Sunday, January 12, 2014

Favorite Things: Baby Showers

Happy Sunday Funday!

    With the fam returning Dylan to school I have the house to myself.  Mwahahahaha.  Since I loathe long car rides (10+ hours locked in a car with no internet connection is no bueno) I get to be the dog sitter.  Most 23 year olds would have a party while the parentals are away.  But not this girl!  I'm just pumped because I get to wear yoga pants, a messy bun, eat Panchero's burritos, and watch Bridesmaids!   Also, my woman crushes always, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting The Golden Globes again tonight!  (YAY) I love awards season!  Mostly because I get to see Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence!  I'm planning on accompanying the Globes with some dessert :)

Yes Please!

     I digress.  We're talking about Baby Showers.  Baby Showers are the best!  As a early twentysomething I look forward to spending my weekends at baby showers!  The baby shower I was just at was amazing!  The mother-to-be is my cousin's wife and she would make Kate Middleton jealous.  She just looked stunning.  I doubt I will be that lucky.  I will look like Richard Nixon with his jowls and burliness.  It won't be cute.

    Why are baby showers amazing?  Oh I don't know, do you need a reason besides these cookies?

To Die For!

Look at these cookies?!  How cute is that onesie?
If you are not salivating yet and saying, "Yes, yes, Erin you are right these cookies make me love baby showers," and need more reasons here are a list:
  • You get free wine.  Plus there is one less person drinking the is more wine for everyone!
  • Baby shower food!  So much carbs!  Plus every kind of food that the mom-to-be wants!  Moms-to-be want cookies, cakes, pasta, fruit, tomato pie, chicken dishes, bread, and pretty much anything else you ever wanted!  It's heaven!  Plus the little mini-real-food-dinner-things-as-small-appetizers are genius!  I went to one shower where there was mini chicken parm on a stick!  That is a genius idea!  Take that to the bank!  It was a skewer with a piece of popcorn chicken coupled with a cheese cube and a tomato!  I enjoyed that!
  • Games!  I love playing disgusting guess what kinda chocolate is in the diaper?!  Finally, I have some place to execute my candy-loving-sugar-monger skills!  I am a baby shower game wizard!  You want me on your team!  Why?  Oh I don't know maybe because I worked at a daycare with the infants to 2 year old crowd for 2 years?!  Maybe because I babysit all the time and have for 10 years?  I don't think I need to all get it!  I'm also competitive as a Russian gymnast so things can get real...pretty fast!  
  • I pick out great gifts!  I am up on all the latest and greatest Caldecott Winners and Honorees because of my job and major.  I am also a great baby stylist because I watched that Friends episode where Christina Applegate dresses Emma and pierces her ears.  That's clutch.  Baby stylist Erin to the rescue!  
  • I also thoroughly enjoy Babies R Us' aesthetic appeal.  Why?  Oh I don't know, maybe because I find the bright pastel colors soothing?  Or maybe it's the joy emanating from the parents to be?  Maybe it's the fact that there are pirate ship beds there?  #jealous Maybe because some of things at Babies R Us are hilarious?!  Butt Paste?  Come on people, that joke writes itself!  Funny stuff!  Plus babies are Cuuuuuuwwwwwtee!  There is nothing better than walking through Babies R Us and seeing an adorable baby and coo and ahhh at the baby and smile at the mom and know that you have zero financial/emotional/social responsibilities for that child.  You just get to look at that baby and say, "She/He is precious!"  That's kinda where I am in my life right now.  I just like to look at the babies and tell their mom that they are visually appealing.  
  • I get to hang out with my family!  I love being with my family and I will take any excuse I can to hang with the whole fam!
  • Girl Time!  
  • Baby clothes are fun!  Baby stuff is fun!  Baby clothes are adorable!  At Babies R Us, my mom and I saw a precious red tartan miniature suit for a baby!  Whose baby doesn't need a red tartan suit?  Oh, did I mention it came with a beret?  Precious!  I died a million deaths it was so cute!  
  • Children's books run amok at baby showers!  I heart children's books and the morals they teach.  Especially when they teach things like the importance of saying Good Night to all the objects in your home (Good Night Moon) revenge/karma (Chrysanthemum) and the importance of cutting down the one thing that has always helped you (The Giving Tree).  These are life lessons from literature folks!  
  • Baby shoes!  The little baby received like 8 pairs of shoes!  That's great!  Babies need to appreciate the importance of shoes, too!  I have 50 pairs of shoes, so I think I know the importance of shoes in one's life!  The baby received 2 pairs of Chucks, little slip on booties, sneakers...I could just go on and on!  The baby is going to be well heeled let me tell you!  
Some people don't like baby showers but I don't like those people.  I love the merriment, the food, the trip to Babies R US!  It's all great!  I hope you all have a great weekend--what's left of it!



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