Tuesday, June 30, 2015

To The Farmer's Market We Go...

Hey People!

How was your Monday?  Mine was bueno!

During the summers I tutor Tuesday-Thursday and I always enjoy my Monday Off Day.  I slept in and woke up to a text from Deb asking if I wanted to go to the Farmer's Market!  I accept trips to the Farmer's Market like the contestants on The Bachelor accept roses.

I love Farmer's Markets because I love to support local farmers, healthy produce, and cooking!  I love to find new recipes based on what is fresh this week at the market.  This week I bought corn for our Bachelorette Girls' Nites!  I made this corn recipe and I highly recommend it.  It's the perfect combo of spicy, sweet (thank you Jesus for Jersey Corn), and cilantro!  I love it so much!  I used OOVO instead of butter to up the healthy factor.

Turned out pretty darn delicious, eh?

Other Farmer's Market finds:

Local PB!  Could life be better?

Jersey Corn

Did they know I was coming?

Maybe I took a dip (or two) into the jar...

I used the PB to whip up some of Gina's baked breakfast cookie!

Amazing like always :)

Last night's dinner was full of deliciousness!  Since I slept in on Monday, I didn't eat lunch--just grapes!  

Dinner was healthy buffalo chicken lettuce wraps.  Gracias to the chef!

We also had Mexican corn and a healthy garden veggie past salad.  

WHAT HAPPENED TO BEN Z!?  THERE WAS SO MUCH CRYING LAST NIGHT!  I get physically uncomfortable when people cry and last night I was twisted into a pretzel over the level of uncomfortable I was.  Excuse that last sentence's poor grammar…but you get the picture!  So much crying!  It's all gonna be okay you guys.  Also, Ben Z, call me…

Have a Happy Tuesday!



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