Sunday, July 6, 2014

Things I Will Never Ever Ever Like Ever Do

Happy Sunday!

Fireworks and the party with the famsquad were perfecto!  Love family time!  There's something so comforting about hanging out with people who just love you for you.  They don't care if you're in sweats, messy bun, and all around fugly looking.

Across the River from where it all started

Today's post is what are some things you would never ever ever do (y'all better have sang it all Taylory!)

Besides all of the obvious things like murder, stealing, wearing crocs, here are my never evers--

Cheer for the Cowboys...(except their cheerleaders.  I lurve DCC Making the Squad!  Rumor has it Melissa Rycroft Strickland is coming back this season on CMT!)


Bring my baby on a plane.  Babies are fabulous and precious and all around amazing little balls of cuteness and happy--but on a plane?  I don't want to bother the other 100+ patrons on the plane with my crying, pooping, bored baby.  Babies do not belong on planes!


Skip ordering dessert.


Stop reciting every line to every episode of Friends.  Sorrynotsorry that is my favorite show and I'll quote if I want to.

Throw anything out from my closet.  You never know when you will need it!  I'm serious!


Skip a Girls' Nite!  Girls' Nites are an essential part of my week.  Usually I have between 1-3 Girls' Nites and I will not/can not/shall not skip one!

Wear a belt buckle.  While I love me some country music, I will never wear a belt buckle.

Rhinestones.  Can't do em, won't do em.  NO ONE believes that you're wearing a shirt with diamonds that spell out Hottie.  Not fooling anyone.  I don't love rhinestone anything.  Now, sequins and sparkle?  I see you.



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