Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm Just A Summer Girl

Happy Thursday Summer Lovers!

How are y'all?!  I'm doing very well!  I have three interviews this week for 6 jobs...fingers crossed!

Today's prompt is all of the things I lerve about summer.  So here are my favorite summer activities/foods/things

1.) Sleeping in!  No more 6 am wake ups for this girl!  I love not setting an alarm...

2.) No Jackets!  I don't have to wear a jacket when I go to the mall, dinner, anywhere!  I hate wearing jackets in the winter because once I'm at my destination, where do I put my jacket?  I have to carry it and that bothers me.

3.) Multiple Girls Nites a Week!  I love me some girl talk, dinner, and cute outfits!  We talk about boys, clothes, jobs, funny things, and food!

4.) Vacations!  I'm so pumped about my vacays this summer!  Hello Boston, Cape Cod, and Newport!  Trying to plan a NOLA trip in their, too!  Also, this weekend we're going to Jaclyn's lake house for a Girls Weekend :)

5.) Pool Days!  Laying out reading Cosmo, Glamour, and/or any other delicious book I can sink my teeth into.

6.) Cook Outs!  Every week my family has a cook out and we eat outside next to the pool and it's fantastic!  This is usually our Sunday Night Dinner.  In NJ Sunday Night Dinners are a tradition!

7.) Cut Offs!  I will rock my cut offs until I'm 105.  I don't care, I love them!  They more frayed the better!

8.) Sundresses!  I love how easy it is to dress in the summer.  Sun dress on+sandals=outfit that looks like I spent wayyyyyy more time on it!  I honestly have about 50 sundresses and rock them every day.

9.) Movies!  All the good movies come out in the summer!

10.) Real Housewives of NJ returns...and other Bravo gems like Don't Be Tardy and RHOC.  Also Covert Affairs is on.

We're a leeeetle obsessed 

11.) Sunscreen!  The cheapest and best smelling perfume I own!  Also, sunscreen makes your legs look divine!  My favorite is Neutrogena Beach Protection.  It also protects you from water burn?  I don't know what water burn is but I'm glad that I'm protected from it!

12.) Tans...and by tan I mean turn 1 shade darker because I am unable to actually tan

13.) Baseball games.  Y'all know how much I love my Phillies <3

14.) Beach Days!  I'm a Jersey Girl!  I live 45 minutes away from the beach so I frequent the shore...for the beach and fudge!

Barnegat Lighthouse

15.) Farmer's Markets!  Goodness I love farmer's markets.  I love the fresh fruit, veggies, and random finds!  I like fresh, Jersey fruit!

16.) Blueberries!  I down a carton of blueberries every day...Love the antioxidants...

17.) Summer fruit!  Watermelons, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, raspberries, and obviously the blueberries!

18.) Lemonade Stands!  I'm a sucka for lemonade stands!  Anytime I see a child selling lemonade I pull Madden over.  It is the best $1.50 I can spend.  I love watching kids sell lemonade because it reminds me of my own lemonade entrepreneurship ventures.  I also love how seriously they take it.  Gotta love America!

19.) Water Ice-Since I can't have ice cream (screw you milk allergy) so I live on water ice.  In NJ we have 3 different kinds of "water ice".  In my area (South Jersey what what!) we call it water ice because it's a Philly thing--Rita from Rita's was from Philly!  In North Jersey they call it Italian Ice.  Also, there is Polish Ice which is kinda like a smoother version of water ice.  It's a shore thing.

20.) Late Night Running Sessions!  I love my night time runs!  When it's dark and hot and the lightning bugs just light up the trail.  Perfect!

21.) Summer Concerts!  I thrive on my summer country concert jam sessions!

And sometimes we're twins!

22.) Netflix reruns...Scandal 'nuff said :)

23.) 4th of July!  I love everything about this holiday!  The fireworks, the food, the clothes, the specials on TV!  I lerve America and love showing my patriotism!

24.) Lightning Bugs!  Nature's night light!  I love them!  They bring me back to my childhood running around with my neighbors catching lightning bugs!

25.) Family BBQs!  My family always has summer parties, showers, etc.  I love it!  I love my family and we have a blast hanging out with each other!

26.) Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup from Panera!  Goodness, this almost makes up for them deleting my favorite salad from their menu.  It's Mediterranean Shrimp salad if you were wondering :)

I'll see you tomorrow friends for another July blog post!  Enjoy your summer!  What are your favorite summer things?



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  1. No, it's all the way flavored and it has a smoother texture. The ice and real fruit pieces are crushed together into a much finer ice