Monday, January 27, 2014

My Very Own Bachelor Wedding Party!

Happy Bachelor Monday!

Today was my first day back at Grad School!  Cheers to May 7th, amiright?  (If you were wondering, that's my last day...)  The parking situation needs to be remedied, TCNJ!  I had to park at the gym and hike it half way across campus (#spoiledgirlproblems).  Back pedaling, I student teach about an hour away and I book it here!  Anyway, student teaching happenings will be posted tomorrow.

So last night happened.  It was epic!  In case you live under  a rock or have, you know, an actual life full of super, important, compelling events, last night was the Grammys The Bachelor Wedding!  Congrats Sean & Cat!  Even though I don't understand them as a couple (if you really get them please fill me in) that still doesn't bar me from throwing a pizza, chocolate covered strawberry, bellini, and wedding cake fueled shindig with one of my lovely friends.  Ironically, this friend had never seen The Bachelor (say what?) and so I opened her eyes to the fantastically amazing world that is Chris Harrison's retirement plan.  I mean I had to watch.  I was there when they met for God's sake!  I was also there on their first date, their first kiss, and their first...elephant ride?!  Also, I feel it necessary to say that I will be inviting Trista and Ryan to my wedding because they invented true love.


Anyway, how awkward were Sean & Cat?  So much sexual tension!  And was it really necessary for ABC to have the creep cam?  Or I'm sorry, the Honeymoon Suite Cam?  Bleck!  So inappropriate!  I was actually schkeeved...and I have spent most of my professional life babysitting...aka changing yeah, it takes a lot to schkeeve me!

Anyway, Cat looked the best she's ever looked.  Can we talk about Lesley though?  She looked super hot!  She was my fave in that season!  Why she wasn't The Bachelorette will be a question that plagues me until my last breath escapes my hot pink lipsticked lips.  Yes, when I am old I am going to wear hot pink lipstick everyday because I can.

I mean don't all parents tell their children, yes honey, Aunt Lesley and Daddy do hold the Guinness World Record for world's longest kiss.  But that's totally normal!

Ah, no, that doesn't happen...nor should it ever.  Didn't we all read Greek tragedies in high school?  Yes, yes we did.  THIS is the message that is supposed to transcend 9th grade English.  

Anyway, my wedding will not be Grown Sexy Themed?  What is that?  Um, I'm sorry but Robin Thicke IS NOT sexy or grown.  No thank you.  

This ladies, is GROWN AND SEXY!  My friend called it, the theme was Grown Fairy Tale.  It was beautiful!  Also, Lisa Vanderpump was there!  Up the classy notch tenfold.

However, I was disappointed that ABC didn't show the reception because this girl loves herself some first dance watching.  At every wedding, without a doubt, my favorite moment is the first dance!  I think by then it kinda hits you that you are married.  Also, everyone looks awkward because not only did the gravity of the situation finally hit you, but also 100+ people are just staring at you slow dancing.  That's when I whip out my camera!  This has to be the longest 3 minutes of dancing ever...even if you've attended a child's dance recital, the first dance has to be worse.  What are we the crowd to do while you two dance?  Life's unanswered questions people.

Also, Sean shopping in that lingerie store?  

Thank God I was watching this with my friend!  I think this took our friendship to a whole new level!

My reaction to boys in lingerie stores:


Side Note--How presh was Sean's dad as a minister?  The answer is Pug puppy+little girl in a tutu at her first dance class+man with baby.  That level of presh!

Jason and Molly Mesnick were there, too...

#TeamMelissa4Life!  I'm still salty about that on TV betrayal.

My wedding bill will most likely not be footed by ABC and Disney so my wedding probably won't have 100000000000 flowers and an orchestra that plays the traditional wedding march MJ's Human Nature as I walk down the aisle.

Can we get a collective...comeagainpleaseandthankyou?  So my wedding will probably feature the exact same cuisine as last night--Pizza, funfetti cake, and chocolate covered strawberries.  I don't really see a big problem with this.

Quote of the night though:  "You are the light to my bug," Catherine Lowe.  Doesn't everyone want to reference moths in their vows?

Real life quote of the night:  "Erin, we're so fun!  Like we're really fun!"-J
"I think it's because 90% of our hang outs involve baked chocolate goods.  Like even when we go out. We order brownies!  Did you know not everyone eats dessert out?"-E
"Yeah, last week I went out and I wanted to order the brownie and everyone looked at me weird,"-J
"They're weird!"-E

Now some pix from my party.  Notice there are no face pix because this was a pajama party!  

pizza...a must at all Erin wedding parties!

bellinis and cake...and cute jambes

it's totally normal to bake a wedding cake for The Bachelor right?

If you don't host Bachelor viewing parties you should!  I've done this for years and it is the highlight of my week!  



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