Monday, July 28, 2014

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

It's Oxymoron Day aka Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I did!  On Friday, Jess and I went to Seasons 52 for dinner.  


In case you haven't heard of Seasons 52 (like me up until a few years ago) I'll tell ya little bit about food heaven.  It's a healthy restaurant with all natural ingredients and every item has less than 430 calories.  Right up my alley y'all!

This was my second trip to Food Heaven and I because I'm boring ordered the same thing as last time
Barbecue Chicken Salad!!  Now I'm usually not a salad orderer for dinner at restaurants, but I make a huge exception at Food Heaven.  This salad is not just a salad--it's out of this world!  Jess and I agreed that we actually missed our salads when they were gone.  

First, we ordered a goat cheese and artichoke flatbread...

It was every bit as foodgasmic as you would think!

Then, we got some salads!  I had BBQ chicken and Jess had a salmon salad.  


No meal is complete in Erinland without dessert so these happened...

A mocha frappacino thingy for Jess

A S'mores mini for me

It was disgusting ;)

They are like mini desserts.  If you're super classy like me and you lerve Applebee's then you know the jyst.

Saturday was bueno.  I tutored and then went to the gym for a killer elliptical sesh.  After the gym I headed home to get ready for a graduation party!  The party was so much fun and also so weird!  I used to babysit the graduation girl and now she's graduating high school and going to college?!  So crazy!  We made the seamless transition from babysitter-babysittee to friends.  She's going to do such amazing things and I'm so proud of her!

Today's post (which I have been lacking during this whole July Blog Challenge thing) is 3 pictures.  My favorite picture that I've taken, my favorite selfie, and 1 of my favorite things.

My favorite thing?
Family Vacations!  This was taken last year in Nashville

Favorite Picture I've Taken
My Master's Degree photo!
5 long years baby and it finally paid off<3

Favorite Selfie!
This was taken last year at a Phillies game

Tonight I have a big night planned!  Cait and I are getting salads at Panera and cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory (the healthy salad negates the cheesecake, right?) and then we're having a double header Bachelorette Night.  We missed last week's episode so we will have 5 hours of Bachelorette fun planned!  So. Excited.


 It will without a doubt be...



Happy Monday and the start of the last week of July?!  How can that be?  





  1. Thanks! It was a lotta work and I'm thrilled it's over