Monday, January 6, 2014

It All Started With a Juice Stand...

Happy Monday!!   (oxymoron much?)

Well Bloggies we have a special treat on the blog front today!  I have a guest blogger for you!  She is one of my best friends, a fellow SPED, and all around fabulous lady!  It's Queen of Yummy Drinks Jaclyn!  (She also has reached all the levels of precious!  A feat in and of itself)

I'm trying to force her to get her own blog (and as soon as she does I'll do a link up so you all can read it because I'm sure it will be just as precious and fabulous as she is!) about juices, sassy waters, and smoothies!  Ever since we became friends some 5 years ago I have always asked her about her intriguing drinks and drink concoctions.  This girl was drinking coconut water before anyone knew what it was.  I'm pretty sure 90% of the things I say to her are, "What are you drinking?"  "Where did you get that?"  "What's in that juice?"  "Can I smell that juice?"  "OMG I need to get that!"

How did we meet?  Well, that's a serindipity story if there ever was one.  We met during Welcome Week at TCNJ in 2009 and welp, it wasn't exactly best friends at first sight.  No, no, it was enemies at first glare.  I am super duper competitive (I know, shocking right?  The girl who hides all of her Black Friday goodies is competitive?  Say whaaat?!) and our floor (T7 what what!) was competing in a cake baking contest. One of my friends and floormates is actually a cake decorator and I knew we were going to win.  I was sitting with my fellow floormates literally creating a human shield so no one would copy our design (we took everything too seriously...maybe this is the reason our floor was regarded as the most competitive floor...) and I look up and see Jaclyn eyeing our cake.  Well I threw some serious shade and we were enemies from then on.  (Jaclyn really was just admiring our beauteous cake)  Well, fast forward a few months to second semester frosh year and guess who is in my class?  Jaclyn.  Well I avoided her like the plague and she did the same to me.  Well one day we had to switch seats and I had to sit next to my new enemy, Jaclyn.  Well, soon enough we dropped our shade throwing ways (Jaclyn is an excellent shade thrower if you were wondering.  Puts me to shade shame!) and became besties.  We bonded over being precious (obviously lol) and The Office.  It turned out that we had two classes together and we both dubbed our math class as the college equivalent of The Office.  We quickly realized and concurred that our prof looked like Creed but acted like Michael.  A famed Dr. Michael Scott quote:  "Sometimes I look at the test scores in this class and go wow I have smart students.  Then I realize that I taught you and that makes me responsible for your intelligence."  Also, this Creed/Michael hybrid didn't show up to class one day.  So we waited the obligatory 20 minutes and then left.  We passed him in his office and all ran.  The Dwight in our class stopped to tell him we all left and he goes, "I just got so swept up in the math problem I just lost track of time!"  Presh!  We also realized we had a Phyllis, a Stanley, a Toby (literally this poor kid would get one step into explaining a problem and Professor Michael Scott wouldn't let him finish.  He would say, "______ sit down!  No that's not even right!"  P.S. his work wasn't ever wrong lol.  We had a Meredith who would tell us all about her drinking and partying.  We even had a Jim and Pam.  (They didn't last longer than the semester though...)  You already know we had a Dwight!  Anyway, we became fast friends and I can't imagine my life without her!  So much serindipity!  On top of that we have both been practicum partners for the past 4 years.  You know how some friends can't work together?  Yeah, we don't have that problem.  We work best together!

Anyway, one thing we bond over is juicing!  We juice all the time!  Jaclyn is the Queen of Juice though!  Below are some of her delish recipes and pictures of her creations!

I hope you enjoy!

This is my favorite one! It's a juice made of freshly juiced oranges and pineapples, seltzer water, frozen grapes at the bottom to keep it cold, a couple ice cubes, mint leaves on the top, and a strawberry and a pineapple slice on the side. It's light, healthy, refreshing, and perfect for the summer. I call it the Summer Sparkler! 

This is my favorite pink fruit smoothie. This one happens to be all vegan. Made of ice, filtered water, pomegranate seeds, oranges, kiwi, bananas, sunflower seeds, and a little bit of honey. I don't know if you need to know this information, but to make the kiwi slices stick to the side, I washed out the mason jar with water, didn't dry it, and put it in the freezer. After a few minutes, I took it out and put the kiwi on the inside of the jar (they stuck because they were room temperature; also I sliced them very thin). Then I put the jar back in the freezer for a few minutes. Finally, I poured the smoothie in.

This is an infused water with a tropical twist. Water with cucumber slices, lemon slices, and mint. Can let it sit in the refrigerated for a few hours or over night.  Know as sassy water. Then I took it a step further and added a splash of freshly juiced pineapple. Serve in a tall glass over ice, with a cucumber slice, a lemon slice, and some mint leaves on top. Very good for staying hydrated and detoxing from any processed foods.

Isn't she a great photographer, too?!  Her pictures are all of her drinks and taken at her lake house!  Here are a few of my fave Jaclyn and Erin pix!  Also she makes a mean Malibu Bay Breeze with Cranberry/Pineapple ice cubes so you don't dilute the flavor!  Amazing!


Pre 22nd Birthday Drinks!

Jac's 22nd!  This is Typical Life:  Jaclyn looks lovely and I'm an Awkward Turtle

KDP Chords Ceremony!

Graduation Girls!

We Heart Denim! 

Bathroom Selfies!
Also, today I was supposed to go to AC with the padre and broski for a little meeting Dylan had.  Well, the agenda also included lunch at a tacky little AC restaurant and obviously, outlet shopping!  Well, that didn't happen because of a leetle car trouble.  But have no fear!  I still got to shop :)  The New Year Cheer Sale was on!  I told myself, Erin you have $40.  I wasn't optimistic because I was afraid that the internet would crash like it did this summer when I tried to score some cute stuff...but miraculously the Lilly gods were on my side and I got this dress for $39!  Under budget and everything!

Lockwood dress in Get Nauti!

So cute right?!  I think it will be perfect for my New England vacay this year!  I'll probably wear it on the cruise next summer, too.  (And intermittently throughout my life <3)Yes I'm a dork and themey but you all knew that!  (I wore an outfit today to AC that had Dylan muse, "Fern, you look like one of those rich Housewives on those shows you watch!"  Mission Accomplished!  When you go to AC, the theme is always glitter or mobster's girlfriend, amIright?)  I digress.  I thought this dress was also fitting because as we all know Lilly started as a juice stand!  Kinda ties in Jaclyn's juice recipes!  Also, it is about 1 degree here in NJ and I wanted a little summer in my life!

P.S.  If you haven't gone to the Lilly sale:  go.  shop.  prosper!

A huge shout out, thank you, and hug to my precious juicer friend Jaclyn and her yummy recipes!  I can't wait to try them!  If you have any juice recipes please share in the comments section!  

Love love love,


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