Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Oxymoron Day!

It's my last Monday with students and I'm worn out!  I have 7 days left of work (4 with kiddos and 3 without) and I feel like I'm running on E.  I have so much I want to do with them still, but alas time is almost up.

Friday was our school's End of the Year Party. It was at our casa and therefore I've been sneaking dessert pretty much all day.  I'm going to be handing them out to my friends as souvenirs every time I see them.

Saturday was a training gym day for the half.  It involves Zumba, spin, Pilates, and Pound…plus a little weight sesh.  Apres the gym, I babysat.  I love babysitting for this family because the kids are awesome and I love hanging out with them.

Sunday was my half birthday!  I'm 24 and a half!  It turned out to be a happy, lazy day.  It started with a 9 mile run that was perfect in weather.  I'm kinda sorta starting to fall in love with my 6 am runs on Sunday…

I came home, veged (aka caught up on an hour of RHOC…of which I have 50 hours saved up on the DVR.  Winning, I know) and went to church.

After church, it was a Whole Foods Hot Bar lunchy with Jess.  We ate outside under the most romantical lights.  Well done Whole Foods!

So pretty right?  I bet it would be gorge at night :)

The usual…gahhhhhlicky kale, lemony carrots, and vegan chicken stir-fry.  Ahhhhmazing

After lunch, craziness ensued as we shopped for my end of the year presents for my kiddos.  I'll post about the gifts later.  Here's a leeeetle sneak peek that proves we are not mature :)

We wanted to be Katniss..

But we don't know how to work a bow..

Everything I know about using a bow came from Pocahontas and Brave

Carrie Underwood moment…I took a *pink* Louisville Slugger to both headlights

Because you should always dress up in catcher's equipment at 24.5...
*Fun Fact* Dylan and I used to play a game at Dick's called Dress Up and Try to Make the Best Outfit From All the Gear!  We would each go opposite ways and then meet up in the middle wearing ridiculous concoctions of gear.  Hockey mask paired with catcher's chest pad plus boxing gloves and a fishing hat--you name it, we wore it.  Clearly, we were well-behaved kids :)  We also used to ride the bikes around.  The week after we engaged in the biking races, Dick's locked the bikes to the floor.  I wonder if those things were related?

Oh you know, just cruising around on the pedal boat at Dick's

Nevermore…Edgar Allen Jess

There are no words.

We tried to get a canoe to reenact this pic…

but they were all locked up.  I wonder if they knew who they were dealing with? :)

After shopping, we came back to swim.  The water was 85 degrees and lurvly!  

Unfortunately rain cut our fun short so we relied on the old Jersey Girl standby…shopping!  After shopping Jess went home and we ate BBQ.  I had a skewer and some corn on the cob with goat cheese.  Does anyone else think corn on the cob tastes like summer?  

Anyway, tonight it's Bachelorette Monday and that means the girls are coming over for dinner and the show.  I'm making Chipotle Black Bean Tacos with Daiya.  Yummmo!  

I hope everyone has a good Monday!  



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