Thursday, June 26, 2014

It's A Good Day In Erinland When...

Hey Y'all!  Happy Thursday!

So today's post is one of those Little Engine That Could posts.  If I think it I can do it kinda thing.  Yesterday I received my third rejection in a week from the ole job hunt.  Not fun.  So after having myself a good ugly cry and wallowing in self pity and doubt I watched 2 episodes of Scandal (newest and best addiction!) and put myself to bed.  So today while I was trolling the blogworld I noticed a link up called It's A Good Day When... and I thought, okay Erin time to pick yourself up and start being positive.  So here are a list of all the things that make a good day in Erinland <3

1.) I wake up after 10 am.  I'm a night owl, give me 2:30 am over a 6 am wake up call any and every day.  I think I do my best work after 10 am.  I'm well rested and feeling good.  We should be more like the French in this way--start our day after 10.

2.) I get to eat Breakfast Cookies!  I found this recipe on The Fitnessista and ever since I made them the first time I can't get enough.  I make mine with chocolate chips! I also find that eating them curbs my sugar cravings.

3.) I wake up with a good hair day.  This happens about 2 times a year.  Coincidentally on these 2 days of the year that I happen to wake up with fab hair I have absolutely nothing to do!  Not one single thing.  Usually I'll go to Target or the mall to show off the hair :)

4.) I have a good face day.  Face Day is when you wake up sans pimples (this has happened maybe twice in my whole adult life...grrrr pimples) and you have great even skin tone and you don't even need make up to fake a good face.

5.) I get to lay out in the sun and read magazines.  I love summer!  Christmas is my favorite season but that is only from 11-1-1-1.  After that I want none of winter's nonsense.

I'm just a summer girl <3
6.) I get to eat Chinese food from Oriental Pearl.  Hooooomygoodness this is the best food of all time <3  I get either a Diamond Roll or General's Chicken!!!!  Yummmmmm

7.)  I get to eat copious amounts of chocolate...preferably at The Melting Pot

This is what I like to call double fisting it <3
8.) I get to have a Girls' Nite!  You know I love my girlfriends more than anything and the fact that I don't get to see them all the time now (the only downside of graduating college merp) makes the time we do get to spend together extra special.  We're planning a visit to Jaclyn's lake house in 2 weeks and I couldn't be more excited about that <3

9.) I get to eat BBQ!  I'm a huge BBQ fan!  I love anything and everything grilled and summery.  

10.) I get to Zumba and/or Pilat.  I love working out but my all time favorite workouts are dance inspired.  Zumba and Pilates are my faves.  I like to shake it when I work out :)

11.) I get to go shopping and buy things on clearance.  I'm a shopper girl but I refuse to spend a lot of money on cute clothes.  I head straight to the clearance section or use my student discount to buy buy buy!

12.)  It's a good day when I get to watch Scandal for hours on end with Deb and drink wine.  I want Olivia Pope's wardrobe.  I heard it's coming to The Limited so I will be visiting The Limited!  Barefoot's summer wines are out and this girl is excited!

13.) I go to Citizen's Bank Park and watch my Phils is preferable but you know...

14.) I get to hang out with my whole fam.  I love family get togethers and BBQs and parties!  Summer is usually prime time for hang outs and shenanigans :)

These are the things that qualify a day as a good one in my book.  What makes a good day for you?


  1. Breakfast cookies?! I'm so intrigued :-) I love girls' nights, too - they're the very best! Thanks for linking up!