Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Hey Blog Friends,

Sorry I have been MIA this past week but I have been buuuuuzzzzzzyyyyyy!  Hopefully I will have some good news to share with y'all next week.  Fingers crossed for the dream job!!

Today's post is about my current favorites and this couldn't come at a better time because I'm currently doing a lot of laying low.  Today I will be divulging all of my current favorites!


reading-The One and Only by Emily Giffin.  I'm a huge fan of Ms. Giffin and her work.  She's a genius and I love her complex characters.  Pick it up and read it now! 

writing-This bloggy and resumes.  I'm a pro at resume writing and Applitrax questionnaires.  

listening-Platinum by Miranda Lambert.  O.M.G. Great CD!  (Like it was going to be anything less than genius!)  Yes I still buy CDs because I'm old school like Ms. Lambert's Automatic.  Ok, honestly I just like to look at the pictures and the lyrics.  My fave jams are Platinum, Girls, Automatic, Priscilla, and Somethin' Bad.

I also am loving Brantley Gilbert's Just As I Am.  It's everything you could want from a CD!  It has love songs (My Faith in You, Let it Ride) and jams (Guns & Roses, Smalltown Throwdown, 17 Again) No bad songs on this CD.  

thinking-vacation is so soon!  I need a job!  I want to shop!  

smelling-Garlic bread...yummmmmmmm

wishing-for a good phone call next week!  Anything that opens with "Hello, Miss Kitley?  Yes, we would like to offer you a position at ________ elementary school."

hoping-see above 

wearing-loving maxis (duh) and shorts and tanks!  Also, thank you GAP Summer Sale for the new super cozy and bright orange!! sports bra.  I love you and your comfy ways

wanting-seeing wishing and hoping...also some Jack Rogers!

loving-my friends, family, Homeland

needing-sleep!  I'm soooo exhausted right now!  It's 9:30 and I'm tired...gotta get a life!

These are my current faves!  What are your faves!?



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