Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Happy December!  Ho Ho Ho!!

Happy December everyone!  I hope your holidays were merry and bright!  Mine was full of food, fun, and family!  Dylan came home from college last weekend (!) so exciting because then I have someone to share the blame with.

I started my week with a killer bootcamp class at my gym.  My gym buddy said, we should try it!  It looks like fun.  Since I was off from school on Wednesday night I went.  This woman killed me.  I mean I almost died.  I seriously felt like I was going to faint four times minimally.  (Ok...lies...six times) That to me, is the true measure of a great class.  If I don't start cursing out and yelling at my trainer in my head then I don't feel like the workout was worth my while.  Well, let's just say that this was a fantastic workout!  I'm going to another one of her classes tonight.

Thursday was fun because I couldn't sit or move without the memory of Wednesday's bootcamp class.  Thursday started out like any other.  I woke up, watched the parade, and watched as my mom put the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in the oven (side note, we only have these delightfully gooey rolls from heaven on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning.  I don't know why this happens but it's true.  Some of my friends' families do the same thing.  Maybe it's a Jersey Girl thing?) Then we ate the most delicious meal ever...Nachos.  For real.  We had nachos for lunch.  I regret nothing!  Then we had dinner a few hours later.  In between lunch and dinner we participated in our traditional Friendsgiving!  Friendsgiving is the annual watching of all the Friends' Thanksgiving episodes.  Fantastic decisions!  Then came dinner!  Deb truly outdid herself.  Loved it!!  I think I had a food baby for two days.  We finished the night with pie and a little Charlie Brown and Glee.  I really realized how thankful I am to be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and in my house just the way I like it.  It's just the four of us and that's the way we like it.  It's very relaxed and that's the best because we can all wear our jammies and yoga pants all day long.  Many people are not this lucky.  I always feel bad for people who do not get to celebrate Thanksgiving with the ones they love.  Then it was a power nap until BLACK FRIDAY!  FRIDAY FRIDAY GOTTA GO SHOPPING ON FRIDAY?  WHICH PRESENT WILL I CHOOSE?

Sideways Dinner.  Yummmm

Well Black Friday was kind of a let down I'm not gonna lie.  I got to the mall around 12 and shopped until 2.  I didn't see anyone diving for mittens, or ninja rolling for boots--nada.  I bought that blue sweater I wanted and a pair of fabulous faux emeralds.  I didn't get that red and white shirt because it was a little tooooo home on the range.  I came home slept, worked out and got ready for the parentals' anniversary dinner.  We couldn't go to the Walnut Street Supper Club because the singing waiter/resses weren't there.  Buzzkill!  If the Kitley's can't do kitschy then we won't do it at all.  We went to Toscana instead.  It's a dalish restaurant in Cherry Hill, but it's not as fancy as were thinking.  However, we still wore our fancy clothes.  Were we over dressed?  Um, yes.  Did we care that we were the best dressed there?  NO WAY JOSE!  We went to the mall after and Deb got me a fab top.  And the best part of Black Friday happened!!  I saw my favorite Loft sales associate there!  We met about 3 years ago now at Victoria's Secret.  I was cruising the yoga pants and we talked about how I was going to a Lady Gaga concert that night and we just hit it off.  So flash forward a few months and I was shopping at the Loft and I saw her again!!  We again instantly bonded and then I left with my purchases.  Then a few months ago I saw her at Loft in the mall by TCNJ and I was like OMG!  This is crazy!  We talked again and life was good.  Then this Friday I went to go shopping and she was there!  We chatted and caught up and are now FB friends!  See shopping is essential to friendships!  I love when she is working at Loft because she makes my shopping experience so much better!  She has always talked me into the purchases I'm iffy on and she's always been right.  I never regretted any of the purchases and have rocked them constantly and always secretly thank her.

Dylan And Me Before Dinner.
Dress-Old Navy
Thank ya Mommy For The New Top.
I'm Thinking I'm Going To Wear It To The Ballet.
Friday night was a little rough.  We came home from delicious dinner and shopping and then it was home for a Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta marathon that I'm not even a little bit sorry happened.  Then utter confusion set in for 3 days.  I'm just gonna call it Confusion for 3 days straight.  Then, Saturday night was Girls' Nite!  We went to a local bar and realized 15 minutes in that we were about 10 years too young to be there.  That's the thing about bars on Thanksgiving weekend, it's like high school reunions for the masses.  I've only been out 4 years so I'm still too young (and honestly don't want to) to reunite with any one I went to high school with.  It's all people trying to impress their high school loves,  show off new loves, reconnect with old friends, and find out what your lasting high school legacy is.  I got sad after about 10 minutes of watching this strange social interaction ensue.  We left and ended up at the Cheesecake Factory and split a S'mores Cheesecake.  Again, I regret nothing.  We giggled and laughed and life was fabulous.  We shared some great one liners "Wouldn't it be great if you could reproduce with your friends?  I mean how beautiful would our children be?"  Best Line!!  My friend said that to me and we were dying.  I think we'd have beautiful children, but alas we both love men.  Anyway, Girls Nites are always therapeutic after dealing with the 3 Days of Confusion.  Isn't that the best part of friend dates?  The eating of junk, exchanging of gossip, and laughing all night long.

Girls Nite!  We Probably Would Have Beautiful Children LOL

So that is a little holiday recap and I hope that all of your holidays were amazing and that you got to spend them with the ones you love!

Happy Shopping, Keep Warm, and Bake On!


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