Wednesday, November 9, 2016

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Happy Wednesday!

Can we just take a moment to talk about fall fashion?  Ok, good!  Now let's talk about the best fall fashion statement:  BOOTS!  This fall I'm rocking my fall uniform of leggins, long sweater, and BOOTS!

Raise your hand if you are loving fall because it is synonymous with boots!


Boots are some of my all time favorite things and my super fave pair are my cowgirl boots.

Virginia Boots

Wine Festival 

Getting Ready to Shake It For Luke

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of boots!  With that being said, it's easy for them to get beat up and look more crumby than Carrie.  Even though I'm a huge fan of my boots looking a little beat up and worn, there's the fine line between messy hot and hot mess.  

I love my boots, but I always fear those inevitable salt stains that show up on the day of most-needing-boots-day!  You know what I'm talking about, those freezing cold days where there is so much snow and ice, so you need something durable and warm that will prevent you from falling.  THOSE are my favorite boot days.  What is a boot loving girl to do?!  

FEAR.NO.MORE.  The professionals at King's Ranch Saddle Shop are here to help!  

I agree completely!  I have to say I'm a little messy, but one thing I always make sure to do (no matter how much fun I've had dancing in my boots) is to put my boots away after every use.  They go back in their shoe box up on a high shelf.  

Some of my fave boot preserving tips are here!

1.  Always let your boots air out after they get wet.  I put them in my mud room and stick pool noodles inside them to help preserve their shape.  

2.  Dry wipe your boots!  If you like your boots to look a little more worn in, I suggest dry wiping your boots.  I grab a soft tooth brush/kitchen brush and start rubbing them down when I get home.  My boots are dull leather so this does not effect their shine or polish.  

3.  Know your boots/weather/day.  When it's raining I don't wear my good boots (Tory Burch boots or suede Toms boots).  It's super irresponsible to wear your good boots out in the rain.  If you're caught out in the rain with your boots, I am not ashamed to say that I've wrapped my boots in Shop Rite bags.  #shoes4life!  

4. Leather Honey!  Leather Honey is a great product that helps you shine up your boots and make them look brand new!  

I hope you enjoyed this little care post!  Keep strutting in your boots!  I have to link you to their beautiful boots page!  OMG!  I want those Ladies Tall Wine Boots!  SO so so beautiful!  Plus they scream fall to me!

Check out all of their stylish cowgirl boots!  And if you are feeling like a generous lady...there are some boots for your cowboy, too!



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