Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I love Christmas Eve!  It's my favorite part of Christmas!  It is the apex of holiday-ness and merriment and cheer!  It holds so much hope and anticipation and jovial love!  I think we all just want that magical Christmas Eve moment like all the made for TV movies so delightfully portray!  The visions of sugarplums dance in our heads (I have  a huge sweet tooth and I've never dreamed of sugarplums.  Channing Tatum?  Yes!  Sugarplums?  No) and we wait with bated breath for Santa to come!  I'm not going to lie, Christmas is more magical when you are surrounded by little kids.  Which is why I love my family's Christmas Eve tradition!  Does anyone else have great family Christmas traditions that you're so happy NEVER change?  I do!  I hope mine are always the same!

Here's what the K's do:

  • We wake up whenever we freaking want to!  
  • We baked...a lot...of. cookies.  So.  Many.  Cookies!  
  • We ate said cookies.  Almost all of them!
  • I worked out.
  • Got ready for church with the parentals (poor Dyl had to work)
  • Then we went to mass.  We may or may not have gotten the time wrong.  Not totally our fault the Lector and Eucharistic Minister Sign Up Sheet did say 5 pm, but mass started at 5:30.  This year, much to Daddy's chagrin, we all had active roles in mass!  I lectored, Deb ministered, and Dad got to be an usher.  Mass was beautiful.  Our church really goes all out for Christmas and between the poinsettias, multiple nativities, and total Christmas jams!  It's so gorgeous!
  • After mass, Dylan met us for dinner at Red Lobster.  I'm not really sure why we go here every year, but we do.  Every year we eat here and stuff our little faces with as many cheddar biscuits as humanly possible.  
  • Come home and change for our family's Christmas Eve party.  Our family is fantastic!  Everyone is hilarious and so loving!  Everyone accepts everyone and I used to think that this was synonymous with family.  I've learned that this is not true.  I'm just glad that my family is amazing in this and every way!  We eat second dinner, drink some wine, exchange gifts, and then play Christmas Trivia!  My cousin gathers trivia about all kinds of Christmas traditions, music, movies, and there are levels.  Our family has this tradition where if you get two questions wrong you get the What's Your Favorite Color Question.  It's the worst!  A universal sign of shame!  I got mine correct!  This year everyone did!  Yay us!  The prizes range from lottery tickets to chocolate covered cherries. Also, I get to hang out with my little cousins who are too cute!  They make Christmas more fun because they get so excited and they can't wait for Santa.  They're precious!
  • When we come home it's wrapping central and time to watch A Christmas Story on repeat for the next 20 hours.  No complaints from this girl!  That's my favorite Christmas Movie.  Elf is a close second.  
  • Then it's Christmas Jammies time! Every year Dylan and I get new Christmas Jammies to wear and my Dad reads Twas The Night Before Christmas and then we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and put him in the mangers.  
  • Then it's off to bed and wait for Santa!
Christmas Jammies!


When Cody Takes A Picture...

He Will Want To Stand In The Front...

He Will Bark At You...

And Refuse To Face The Camera



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