Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Very Preppy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2014!  Can I get you a drink?  Perhaps a bottle of pink champagne?  Or an amaretto sour?  Or a Jack and Coke?  Here, give me your coat.  Yes, we're Irish Catholics!  How did you know?  Is it because we offered you a drink before we took your coat?  Come sit down, let's chat!  I know you're new here so I'm gonna tell you how this goes.  You get me Channing Tatum/Chris Evans (your choice because you're our guest) and a full time teaching job and provide my friends and family with love, happiness, and prosperity while  I continue to be awesome.  That's your job my love.  That is all you have to do!

What?  You don't talk to 2014 like me?  That's really your loss.  Anyway, I hope you all had a great NYE and NYD!  I spent my NYE like a traditional 23 year old, I wore my jammies and watched Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve with my parentals and soooo many apps and dips!  Amayyyyyzing!  We had champs, amaretto sours, and sangria.  Delightful!  Then my little nugget Cody bear was my NY kiss.  I love my doggy!  Then, it was bed by 1 am.

NYD brought me a beautiful little surprise.  Dylan bought a shirt last week at Hershey's J.Crew outlet and it turns out that S's on shirts actually do mean small, not slim fit like he originally thought.  Oh wellz!  He gave it to me so I got to finally rock a cute plaid shirt that actually fits me!  (Ever since my high school cheerleading days I've always had broad shoulders-it's a real thing and it's fine lol) So traditional women's cut shirts are either too tight around my shoulders but perfect everywhere else or too big all over.  No bueno.  So I jumped at the chance to wear this new one.  We went to my family's NYD party and ate and ate and ate.  Then we played NYD trivia and just like all trivia in our family if you fail to answer the first two questions correctly you get demoted to the "What's Your Favorite Color Question."  No one wants this.  Believe me!  People remember and don't want you on their team.  It's a sad truth :)  These questions are hard y'all!  You want the little kids on your team because they get the soft ball questions and that can pad your score.  (Are you sensing my competitive nature?)  Also, Deb was on my team and didn't quite grasp the whole don't shout out the answers to the other team's questions.  FRUSTRATION CITY!  I wanted to mid-season trade her.  I was captain this year and as you can expect I took my job uuber seriously!  If you're not first your last...ammi right?!

Anyway, here is a little NYD fashion for you!

*Yes our house is still Christmas House.  Go with it!  Christmas isn't long enough if you ask me!*

Shirt-J.Crew Factory Men's slim fit-thanks bro
Jeans-Jessica Simpson
Boots-Fancy French store Tarjay!
Belt-Charming Charlie
Necklace-I don't know...bridesmaid's gift
Earrings-Tiffany's & Co.

So, I hope you all had a festive NY!  I hope yours was as glamtastic boring as mine was!  Remember, when you can, raid your brother's closets!  Menswear jackpot!  Plus it's free!  Just don't spill!  And doesn't being warm and classy beat cold and drunky?  I think so.  Plus, TMI but I loathe when I shave my legs for a fancy occasion and then it's all cold and you get pricklies!  So much awful in that sentence.  Shaving your legs sucks-and now you have to shave twice in a the winter!?  No thank you!  

Anyway,  Happy New Year and I hope you have a classy 2014!

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