Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Oxymoron Day!

Today is a pretty low-key day around the casa.  I slept in until 10:15!  Caaaaraaayzyyyy!  I never sleep past 7 am so this was extra glorious!

Rumor has it that we're going to the farmer's market today.

Later on it will be lifting and Zumba.

Then it's Bachelorette Monday with the girls!

I wanted to share this pic with my TCNJ friends, because the caption on this FB post is 15 Words to Eliminate From Your Vocabulary to Sound Smarter and the guy in the picture is wearing a Rider sweatshirt haha :)

This weekend was crazy busy!  I loved every minute of it.

Weekend Frenzy kicked off on Friday with the Tall Ships Festival in Philly.

But FIRST!  A MIRACLE!  There were Clif Bar representatives who gave us samples of a dark chocolate, almond, and sea salt energy bar.  I won't be eating these on the regular because they're pretty much glorified candy bars.


That's a Tall Ship
Ships from all over the world came to Philly

Parentals at the Festival

The Jersey Side of the Festival

Arcade Game Box Cars 

Distrito Taco Truck!  Unfortunately it wasn't open :(

Big Chair!

We may be getting kayaks to ride in the river!

Free Pudding!
For lunch, we ate at The Plough and the Stars on 2nd Street.  I've never been there before.  It's a cool Irish pub, but inside it still has that colonial charm that Old City is known for.  

Inside the restaurant  

Irish Curry Chicken with broccoli and Jasmine rice
Irish Curry Chicken is the same as curry chicken but it has mango puree in the mix.  Daaaalish!

Later that night I met up with Cait and we went to the Toritalla Press Cantina in Maple Shade.  It was also a double win because we got to see our Pilates instructor who works there.  I was still stuffed from lunch, so I only had a cup of black bean soup and tortillas salsa and black bean dip.  All was fabulous!

After dinner drinks

The strangest thing happened at drinks!  We were literally sitting at a table and Cait's shoe quit!  The bottom of her wedge just fell off the sandal part!  FELL OFF!  I've never heard of a shoe quitting while sitting!

Waffle Shoe?
Saturday was fun and chill.  In the am I went to the gym for a fun sweat session triathlon:  Zumba, Spinning, Pilates, and Pound.  

Cara and I had plans to go Princeton for dinner, but torrential down pours changed our plans.  We wanted to go to Farmicia for dinner, but there was actually a wedding going on so the restaurant was closed to the public.  We ended up walking 2 blocks in the rain to Cuba Libre.  I've been to Cuba Libre for a birthday party before but never for dinner.  Cuba Libre is a Cuban restaurant in Old City with live Latin dancing Saturday nights.  It's gorgeous inside!  It looks like a street in downtown Havana.  

Cara and I at Cuba Libre!

Sunday started with a long 9 mile training run.  I got up at 5:30 and looked at the weather.  It was not raining when I first woke up and I looked at my weather app and it said that there was only a 30% chance of rain in the 6:00 hour.  I was like 30%?  No problem!  It won't rain.  Well…guess what?  It down poured.

I felt like I was Forest Gump and it was raining sideways, up, down, all over!  I was worried that my iPod was going to break, but luckily it didn't.

One of the reasons I love running is the community of runners.  It's always nice when you're running and you give a quick little runner's wave.  I so admire other runners who are running to work on becoming healthier and happier people.  Running is my therapy and I can't help but smile when I see other runners who are working on bettering themselves.  I always wave because I know that running alleviates the stress of life and that everyone has their own stuff going on and the running wave is a nice way to say I acknowledge the crap going on in your life, and you acknowledge the crap going on in my life.  

To further prove my point, I was running and these two women runners stopped me and told me about some down wires on a neighboring street.  It was so nice to have someone care enough about a complete stranger to warn them about dangerous things up ahead.

This is my last 9 mile run, next week begins July and therefore it is a 10 mile run!

After church, we went to Old Navy and TJ MAXX and I shopped for some new workout clothes.  Old Navy had an awesome sale and I got workout capris and a tank top for $13.00!  Score!  TJ MAXX always has a great work out selection and I got a sports bra, sports socks, and some new Pilates shorts for $30!

Food shopping was next.  I love food shopping :)  Wegman's samples were awesome on Sunday BTW!

Sunday night was awesome!  My girls and I went to Dierks Bentley, Kip Moore, Maddie and Tae, and Canaan Smith.  There's something magical about summer country concerts :)

Pre-concert we held a classy tail gate at my house.  I made a pear, greens, pine nuts, and goat cheese salad.  Kate brought roasted red pepper hummus with multigrain pita chips.

This stuff tasted like Buffalo Chicken Dip!
Goofing off by the pool.  I heart the flamingos…NOT

We usually take the train into Camden, but sometimes serinidiptiy gets in the way.  Apparently a train car got stuck between two stops and we were rerouted via bus to the next available stop.  

When you're on the bus/train/plane/automobile and you're bored, what are 4 friends to do? 



So much fun!  Hanging with girlfriends is fabulous because you can be completely yourself and let your hair down!  After the hour and a half train ride/bus ride fiasco, we finally arrived at the concert.

Jess and I went in search for our mutual crush, XTU's radio personality Crockett!  We try to get a picture with him at every concert.  We thought we were the only 2 people who had a crush on him, but APPARENTLY, there's quite a few of us who have Crockett crushes.  

The whole group 

After 1,000 attempts, we finally got a good one :)

After the first few acts, we got upgraded from the lawn to the inside of the venue.  

Upgrade pix!
Kate's first upgrade :)

All the performers were so talented and we could not have had a better time!
Dierks' backdrop 

Dierks and Kip

 I loved this weekend!  It was everything I could have ever wanted from a weekend! I really could not have asked for anything more from this weekend.  Good friends, good food, and good music!  All of my faves!

Who is looking forward to Bachelorette tonight?!  We're having a leetle party tonight like usual and I can't wait to watch tonight!

Enjoy your day!



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