Monday, July 7, 2014

I Love Smiling, Smiling's My Favorite

Happy Monday y'all!

Was it hard getting into the flow of life again after a mucho fabulous 3 day weekend?  I don't know about you, but I think America has the best birthday weekend!  America certainly knows how to party!

Today we're going to chatty chat about all of the things that make me smile.  I know I've done posts about this before, but today's will be a smidge different and hopefully I'll add some new stuff in.

-Babies.  Babies just make me smile because they're so stinking cute!  I worked in the baby room at a day care and I just loved it.  Those little nuggets just brighten up my day.  You can't hold a baby and be sad.


- Baked Breakfast Cookies!  OOOOOMYYYLAWWWD are these dalish!  Baked Breakfast Cookie recipe can be found in the attached link.  I have had these every morning for the past month or so and I'm hooked!  I make mine with chocolate chips (obviously) and I am full all morning---plus(!) I crave less chocolate throughout the day because I've already had a leetle bit.  The Fitnessista (creator of the Baked Breakfast Cookie) is one of my favorite bloggies because her recipes are quick, easy, made from whole foods, and delicious!  Plus she doesn't make diety food--she indulges in wine and chocolate, too!  My kinda girl!  Plus these cookies are so good the entire famsquad eats 'em.

-Finishing a long run.  Long runs are actually my favorite.  They are where I see my hard work pay off.  Yesterday was an 8 miler as per my half marathon training plan and I ran it in 1:17:00.  Not too shabby for an unnatural runner.  I feel so victorious after my long runs.  Sure my legs hurt, my hips hurt, and my calves need some foam rollin' love, but I just feel awesome when I'm finished.  Definitely a sense of accomplishment.  

-Getting second interviews (I have 2 this week)

-Boy Meets World reruns on ABCFamily.  I'm a sad panda that Girl Meets World is set in NYC...ummmm Cory better not be a Mets fan...

-The way yoga pants make my booty look fab!

-Dancing around in my living room whilst wearing jammies

-When Nordstrom gets brand new shoes for me to look at.  Buying them costs money but looking?  That's fo free!

-When Friends is on...especially when Ross and Rachel get back together...or when Joey says something sweet or goofy

-When someone quotes Bridesmaids in public.  I've made many a friend from tv quotes

-When I get a secret sale price while shopping.  You know, when you go to the register and realize that what you thought was one price is actually a LOWER price!  

-When people bring baked goods in for work.

-Sleeping in

-Hearing a J.Lo, Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, vintage Britney, vintage Christina song on the radio...and maybe dancing right where I am

-Marathoning a Bravo show

-Filling up my burrito card from Panchero's...scoring a free 'rito = good time for meeeeee

-Instaplans!  You know that magical time when you're bored and a text comes in asking if you want to do something and you're like "Um, yes!"

Happy Monday!  What are the things that make you smile?




  1. I love anything that makes me nostalgic (Boy Meets World and Friends re runs- and NSYNC and Backstreet Boys). I quote movies all the time and it's very rare that someone catches it. Is there anybody that doesn't love yoga pants? So comfy.

  2. I don't know anyone who doesn't love yoga pants! Allllllll of the 90s nostalgia I can get! Love love love it!