Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

We made it another week!  Go us!


I have another interview Monday.  I also got rejected from a job I really wanted.  That produced


Today's link up post is "5 Favorites".  It can be 5 favorites of your choice.  I decided to do my 5 favorite TV shows of the summer!  Get ready for some low brow entertainment people.  I picked my 5 favorite summer TV shows because I'm a pale person and burn way too easily to spend any amount of time out in the sun.  I like my TV because I don't burn or get hot and schweaty.

The struggle is very real my friends....VERY REAL!

1.) Real Housewives of New Jersey Sundays at 8 pm BRAVO.  This classic train wreck meets tanned out North Jerseyites has had me hooked since 2009.  I remember binge watching a season of it in my dorm room freshmen year of college and wondering:

The mix of big hair, "In the Italian culture" tag line that is dropped 100 times an episode, and the shear unREAL version of the mythical land that is North Jersey simply intoxicated my 19 year old self.  I have been hooked every since.  Since then I have met the Manzo and Laurita clan, and Teresa.  I am still on a quest to meet Dina, Kathy, and Melissa.  We shall see!  I'm a SoJerz girl so the whole North Jerz thing is kind of new to me.  Honestly, I didn't even know what was up in that part of the state until I went to college and made friends from NorJerz.  They really are like that though!  It's crazy!

I'm lumping Real Housewives of Orange County Bravo Mondays 9 into this tanned out train wreck, too.  This train wreck has been chugging along since it's conception way back when (06 maybe?) and I've been loving it for 3 years.  I was tardy for the party but it's ok because I just am so hooked on it!  I think I like it because I don't actually like anyone on it.  I think all of the women are awful.  I guess the only one I like is Lizzie?  Shannon is ok, but I want to hug her and tell her everything will be ok.  I can't stand some of them, yet I can't abandon them.  Maybe it's the blonde thing?  It unifies us?

2.) Scandal sure this show has been out for a few years but thanks to my lover Netflix I just discovered it!  See in college I worked 3 jobs and therefore took mostly night classes and missed a lot of television.   Well this summer I caught up right quick!  Deb and I marathoned all three seasons and are waiting with white hats perched until September for the return of Pope and Associates.  

3.) Don't Be Tardy Thursdays 9, BRAVO.  Again, trash!  This is the worst reality show in the world but there is something so endearing and gripping about Kim Zolciak's life.  I love Kroy!  Don't we all?  He just seems to adore her and her girls.  I love this show because it is white trash chic and she owns it!  I love how she loves sweat pants, and wigs, and glitter, and all things crazy.  I'm hoooooooked!  I never watched RHOA because it never gripped me, but Kim?  Love Kim!

4.) The Bachelorette Monday 8 pm. ABC.  The best show ever!  I'm loving Andi but I do want a fresh person for the next season of Bachelor/Bachelorette.  New blood Chris Harrison.  Also, I get really sad when I look at Chris' manicured digits and don't see his titanium wedding band.  I don't see why he and Gwen couldn't work it out. I'm still rooting for the MOST.DRAMATIC.REUNION.EPISODE.EVER. when Gwen reappears and asks for him back.  Can't stop dreaming about that!  But seriously, I'm 100% still Team Chris!  I love him.  He's the best guy.  Just all around wonderful!  Now I'm team Josh because Nick is a salty little saltersen and I'm over his moody drama.  I think I also love this show because I get to watch it every week with one of my closest friends.  We gossip, dream, and joke through the episode and it makes it 1,000,000,000 times better!

5.) Homeland I know this show came out years ago, but again see #2.  Deb and I are on season 2 and we love it!  It was a slow start but now we're hooked!  We give each other crap for leaving the hosue and thus barring the other one from watching an episode.  We're crazy cool like that!

I hope you enjoyed my low brow sense of entertainment!  I think I love trashy shows because real life is hard.  Real life sucks.  Reality TV?  I don't hate it!  It's an escape and I love it!  What are your favorite shows?!



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