Thursday, June 19, 2014

Good Things Come in Threes (or Multiples of Three)

Happy Thursday!!

Yesterday was my last day of work for the school year.  Yay for summer vacation!

I have some exciting news to share on the old bloggy today!  One of the reasons I haven't blogged that much in the past few weeks is that I have been pretty bummed out.  I try to be pretty honest here on the blog but sometimes I need a few days weeks to process some stuff.  About two weeks ago I received a rejection letter from a dream job.  After a few days of crying my eyes out and eating copious amounts of chocolate, I perked up a little bit.  I'm going to write a whole what getting rejected from a job feels like later :)  Then, a week later, I received another rejection letter.  Another thing I wanted to tell y'all was that I did get offered a position, but I turned it down.  It was a huge risk and I'm still dealing with did I do the right thing or did I just make a huge mistake.  Well, as my blog's title suggests, I believe 100% in serindipity and therefore I'm believing I made the right decision.

Good News #1

Tuesday I received 3...yes 3...job interviews!!  I was so excited!  I needed this.  After the week of rejection, I needed yesterday.  I'm so pumped about all of these interviews!

Good News #2

I received my NJ elementary education and special education cert today!  After 5 years of college I'm ready for it!  I am now certified K-6 general education and K-12 special education!  It's getting real people!

Good News #3

I bought this little cutie today for the Bruno Mars concert!  It's next month and I'm super pumped!  I'm going with my Deb and her friends!

I'm thinking I'll wear it with a fedora, cut offs, and these...


I'm loving the glitter...obvi :)

Good News #4

I've started actually training for my half marathon!  It's on September 21 in Philly!  I've been following my training plan for a few days now and it's super exciting.  It's hard because now I actually have to think, "ok, when can I plan for a run?"  I'm doing three 5 mile runs a week and one long run.  I have other cardio bits and weight sessions throughout the week, but the runs are my main focus.  I also have to think more about what I'm eating.  I had my last burrito and coke with no ice for my training period.  Womp womp.  But I need to eat whole, fresh veggies and fruits, and clean healthy fats if I want to meet my goal half marathon time of 2 hours flat.  

Good News #5

I got my graduation gift from my parentals:

New running shoes!  


How cute are these?  Pink ASICS!  

Love love love 'em!  Thanks Mama and Daddy!

Good News #6

I'm going to Disney World!  Kate and I are going to visit her sister in Disney!  We're so excited to go on our first friends trip!  Girls Trips are always a blasty blast and I can't wait!!  We're going over Teacher Convention weekend in November (it's actually called Jersey Week in Disney!  NJ ALL DAY!).  I've gone this time of year a few times before and it's perfect because it's not too hot and while it is crowded, we've been there before and we're grown ups.  It's also apparently the Food and Wine Festival!  So that's going to be awesome!  I completed my Disney Profile and even though it kinda creeps me out I ordered my ID pink with Cinderella on if there would even BE a different choice ;)  I'm going to be honest and say those ID bands kinda creep me out.  I mean Disney has so much information on me and it's in a little computer on my wrist?  Kinda freaky deaky!  

Anyway, I hope you're week is going well!



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