Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Guilty Pleasures Day

Happy Hump Day!

     Today I had a phone interview.  Totally weird!  Did I love interviewing in my jammies and hot pink nail polish?  Absofreakinglutely!  (A messy bun and no make up made the look extra seksi!) What I didn't love was that I couldn't read my interviewer.  I'm also better in person than on the phone.  But we will see...fingers crossed!  I realized that this was my 16th interview in 3 months.  Getting pretty good at them I have to say :)

It's like a breakfast meeting, no?

So in July I am participating in the Blog Every Day Challenge presented by Juliette.  She even gave us this super duper easy set of prompts to follow.  Some days I may follow and some days I may do my own blog thang because I'm a rebel.  Jk I just have a lot of cool things going on in July :)

Today's post is supposed to be guilty pleasures.  Well I love that prompt because I have many many guilty pleasures.

1.)  In the winter I basically live in my Notre Dame (Go Irish!) men's XXXL sweatshirt (ironically it has the smallest head hole in the history of hoodies.  I don't think an XXXL man's head could fit through there) and baby blue Juicy couture (hello 2005) sweat pants.  They had an uuber stylish rhinestone encrusted tiara on the booty which is oh so flattering!  I roll with the messy bun and no make up look, huge thick sledding socks, and Ugg slippers.  It's a hot look but it's the most comfortable thing in the entire world and I lerve it!

2.) You all know I'm a huge wedding fan and if I wasn't a teacher I would probably be a wedding planner.  I'd be just like J.Lo mixed with Jane from 27 Dresses with a touch of Monty from Say Yes To the Dress Atlanta.  So my guilty pleasure would be that I watch everything and anything with wedding in the title.  I also mourned for quite a while when Who's Wedding is it Anyway was cancelled.  Rumor has it Youtube has some old episodes.

3.) I love love love peanut butter and sometimes I use my finger to scrape out and promptly eat the rest of the peanut butter in the little jar I bring with my to dunk my apple in.  Sometimes I hide this and sometimes I don't.  Yes, sometimes in public you'll catch me wrist deep in a little tupperware container of peanut butter goodness.  

4.) Every Saturday after Pilates and tutoring I go to Wegman's and both neighboring malls for the sole purpose of consuming as many samples as humanly possible.  Grilled brussels sprouts with a fruit infused glaze?  Sure!  Chicken California?  Lay it on me!  I get doubly excited when Wegman's has wine samples.  Ka-ching!

5.) When I'm at the beach I like to look at all the families and try to find my "future family".  I look to see which families I would like my family to resemble.  On the flip side, I then find the family I most certainly DON'T want to know the kind where the parents are sleeping under their umbrella while their kids induce a haphazard boogie board terror scene on the fellow beachers?  Yeah those people!  I then proceed to give them names and create a story that goes along with them.  

6.) If I ever bring home a doggie bag from a restaurant I usually creep into the kitchen to pick at it until somehow it is magically all gone around 1 am.  I don't know how that happens...

7.) Cher.  Cher is my guilty pleasure!  So guilty that I have zero Cher songs on my iPod for fear someone will discover my love of Cher.  Whenever a Cher's raspy goddess voice permeates my speakers I turn it full blast (quickly roll up the windows) and JAM OUT!  I also sing like her in a deep raspy voice.  

8.) Reality TV.  The Bachelor(ette), RHOC, RHONJ, RHOBH, Don't Be Tardy, and anything Bravo has ever put out.  I rewatch reruns of Bethenny and Newlyweds because I am still sad about Bethenny and Jason and Nick and Jessica.  Why couldn't y'all work it out?  I even have Teresa's signed copy of Fabulicious!  

So these are my guilty pleasures!  Kinda embarrassing?  A leeeetle bit but we all have them.




  1. I would die if I had to do a phone interview. I'm terrible on the phone! I wouldn't feel guilty about living in a hoodie and sweats. Though I prefer to steal my husband's hoodies because they have HUGE hoods. The small ones don't cut it for me!

  2. Haha I only feel guilty about it when it's late afternoon and I have to answer the door looking like I climbed out from under a bridge lol