Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Plans/Goals/Dreams/Fears

Happy New Year Blogfriends!

Are you as happy as I am that 2013 has come to an end?

This is me jumping with joy at the end of 2013! (I'm Ron Burgundy if you were wondering)

Ok, 2013 wasn't all bad.  It was reminiscent of 2011 though.  2011 was a shadowy, wallowy chapter in the book of Erin.  I got my heart really broken for the first time.  EVER.  Sure I had had little crushes that didn't work out, but 2011 was THE YEAR of heart break.  Well, anyway I cried, got over it, and moved on.  In 2011, after I got my heart broken, I got a promotion at work, a raise, (does that happen to anyone else?  When your personal life tanks your professional life flourishes?) made new friends, and set a new standard for my self:  Don't be that girl again!  Proudly I can say that I lived by my (and Professor Stromwell's) life motto:  If you're going to let one stupid jerk (edited) ruin your life than you're not the girl I thought you were.  However, I didn't live by this motto and I let that heart break creep into 2012.  No bueno, Erin.  

Flash to 2013, got my little heart broken again.  This time I'm keeping that heart break in 2013.  I'm not letting it worm it's little way into 2014.

Thank you Sex and The City for always voicing what a girl needs to hear.  I'm anchoring that realtionSHIP (get it, ship?  Anchors?  I love puns?  I'm a dork?  Yes?  Absolutely!) firmly in 2013.  I've actually asked that meanie to never contact me again.  Look at me being a big girl.  That brings me to resolutions.  

I usually make New Year's Resolutions.  I have a strong disdain for people who say "I have no resolutions and don't make them because you never keep them."  Welp, thanks Debbie Downers!  I actually do keep my resolutions.  And I think that if you don't set them you are showing the world you are not goal oriented.  

You don't know my life!  Does anyone else love that sentence as much as me?  Probably not.  I actually do keep my NYR's!  This year I'm going to make one big one and lots of little ones.  My big NYR is going to be to rid my life of people that don't make me happy.  This is going to be an easy peasy one to keep.  Only one person in my life is making me angry.  And he's been asked to vacate the premises...

My little NYR's

Health & Fitness:

  • Run a 5k (doing this in September with my biffster so that's a check).
  • Register for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!  I'm beyond pumped for this bad boy!
  • Drink only 1 soda per week
  • Drink homemade juice every day! (for lunch/snack)
  • Learn new juice recipes   
  • Keep my usual gym routine/class schedule in place
  • Drink more Ovaltine (Just kidding!  I miss that movie...)  WATER!

  • Go back to my favorite city-NOLA!  (Hello Creative Writing Family Vacation!)
  • Go on a New England Vacay!
  • Go to Disney for NY 2014-2015
Work/Professional Life:
  • Get a full time teaching job!
  • Graduate with honors from GRAD SCHOOL!
  • Start paying off my student loans!
  • Work my butt off and see my hard work pay off!
  • Write a proposal for a class on Jackie Kennedy for TCNJ
Personal Life:
  • Rid self of anyone who makes you unhappy
  • Keep looking for the one and let my guard down (Isn't that the best part of a permanent ending?  Realizing that you're one frog closer to Prince Charming!)
  • Don't trust anyone with bad eye brows
  • Don't make excuses for jerk behavior
Personal Improvement:
  • Read 1 book a month (maybe I'll vary it up and not exclusively read Kennedy things?  Haha even I laughed when I wrote that)
  • Save money
  • Blog a little more (3x's a week)

Shopping:  (come on, you knew it had to be here)
  • Buy Tory Burch brown leather boots I have been lusting over for 252643623 years
Hello, Lover!
  • A new wallet.  I'm not sure which one I want but my faux coach one is looking a little crusty.  It will probably be pink and girlie like yours truly.  Most likely purchased at a Kate Spade Secret Sale!
  • MORE LILLY!!  God, I can't stress this enough!  Lilly Warehouse Sale 2014 I'm looking at you and salivating!  Plus, I need to be in true New England style for vacation, right?  I'm really looked for printed shorts and obvi more shifts!
  • Jack Rogers (for said trip...a necessity!)  I'm not really sure which color yet but I'm thinking a gold neutral would be pretty.
So these are my New Year's Resolutions 2014!  I'm liking them and thinking that I'll definitely stick to them! 

Here's What 2013 has taught me:

  • I graduated TCNJ (a smart people school) with honors in both majors
  • I can let my guard down and let people in
  • I can pick up the pieces of my broken heart and move on with my fab self
  • I have the world's best/sweetest/prettiest friends in the world
  • Travel cures all
  • Reading before bed is perfect
  • Running solves whatever travel can't (it's cheaper, too)
  • I can reach personal goals:  whether they are to save money, risk being totally awful, try new things
  • Not having a happily ever after at 22 is totally fine
  • I have a fantastic family
  • My relationship with God keeps me thinking that there is a silver lining to everything
  • My life's serindipitous events never cease to amaze me
  • Taylor Swift concerts = Amazeballs!
  • Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers
  • Feminists and advanced degrees scare most boys (Note I said boys, not men.  REAL men aren't afraid of a strong woman)
  • Sometimes tough love from a friend (We let this happen to us-JB) is the impetus for greatness and an even better happiness than you could ever dream up
  • St. Louis' Cathedral in NOLA is not actually Princess Tiana's castle (Mind. Blown.  I'm not really an idiot--this is an inside joke <3) 
  • I'm a hard worker
  • Between a rock and a hard place you find diamonds
  • "Everything may not be conscious, but everything is intentional"Dr. H
  • Phillies are the best team in the MLB

So my loves, shine on and don't let 2013 drag you down.  My one friend said it was especially bad because it has a 13 in it.  I agree!  (13 has actually never done anything to me personally, but I'll roll with it!)

Below is a link to a great list of rules for being a human being in 2014.  Tell me what you think!


Happy 2014!  I'm going to celebrate with the famiglia and relax!

Love Always,


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