Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas In Hershey


So we can cross one thing off the Kitley Holiday Bucket List:  Christmas in Hershey!  We've always gone to Hershey in the summer (Maybe because of my sweet tooth?  Or maybe because of years of dance expos?  Maybe both?) and loved it!  Chocolate?  Good!  Rides?  Good!  Fam Hang Time?  Good!  So this year we decided to go up to Hershey Park in the winter for Christmas In Hershey and to see the Sweet Lights.  We had a great time!  We lucked out on the weather (hello 60 degrees in December!) and we lucked out because one of my oldest friends happened to be there!  It was really fun!  We decided we don't have to do it again though.  It is mostly geared for little kids and since we're 23 and 20, we couldn't ride the little kid rides (South Pole Elves prevented us.  Apparently, if one approaches a little kid's ride without a little kid people get alarmed.  What if I myself am just a 6 year old trapped in a 23 year old's body?  The lights were beautiful and the drive through was much more intricate than we were thinking it would.  There were sooooooo many different themed light displays!  Including, 12 Days of Christmas, traditional holiday lights, storybooks, fairytales, and an assortment of other cute scenes!  Then they had local children design and compete for a spot on the trail.  They were precious.

Then, we went to Applebees (score) for dinner and I had my second boneless wings basket of the week (score) and life was good.  Sunday we went to the outlets and did some shopping.  Then we traveled back to NJ and finished up shopping at the mall.

Pretty sweet weekend if you ask me!

How Dylan About Taking Selfies With Me

I May or May Not Have Gotten Yelled At For Taking This Picture...

Cait & Me!

Deb and Me By The Manger

Pretty Manger!

Turkey Hat!

Doesn't Everyone Need A Technocolor Dream Hat?

Rockin' The Christmas Hats!

Hanukkah Hat!

Riding The Train

Deb and Me

Daddy and Dyl

View From The Kiss Tower

Daddy Looking At Trains


Dolly Parton's Christmas To Remember Came On Just As We Were Pulling Up

How Jersey Girls Pack For An Overnight Trip



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