Friday, December 13, 2013

Blogmopolitan Quiz

Hey y'all!!!

Sorry I've been crazy crazy crazy and haven't posted in a while because it's the end of the semester, almost my birthday, holiday-stuff-your-face season, and welp, life's a hot mess right about now.  But not my eyebrows because I just got them done.  Isn't life better when your eyebrows are done?  Mine is!  *Side Note* In my Linguistics class this week we had this exact convo.  Take it from me, when your eyebrows are jacked up, no one cares or can even listen to you.  Why?  BECAUSE THAT IS ALL YOU SEE!  Two dueling caterpillars running rampant across your brows!  Have you ever had your eyebrows hacked off?  I haven't because I only trust Leah!  But I've seen some devastating things like real bad!  Like commas, or caterpillars, or lines, or line segments...I shudder at the thought.  Thick, groomed, and well shaped is the way to go ladies!  Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic but let's play a game:

Who do you trust?

Normal Groomed eyebrows?

Run Away Mad Professor eyebrows?

Game. Set. Match.

This theory has actually been tested in my own personal life and this quote was supplied to me first by my lovely BFF Kate and reinforced by my SPED friend Corinne.  If three people believe it, it's a law.  That's what science tells us.
Anyway, here's another piece of evidentiary support: (We're probably BFFs if you know that line is from Legally Blonde!) 

I got this from you know it's legit.

When Corinne so lovingly sent this to me I responded with yes that's where they keep their lies, secrets, and crazy.  It's true y'all.  Live it. Learn it. Love it.

Okay, sorry for the rando break.  I'm back.  I saw this on one of my fave blogs and I wanted to share it with you guys.  It's the Cosmo Quiz!  Who doesn't love Cosmo?!  It's raunchy, saucy, funny, and all about real things women talk about...unfiltered that is!  I love it!  Plus Gloria Steinem worked for them and she's one of my top feminist icons.  Snaps for Steinem.  Okay so I completed the Blogmopolitan Quiz!  Hope you like it!

Alrighty friends have a great night!  I'm off to celebrate my birthday weekend!!

xoxo, last post as a 22 year old!

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