Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hey All!

Happy Tuesday!  I'm half way through the work week now and I feel like time is slowing down yet simultaneously speeding up and out of control.  Insane!

Monday is a Zumba and lifting kinda day around here.  Zumba was great.  Sometimes Zumba can be wonky if the instructor isn't good or you just have a case of bad music.  THIS Zumba was everything I could have ever wanted--fab songs featuring oldies plus newbies and the best instructor!

Did everyone watch Bachelorette last night?  WHAT THE HECK?!  I'm not loving this season.  I was never a huge Kaitlyn fan--Team Becca all day err day-but I thought Kaitlyn was the lesser of two evils so I was rooting for her over Britt.

I'm not loving these random, sporadic rose ceremonies.  I need one every week at 9:37 people!

Confession time:  Every week my friends come over and we pick our faves and call them our Bachelorette Husbands.  Weird?  We respect each other's dibs and are encouraged to like them for them only.  We take our fake future husband rules just as seriously as real boyfriend/husband Girl Code Doctrine dictates.  I'm a fan of Ben Z (except I feel like he sold Josh--my friend's BH down the river).  My other friend's BH is Shawn.

Shawn's date was precious!  Loved the moonlit boat ride.

I like that Ben H tries really hard to open up.  Also he looks like Peter Brady and I kinda can't get past it.

That group date was a cluster of lunacy!  First of all, why is Nick back?


I'd be mad, too!  Plus, who writes lyrics like that at a family friendly mariachi contest?  

Also, why all the contests Kaitlyn?  Did anyone else notice that she always does things where they have to perform and she sits back and laughs at them? She makes them look ridiculous just to get a laugh.  That's MEAN!  Every other season has the Bachelor/ette interacting with other guys/girls on the date.  She just stands there and creates situations that are not conducive for interactions!  Also, the fighting does have to stop--it is primitive and coming off as desperate.  

Anyway, at our party last night we decided to roll with the Tex/Mex theme and make vegan quesadillas!  I had these at Wegman's this weekend when I was eating all of the samples

So good and so easy!

Salad beat with tomatoes, avocados, cukes, greens, and a splash of pear infused vinegar.

Guac with baked Ezekiel chips! 
She tore up a wrap, drizzled some OOVO and salt on them and then baked them.  To. DIE. for.

Collage of the yummies<3

It's Better Bean Wholly Chipotle Black Bean Dip in an Ezekiel wrap with some Monterey Jack Daiya sprinkled on top.  DAAAALISH!  

We ate and watched the crazy unfold.  I'm not a huge fan of this season, but I love the show itself so I'll watch it.  My friend brought up a good point--after Andi everyone else just kinda falls flat.  She was one of the elite Bachelorettes.  No one will top Jenn Scheft in my mind, but Andi was great!  She had a job (mad she isn't a lawyer anymore), was funny, took it serious enough without being weird, and she was just cool to hang out with.  Don't you love how I act like I know her?  

Also, my friends and I joke that only Bachelorette can you tell 25 guys point blank that you're looking for a husband after 2 weeks and no one blinks/runs for the hills.  

Have a Happy Tuesday!  We're having extreme heat up here in the Northeast so to my NJ friends--stay cool!



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