Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

Hey Loves!

Greetings from the day before school's out for the "official" summer break :)

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was tres bueno!

Friday was spent teaching SMARTBoard lessons to fellow teachers.  Both lessons went well.  Deb was actually in one of my classes and that made me super nervous!  Does anyone else work with their mom?  Does she make you nervous?  I get nervous because Deb is sooooo good at her job and I'm new.  But all went well.

Friday afternoon I got to lunch with Zach.  We discussed my upcoming trip to NOLA and where we will brunch.  Can't wait 'til August.

Friday night, I met my friends from college for dinner in Princeton.

The blonde SPED
We ate at Main Street Bistro and Bar and it was aaaaamaaaazing! Inside it was a cute little Euro/American restaurant complete with an all wood paneled bar.  Outside, they have a Cute Clock Tower Cabana Bar which made tropical drinks.  I heard they were pretty daalish!  We ate al fresco--what is it about dining al fresco that makes dinner taste a million times better?  I had a kale and quinoa burger.  The stuff my veggie dreams are made of people.

As good as it looks!  The burger was perfect!  Not too gooey in the middle like some healthy burgers.  

Why we only get to see each other every few months face
A little playtime on our friend's Jeep!
All of us :)
Saturday morning I went to tutor.  Then, I went to Pilates and Pound.  After that I went home to get ready for dinner in Philly.  We went to City Tap House University City.  We've been to City Tap House Logan Square before, but we wanted to try the OG.  The food and drinks were on point, but the atmosphere wasn't as good as Logan Square.  LS has a more open floor plan, whereas UC has a separate dining room from the bar.  UC does have an outdoor space which is really cool.  The menus are slightly different but they both have that cool American inspired food vibe.

Girls' Night Best Night :)

I had a turkey burger with goat cheese, avocado, and dijon aioli.  OMG so daaaalish!

They put a lot of goat cheese on this bad boy!  I always say goat cheese is the accessory, not the dress.
A little goes a long way--it should make a statement.

After din din we retired to my house for a little poolside S'mores party.
S'more Yeah!
Doesn't it look perfect?  First time ever!!  Usually I'm a gooey mess

We didn't have fire wood (plus I'm not allowed to use the fire pit…yes I'm 24.5 and not allowed to use the fire pit) and we didn't have gas for the grill so we resorted to plan C.

Oven Baked Mallows…Just like the great outdoors :)

Oven baked mallows.              
Plan D was just to put them in the oven lol

Dinner, dessert, and dishing is what makes Girls' Nights so fabulous :)

Successful Mallow Melt

My long Sunday run was a slow one.  I've been super busy so I've had to run on my own instead of taking spinning so I think my legs were tired.  I can only run 3 times a week (maybe 4 max) before I start to feel it in my time and shins.

Sunday was spent celebrating the best daddio a girl could ask for!

Don't you love my bun cover?  So 1996!

I'm so grateful for my dad.  He's my best friend, one of my biggest fans, and my baseball buddy.  In honor of Father's Day, I'm leaving you with this jam from Zac Brown Band.  I bought the CD (plus Jason Aldean's--in lurve) and am obsessed!

I'll Be Your Man

I hope you enjoy the song!  Have a Happy Monday and enjoy The Bachelorette!  Has anyone see the previews of the Irish Wake?  What is she thinking?!  I'm so not a fan of this season.



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