Wednesday, July 16, 2014

3 Best Bloggies

Happy Wednesday!

I hope your hump day is fabulous!

Mine is pretty great!  Yesterday I received a call for another interview--Thursday I'm doing double duty in the interview world.  One in the am and one in the pm.  Phew!  I just finished giving a demo lesson and I had another demo yesterday.  Hopefully I'll have good news this weekend?!  Fingers crossed! Keep those prayers a coming!  Thanks for all of your love and support during this time.

Tonight will be the perfect remedy to all of the stress I've been going through--a boat cruise with Ra and Jess!  We're finally getting our rained out Girls' Nite in!  Full recap and photos tomorrow!  Plus I'm finally getting some fudge tonight!  Dylan has been to the beach multiple times and hasn't brought home any fudge...grrrrrr!


I even gave him an order...chocolate with peanut butter cups/swirls!

So today's prompt is my Top 3 Favorite Blogs!  

Here they are...

Melanie is a cancer survivor, Navy wife, and all around funny lady.  I started reading her blog 3 years ago when I was dating a Navy boy and she was great at posting all kindsa info about what to wear when you go to Balls, events, and things to do in Downtown Annapolis.  Loved it!  I've stayed with her after my break up because her story is so endearing!  She's funny and her dogs are so cute!

Gina the Fitnessista is one of my favorite bloggies.  Her recipes are delicious and easy!  She's so funny and her fitness persona is great!  No one wants a fitness blogger to yell at them and make them feel like crap for eating a cookie or drinking a glass of wine.  Gina is a wine lover, chocolate lover, and believes in balance.  Her approach to fitness is that it is a lifestyle.  I couldn't agree more!  She's so motivating but doesn't flash her six pack at you.  There's no thinspiration on her blog.  She is positive and REAL!  She'll tell you that some days she is just not feeling it with exercise.  And she'll take rest days!  She's not one of those fitness bloggers who doesn't take any rest!  She's not go go go no down time Jillian Michaels-esque, she's super fun!  

Julie is like sunshine and rainbows.  Julie is like the pretty Sorority girl that you probably didn't want to like but was so sweeeeeet that you just love her!  Julie, her hubby Ryan, and their dog Sadie are so cute!  She's a fitness blogger who is hilarious and seriously has been in so many weddings it would make Katherine Heigl's rolodex freak out!  She's normal and eats ice cream!  

Those are my 3 faves!  Who do you like to read about?



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