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Happy Monday!!

Or in the land of Serindipity...Happy Oxymoron Day!

I'm fresh off the plane from New Orleans and I already want to go back!  I'll post a recap tomorrow.

Today we're focusing on GOMO!  What is GOMO?

In the Netflix and Chill world we live in, GOMO (Go Out More Often) is, sadly, a novel concept!   Eventbrite, an event planning and management software company asked me to list some GOMO ideas!  Eventbrite is awesome because it lets you plan events, send out digital invites, track RSVPs, sell your tickets online and track ticket sales in real time.  This sounds like an awesome way to keep track of all of your holiday parties!

I know that with winter coming, most people prefer to stay inside and hibernate, but I LOVE this time of year!  There are so many exciting things to do outdoors this time of year.  I may be am totally 100% biased because of my December birthday, but I just have to celebrate the season by going to ALL.THE.HOLIDAY.AND.WINTER.THINGS!  I've created a list of holiday/winter things that are must do's in the Philadelphia/Souther NJ area.

1.)  Turkey Trots!

I LOVE this Thanksgiving tradition.  Most are 5ks and can be found in multiple towns around the area.  I usually run the Moorestown Turkey Trot.  I always feel less guilty pigging out once I've completed the pre-dinner race.  A little fresh air also cuts the family togetherness tension :)  Here are a list of local Turkey Trots near me!

Last Year's Moorestown Turkey Trot

2.) Dickens' Village

Macy's in Philadelphia, located in the old Wanamaker Building, puts on a recreation of Charles Dickens' classic, A Christmas Carol, every year.  Visitors walk through an impeccably decorated story walk.  Visitors wind through the 3rd floor or Macy's and view animatronic dolls that depict the major scenes from the book.  We've been going forever and it's something I look forward to every year.  It starts the day of Thanksgiving!  Macy's also does a light show set to Christmas music and features many classic Christmas stories including The Nutcracker, Frosty, and Rudolph.  My family used to go every year, but now my girlfriends and I have turned it into a fun prelude for festive cocktails and dessert at The Melting Pot or Max Brenner's.

3.) Santa Runs/Holiday Runs

After Turkey Trots, these have to be my favorite holiday races.  Racers dress up in holiday garb and run around different neighborhoods.  One cool thing about these races is that they tend to mix up the distance.  Most Turkey Trots are 5ks, where Santa Runs vary from one mile runs to marathons.  You can join a Running of the Santas, or an ugly sweater run, a hot cocoa run, and a reindeer run.  All of these are an awesome way to GOMO and get some exercise in!

4.) Christmas Village

Philadelphia holds an annual Christmas Village complete with a German Christmas Market featuring local vendors.  Every day there is something new for visitors to experience.  Buy some hot cocoa and walk around with a Bavarian pretzel and take in all of the holiday goodies.  Most events are free and family oriented.  Plus, it's Center City locale makes it a great way to start or end your Dickens' Village trip.

5.) Peddler's Village Gingerbread House Contest

On December 3rd and 4th, Peddler's Village hosts a Christmas Weekend complete with shopping, Santa parades, and a Gingerbread House Decorating Contest.  Peddler's Village is cute the other 363 days a year, but this weekend they go above and beyond.  You can purchase cookies and hot cocoa and walk around.  PLUS parking and admission is free!

6.) Living Nativities

As kids there was nothing I loved more than hearing the story of Jesus' birth. We would visit multiple local churches and see their recreation of the story of Jesus' birth.  Each church put their own spin on it, including importing livestock, music, stunts, and special effects.  Such a great way to remember the Reason for the Season.

8.) Craft Shows

Most local high schools and churches feature Christmas Craft Shows.  These are great places to go to pick up gifts for co-workers, neighbors, and hostesses.  Most feature locally made products (think homemade jams/honeys/baking mixes) at reasonable prices.  Plus, I always feel better buying from local artisans.  Most of these also feature a Cookie Walk...not that I ever visit those :)

9.) Ice skating at the RiverRink

Philly has a really awesome outdoor RiverRink where skaters can go to enjoy some exercise, treats, and family time.  I'm a horrible ice skater so you probably would only get a visual of me falling to the ground multiple times.  The rink opens November 25th!

10.) Xfinity Live!

We're really luck in Philly because right next to our sports' arenas is a really cool multi-bar hangout called Xfinity Live.  It features Philly favorites (Geno's and Chickie and Pete's) and other fun bars.  My friends and I like to go and watch basketball, hockey, and football games.  It's a great (and cheap) way to view the games!

11.) Hockey games

My friends and I love Philly sports!  We try to see a Flyers game live every season.  This year, we're going to see Carrie Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher's Nashville Predators take on the Flyers!

12.) Light Displays both local and independent

Many towns feature The Best of Light Displays and list homes that really go over the top with their decorations.  My friends and I like to do a Christmas Dinner Party.  We wear our jammies, bring a course, and eat a nice Christmas meal before we head out on a self-directed lights' tour.  We bring hot cocoa and homemade cookies and turn the Christmas jams up loud!

Last year's lights and dinner tour

If you want a more formal Christmas Lights' Display event you can usually find them at  local farms.  Johnson's Farm does a great one in South Jersey.

13.) Sixers Games

Just like hockey games, we try and visit a Sixers game every year.  Tickets are super cheap and can be found on Groupon!  I'm Cait, her brother, Dylan, and I may all join up and go see a game.

14.) The Nutcracker

My.Favorite. Tradition.  Deb and I usually go see The Nutcracker  every year because I love the ballet!  We usually see the Pennsylvania Ballet's performance, but tickets can be expensive.  Groupon currently has the NJ Ballet's performance for $12!  Local ballet companies also perform this show.

Deb and I before the ballet last year

15.) House Tours

Many older towns feature House Tours.  Moorestown, Haddonfield, and Riverton all host Christmas House Tours.  Visitors can pay a one time fee (usually $25) and get to tour houses decorated for Christmas.  The towns' historical societies usually put on these events.  They're super fun to explore and see all of the old, beautiful mansions' decorations.  We usually turn it into a family affair and bring my aunts, cousin, Cait, and her mom.  We do dinner before and turn it into a fun Girls' Night Out!

16.) Longwood Gardens 

If you are from this area, you know Longwood Gardens is a holiday couple's day out fave.  Everyone and I mean everyone takes their significant other to visit the Gardens and take a Christmas picture in front of the giant Christmas tree.  If you're rolling solo this holiday season (like me!) you and your friends can visit it and then grab a good dinner on the way home.

I hope you all enjoyed this list of holiday fun activities!  Remember, use Eventbrite to help you plan your holiday events!  It gives you total control over your event and keeps you in charge of your event with painless event guides and services!   

Can't wait to tell y'all about my trip to visit Zach!



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