Friday, June 26, 2015

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Let's all do the Friday Dance!


How was your week?!  My was bueno.  It was my last week of "real work".  I taught SMARTBoard lessons to my fellow teachers during Professional Development.  It's weird teaching to fellow teachers.  A lot of the teachers in my class are people that I know or have worked with.  It's super nerve wracking.  

Teaching to kids, I got this.  Teaching to grown ups?  Completely different animal!  


I think it's because I respect them all so much and every day you want to impress them and prove yourself.  Anyway, it all went well and I think I did a good job.  

After work on Tuesday I went to babysit.  We played trains.  Let me tell you, Type A chickas like me should not be allowed to play trains. Why?  Because Type A me needs all of the pieces to align.  It took us an hour to assemble the whole thing.  It was divine.  All the pieces connected, no pieces were forced, there was complex loops, and it went under the table and circled back around.  


Wednesday was my first "Day Off" in what felt like forever and I spent it at a 5:30 am spin class.  The usual spin instructor is away for the summer and we have a replacement spin instructor.  It's just meh now.  I then had a lifting session.  

Wednesday night Kate and I went to the movies to see Spy.  It was very funny.  You can never go wrong with Melissa McCarthy and a girl power comedy.  There are so many good movies coming out! I want to see Aloha, Magic Mike, and Trainwreck.  I'm having a total Amy Schumer moment right now.  I loved her on The Bachelorette!  She's hilarious and I think that movie will be fantastic!

Thursday was an early run.  Usually I run at 5 am, but this time I ran at 7.  Let me tell you, 7 am runs in the summer are way hotter than 5 am runs!  Also, 5 am runners are much friendlier!  When I wave to 7 am runners, some wave back and some ignore you.  


Just wave!  It takes like 5 seconds total.  Anyway, I digress.  

Thursday night I went to Pilates and Barre.  These two are my therapy classes.  They make me so happy and I just feel more centered after taking those classes.  

Today I went for a 5:30 am run.  I'm watching old school Real Housewives of OC that I have DVR'd.  I love Old School OC.   I'm going to tutor now, but then the famsquad is going to the Tall Ships Festival in Philadelphia!  I'll tell you how it goes :)  I may or may not have a nautical themed outfit on today….


Have a Happy Friday!  It's the weekend :)

Love Love Love,


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