Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friday Faves

Hey Bloggies!

How is your week going?  It's Friday, Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday ovah here!

Today is Deb and my work party--we're hosting it at our casa and I'm pretty excited.  I love parties especially ones by the pool :)

Life as of late has been pretty crazy.  School is over next week (for the kiddos anyway, I'm working until the 23rd) and between report cards, training for my half, and sleeping (what's that?) life's been insane!

Today I'm going to leave you with a little quickie Friday Faves post!

1.) This jumpsuit!  I'm obsessed with it.  Is anyone else having a 70's Charlie's Angels moment and loving the jumpsuit?  I just picked it up and can't wait to wear it.  I'm already planning a summer fancy schmancy dinner in AC just so I can wear it.  Does anyone else do that?  Buy an outfit and then plan something so you can wear it?  Nope?  Just me?  Ok moving on then…


2.) THIS Jackie book!  If you've been a longtime reader (gracias) then you know I'm all about my Jackie!  I wrote my history thesis on her and I've been obsessed for a while.  Love her style, grace, intellect, and approach to life.  As a Jackie connoisseur I can pick out a fan piece a mile away.  This book would make Jackie proud.  It focuses on her true self.  It's not fangirl-ish or fake.  It's full of interesting insight and focuses on her as a person, not just Jack's wife.  I started reading this book and have become addicted.  I'm bringing it babysitting tomorrow.


3.) 5 am runs!  I've never been a morning person until this spring.  Yes, as in 2 months ago.  I love waking up at 5 to run 2-3 days a week.  I find that once my run is done, the day has really begun.  Didn't mean to go all Dr. Seuss on y'all, but hey I'm gonna roll with it.  I love getting up early and running 5 miles.  I do not love getting sprayed by secret sprinklers!  Come on people, set your sprinklers for 3 am!  #suburbsprobz

4.) THIS goat gouda!  IT'S everything I COULD POSSIBLY WANT TO HAVE IN A GOAT CHEESE!  Yodeling Goat Gouda has my heart!  Thanks for helping out the lactose intolerant peeps!

5.) THIS Cole Swindell song!  Just listen to it!  It's amazing--well, actually I'm a huge fan of all of his songs and jam out unabashedly to his Pandora station at work.  This song just sounds like summer to me :)  Who doesn't want to be at an outdoor concert, swayin' with Mr. Swindell?  My friends and I are obsessed with his CD!  Get it people!  He reminds me of a young Lukeybear  Luke Bryan.

Anyway,  that's what I'm loving this Friday.  What are you all loving?  Any good races, fitness events, concerts, weekend plans?  I'm having a chill weekend full of babysitting, 9 miles on Sunday, food shopping, and I heard there's a possible Whole Foods Hot Bar date in my future…

Have a great weekend loves!


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