Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ladies Who Lake

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to the Week of Crazy here in my life.  1 demo lesson down, 1 to go, and 1 more interview this week.  I'm crazy excited and hopeful that one of these will work out!  Fingers crossed!

This past weekend was a total blast!  Every month my SPED friends and I try to get together for a girls weekend.  We've been super lucky for the past 3 months in getting together and keeping our graduation promise of seeing each other once a month forEHHHHVEERRRR.  Fingers crossed for the future!  I think we can continue to this tradition if we all really try.  We're all committed to being friends and therefore we'll work out booties off to stay close.

In May we rocked A.C. and June we partied at Sam and Jimmy's wedding and in July we loved the lake!  Jaclyn invited us to her lake house and we all jumped at the chance!

Friday Jess and I drove up to meet our friends.  *We call Jess our adopted SPED because she's a math teacher*  Jaclyn greeted us with fruit and veggie platters, cupcakes, chips and salsa, and GLITTER COCKTAILS!  You know you're in Jersey when your hostess meets you with GLITTER COCKTAILS!

Our precious hostess with the mosses!  She made all of this food for us!

Glitter Cocktails?! So Jersey!

Girlies Grubbing

Lemonade from Mason jars!

After grubbing came prepping for our night out at the Lake!

The SPEDS!  
All of us!
The blondes!

We had such a fabulous time dancing and singing to the 80s Rock cover band!  I also may or may not have played Jaclyn and my song I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston and the entire place may or may not have danced and song along like our very own Lake House High School Musical!  It was fantastic!  After our fun night out we went back to the Lake House and tried to watch movies.  After the DVD failwhale (no sound) we watched My Best Friend's Wedding and agreed (for the 1000000th time) that the ending is all wrong!  Love ya Cam but Michael+Jules 4EVA

Movie Time
Chillaxing and movie watching

The next day we all went out on Jaclyn's boat.  Her dad was our fabulous captain and informed us of all the cool ins and outs of the lake.  It was great!  I love hearing about where things used to be, who used to live there, who used to play at the local lounges and clubs (Hello Mr. Frank Sinatra), and all the cool history that only locals know.


Jaclyn cleaning the boat like a princess

Jessica was the Queen of the World

Sunglass Models

Julie and me 

Back of the boat...JK we're just pale and keeping ourselves sunburn free



Our boat ride tour ended with lunch on the lake.  Her dad docked the boat right near the restaurant!  How cool is that?!  Lunch was amazing and so beautiful!  

A million thanks to Jaclyn and her family for hosting us!  We had a blast!  Good friends+Lake fun=a fabulous weekend in my book!

**I think it should be noted that there was a giant boa constrictor on the loose at the lake this weekend and we all survived!  I was also voted least outdoorsy...if anyone had any doubts**

Dear Jaclyn's Boat,

Thank you for driving us all around the Lake, we had the best time!
Thank you for being the best vehicle to transport 6 best friends.
Thank you for the laughs you brought to our stressed out selves.
A huge gracias to the awning on the back of the boat to shield us pale people from the sun.
Merci for the gorgeous suntan I now have because the sunlight glistened off the lake like diamonds.
I love the way you made us laugh at the cute little duck that kept ducking into the water.
I love that 6 busy girls were able to take time out of our schedules to play and laugh and relax.
You made this very stressed out Type-A looney tune remember that it doesn't matter what state your career is in--as long as you have friends that love you and make you smile that you are doing just fine.
I love that for a brief moment in time we were all able to relish in being intelligent, accomplished, and happy ladies.
It was a blissful weekend and we owe it all to you.
Even though I am not of the outdoorsy breed, I enjoyed sitting in the summer breeze.




  1. Ahh, I miss the lake! It's been far too long since I've been out on the water!! Glad you and your girls had a great time!

  2. Thanks it was so much fun! I'm not an *outdoorsy girl* per say but I do love boats!