Sunday, June 7, 2015

Super Run Philadelphia

Happy Oxymoron Day!

*Because we all know there's no such thing as a happy Monday*

This past weekend I had my first race of the season.  I have a Fourth of July 5k and my half in Disney in 5 short months.  I figured today I'd tell you a leeetle bit about my 5k.

I like 5k's because they're a little more fun and less serious.  No one (except yours truly) really keeps track of their time.  People usually run for fun and a lot of people walk them.

Not me.  I'm way to Type-A for that nonsense.


Some of us take everything a little too seriously…

Trying on the cape by the pool.
Elle Woods is a super hero, right?

I really wanted to PR this race.  My last 5k I ran it around 27 minutes.  It was 2 weeks after my half and  I had a pulled IT band.  

Pre-Race Game Face

Look at all the superheroes

All the superheroes took over Philly <3

The race was at the Navy Yard in Philly and it was a really cool course.  We ran through all of the Navy buildings and it kinda reminded me of a scene out of a superhero fight scene.  The race was very well organized and there were a few vendors there complete with bananas and water.  
There were probably about 500 runners?  Maybe 400?

This race was pretty low key.  There were a lot of kids and families running.  

They had a superhero step and repeat
I went as Wonder Woman!  And by went I mean, I wore shorts, sneaks, and a tank.  I was clearly underdressed.  Some people came in full on costumes.  I just couldn't run in a costume.  Or my cape…I had to ditch the pink cape no matter how cute it was :)

More superheroes running

The race was super fun!  

I ended up placing 8th overall and ran it in 24 mins flat.  If it was about 10 meters more, I would have thrown up.  I was running so fast.  I wanted to do well on this race and I'm really proud of myself.  I get super competitive and once I saw the finish line I turned up the speed and passed 4 people to get ahead.  I felt like I was running on empty.  

Shuper Schweaty Selfie


On that post-race delirious running high.

Would I do this one again?  Maayyyybe.  I might try to branch out and try a different race next year.  I like half marathons because I like the distance and I'm not really a speed runner.

I liked the medal though…

Also, thanks to Daddy for driving me and cheering me on.

Races are fun because they're like a dance recital.  You practice for so long and then the adrenaline starts pumping and you just go.  I always think running is my therapy and yesterday was a great therapy session.


Does anyone else feel this way?  Running has gotten me through so many things and for that I'm forever grateful.  

Tonight I have a date with the foam roller.  This morning I went on a training run and I used my iPod to find 9 miles and guess what…it ended up being 10.37 miles.  I was feeling like this was shaping up to be a much harder run than I thought and then I got home and mapped it and was like yup…too long.

I hope you all have a great night!  Enjoy The Bachelorette tonight!  I know I will :)  Some friends and I are doing Zumba, Whole Foods Hot Bar, and The Bachelorette.  Can't wait!



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