Monday, November 7, 2016

Happy Monday!

Iiiiiii'm BACCCKKK!

How are you lovelies?!

I feel like I haven't been here in


**Enter tear that baseball season is now officially over**

Although, if the rumor mill is to be believed we could oFISHally be picking up Mike Trout!!  Did y'all love my fish pun?  #dork4life

This week is especially exciting for me because I'm going to visit Zach in NOLA on Thursday!  I'm beyond excited to be back in my 2nd favorite city.  This time my friends will be joining us for half of the trip.  Hello Haunted History tour, beignets, and Muriels!  Plus...I hear there's a Gumbo Festival happening!

Anyway...where have I been?  

First of all, it's the beginning of the school year and that is it's own brand of crazy. 
Second, Kate and Bill got married!  I'll post about that soon!

Third, I've been training for the Philly Half Marathon...YES I'm cleared to run again!  

Lastly, I've been a busy bee with just running around, teaching, visiting friends, tutoring, and working at the gym. 

I just wanted to stop in and say hi to all of you!  

Also here's a fun recipe to try this week!  It's easy, involves cheese, and takes under 10 minutes to make!  Winner winner grilled cheese dinner!

So Deb just got knee surgery and one of her favorite meals is grilled cheese and tomato soup.  I stepped up to the plate (metaphorically and literally) in a valiant, yet futile attempt to gain some FCP (Favorite Child Points) and decided to make this for her.  The trouble is that I'm not a grilled cheese fan because it's so greasy and full of pointless calorie bombs (hello butter I'm looking at you).  So I decided to attempt a healthier alternative.  

I'm a huge fan of cheese, though, and the highlight of my week is sampling the new cheeses at Wegman's Sample Saturday!  You can roll your eyes all you want, it's the little things my dears!  

So a few weeks ago, I was happily sampling away, and I tried the cheese on a piece of Fluter Bread.  It was a life changer let me tell you.  So the idea of a healthier grilled cheese was born.  My cheese lady, Vicki, put some truffle honey on top of the cheese and 

So I decided to ask Vicki what kind of cheese would be good for my grilled cheese dream!  She suggested an organic creamy jack cheese.  She's a brilliant woman!

Here's the recipe if you wanna give it a whirl!

1.  4 slices of Wegman's organic flute bread
2. 2 oz of creamy organic jack cheese
3. a drizzle of Wegman's truffle honey

Step 1:  Turn oven broiler on high

Step 2:  Take four slices of bread and lay them on foil on the broiler.

Step 3:  Slice the cheese into .5 ounces and put atop the bread

Step 4:  Broil bread and cheese for 5 minutes or until cheese is bubbly.

Step 5:  When done, top the grilled cheese with a drizzle of truffle honey

If you want bonus points... try it with this soup recipe!  I added 1 cup almond milk to the recipe for extra creaminess!

Twas delish!

Enjoy your Monday!  I'll be back with updates from the rest of my life soon!


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