Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Things That Should NEVER happen on a Snow Day

While I'm writing this I am sitting inside a snow globe of about 10 inches of snow.  Brrrrrrr!!

Today I slept through shoveling (I do feel a little guilty about that.  But I'm not sure I would have been any help) and am currently curled up on the couch watching Bethenny and enjoying left over chicken chili.  I'm also watching a Breaking News update from Mayor Nutter with an ASL interpreter and proud of myself that I can interpret what he's saying.

  • Your TV keeps pausing and the sound goes out forcing you to watch Bethenny in lo-D.
  • You're out of yoga pants.  You didn't wash set yoga pants because you thought you were going to be wearing teacher clothes all week.
  • You're forced to wear 3/4 leggins because of said yoga pants debacle...I guess it's gonna be a cold ankle Wednesday.  
  • Your Netflix stops working on the "Big TV"...not cool Netflix
  • When you have read all of the funny Buzzfeeds
  • When you made brownies but you neglected to cover them so they get crusty
  • TCNJ cancels all classes except for classes that come after 5...i.e. my class.  Thank you Dr. Cohen for canceling though!
  • Panera doesn't deliver...neither does Chipotle
  • You ran out of Girl Scout Cookies
  • Chris Evans doesn't know you exist, therefore he doesn't come over to cuddle
come on, who doesn't love him?
  • Dr. Travis Stork uses scare tactics to try to pry those brownies out of your hand and curb your sugar addiction.  Well guess what buddy?  You also told Sarah (on The Bachelor) you loved her and wanted to marry her and you were wrong about that so, I DON'T TRUST YOU!
  • You watch Dirty Dancing and realize that you will never have the Patrick Swayze/Jennifer Grey caliber love story--mostly because like 80s fashion, love stories like that are a thing of the past.  (And of movies...oh that little thing)  This makes you even more sad, thus eating more chocolate.
  • Your mom refuses to share the blanket with you.

Things Snow Days Are Made Of:
  • Cozy TCNJ Alumni sweatshirts (it's still weird that I'm technically an alumnae) 
  • messy buns
  • leggins
  • big socks!
  • brownie/chocolate eating
  • BBQ chicken chili
  • Boy Meets World marathons
  • Dirty Dancing 
  • Glamour magazine arrives at your house 
  • looking at the snow through your window.  I.E. where it is warm
  • Eat all the food you can possibly fit into your mouth

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