I know, I could just not eat it all...but what fun is that?



*Fingers crossed that the kiddos aren't too cray cray this week*

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